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I learned 2 teaching ideas (suitable for the Activate stage of a lesson) for the tenses below and give examples of sentences that you would expect your students to produce: a) Present simple 1. Human Bingo or Find someone who…. Ex: Lisa works in a travel agency. 2. Talking about daily routines Ex: I go to school at 7AM. b) Present continuous 1. Charades or Action Games Ex: She is watering the plants. 2. Describing a picture (Spot the differences) Ex: The boy on the left is reading a book. c) Present perfect 1. Class Mingle (Find someone who…) Ex: Mr. Li has been to America. 2. Change the room or What’s different? Ex: Have you cleaned the board? d) Present perfect continuous 1. Class Survey (How long have you been…..?) Ex: Li Ning has been learning English for 10 years. 2. Success Story/Fictitious Life – Students assume a fictitious life in the future and interview each other for a magazine write-up. Ex: I have been traveling the world for the past 3 years.