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Villa Park
I learned that if You are about to take your first lesson with a group of monolingual students in their own country. Write a lesson plan for the class, including introduction, warmers, an activity/e
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This Unit covered conditionals and reported speech in English. It went through all the conditionals; zero conditional, first conditional, second conditional, third conditional and the mixed conditiona
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Course content is crisp, clear and concise. It contains micro level information that too with powerful illustrations. Different ways to make "Modals, Phrasal Verbs and Passive Voice" as a topic under
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In this unit the productive skills; Speaking and Writing were introduced to me. The differences between fluency and accuracy were touched on, and I understand in which productive skill each would mos
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Walnut Creek
Verbs are always used in a sentence thus using an incorrect verb can change the meaning of a sentence. Modal verbs are somewhat confusing because it has close meaning and knowing the difference of the
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This course, in short, centers on teacher student relationship as well what is expected of a good teacher and a good student. The course among many other things also provides insight into knowledge re
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In this unit I learned about the productive communication skills; writing and speaking. Since this is where the student has to express themselves it is important to take shyness and difficulties parti
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There are many important factors in managing a classroom. From the teacher, eye contact holds attention, can show something is correct and it encourages the students. The teacher's voice needs to use
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This unit was really new for me so its really great to learn this , Well in many cases nothing wrong to use coursebook during the lesson , the constant updating of text books to include new and releva
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West Covina
Having conditionals puts quite a lot into perspective as someone speaks English. It's not that they have that particular item or characteristic, but it shows either possibility or impossibility. When
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West Hollywood
This unit really made me think more about what different needs different types of classes such as young classes, business groups, and multilingual classes can need from an English instructor. I found
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West Sacramento
Course content is crisp, clear and concise. It contains micro level information that too with powerful illustrations. Robust structure to make Past tense with few swift keys that too with organize st
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Westlake Village
Balance is the key to a successful class. You can't just drop a bunch of vocabulary and rules on a person and expect them to learn it. Essentially what would be happening is memorization and not actua
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This unit was more difficult than the others for me but in the end I got a better grasp on each tense. At the start I was of the linguists thinking that there were only two tenses, past and present, b
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This class was very informative in a very detailed way. It gave me some great ideas for lesson plans as well as fun games to play in class to engage the students. I've learned the different approache
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Unit Four focus on the Present tense and its four aspects (i.e. Simple, Continuous, Perfect, and Perfect Continuous) I feel the most important part of the unit is the construction and rules of forming
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The phonetic script part of this unit was difficult for me. I find that it's good material to know and good material to teach however I think that this unit went into a little too much depth with it (
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This unit is on the present tense ,the question is what is present tense ?As an ESL teacher you need to understand the tense means time ,the present ,past and future and these tenses can be use in dif
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This lesson taught me how to write a lesson plan down, what should be included in it, and how to organize it. It needs to be simple, flexible, not too strict so it can be open to adaptation of the st
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This section dealt with using materials in the classroom. Textbooks are always an option, and can provide a structure to the lessons being taught. But it is also important to use materials outside of
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This course covers the present tense of the English language. Contrary to the conventional opinion that English has two tenses. the course establishes that there are three tenses, Present, past and fu
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I learned about how Not to be in the first video lesson and how to be more like in the second because, in the first, the teacher was so extremely rude and intimidating with his gestures and did not fo
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This unit covered different materials that can be used in a classroom setting. The types of materials ranged from visual aids that can be used as authentic material, textbooks and coursebooks that can
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This unit was very technical. I feel I know more about tenses now, with past simple being the easiest and past perfect continuous being the most confusing. This tenses in this unit are fairly simple
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Unit Eight covers how the present tense is formed with insightful ways of identifying which structure applies to which tense (i.e. will+BE+verb+ing = Continuous, will+HAVE+past participle = Perfect, w
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This unit explained what made a good teacher and gave various descriptions of learners. What I understood most from this unit is that a good teacher is a motivator, a prompter, is kind and patient, l
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Yorba Linda
After completing this unit, I feel myself becoming more comfortable with the rules and patterns of the simple, perfect, continuous, and perfect continuous forms of verbs. What I found most useful in t
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Unit 9 discusses how to/not to plan a lesson for class. Along with do's and don't, unit 9 also discusses the importance of self evaluating yourself for each lesson. This helps you as a teacher to look
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This unit really one of my favorites , personaly i always like learning in groups and so in teaching i will love it for sure i enjoyed in this unit alot , i like that you motioned almost everything co
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Yuba City
In this Unit I learned some things about specific, maybe problematic situations in class. For axample the class size or when there are reluctant students in class. It will be a task of the teacher to
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I finally found out hoe to use a dictionary in this unit. I have never really understood what all the little symbols meant until now which should prove really useful. It means I can teach others to h
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Yucca Valley
For the new language,students need to do four things:be exposed to it,understand it's meaning,understand how it's constructed and be able to pratise and produce it.In this unit,it shows how to deliver
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