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Culver City
In this part, teachers should pay more careful attention on explaining how and when to use past tenses as well as the forms of the irregular verbs. It's easier for students to get lost when they use d
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Course content is crisp, clear and concise. It contains micro level information that too with powerful illustrations. Different ways to make "Planning" as a topic understood that too with organize st
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In this lesson, I learned more about the Phases in the straight arrow ESA Lesson type (Engage, Study, Activate) and I also learned about how to (potentially) structure Lesson Plans, lesson themes, lea
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Daly City
I learned What criteria we need to consider when selecting vocabulary. When selecting vocabulary to teach, we need to consider the following: - Appropriateness to the students -
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Dana Point
In this Unit I learned something about teaching different classes, from joung learners, over individual or multilingual classes, to busuiness classes. Each class has its individual techniques or requi
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In this unit the teacher is required to understand the level of the kids and she will know what approach will be suitable for them .one very import and thing is for the teacher to understand the cultu
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It is interesting to learn about the theories, methods and techniques. It explains clearly the best practices when teaching learners of different abilities or stages in language learning. It is inte
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Del Mar
The rules, dynamics and functions of the tenses in teaching English grammar create confusion not only to students but also to teachers. Studying and learning the tense system is very different from te
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Del Rey Oaks
This unit has helped me differentiate between various forms of present tenses. Basically there are 3 tenses based on the times in English.These are the past(yesterday);the present (today) and the futu
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This is a very practical unit which I will find invaluable in teaching. It has some fantastic suggestions and ideas for teaching and keeping teaching lively. I didn't find it very helpful reading all
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Desert Hot Springs
Like present tenses, future tenses have 3 categories, namely, the simple, the continuous and the perfect tenses. However, there are other types the begoing+infinitive, the present simple the. Present
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Diamond Bar
In this unit, auxiliary modals, phrasal verbs and passive voices are introduced to learners. It explains and analyses the different uses of modals, like"can/may/should/must/have to/might...", etc. For
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Course content is crisp, clear and concise. It contains micro level information that too with powerful illustrations. Different ways to make "Teaching Productive Skills" as a topic understood that to
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this course has opened my eyes to the reality that teaching is not the preserve of the extrovert but for every one who learns the simple but profound practice of classroom management techniques and st
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In this unit I learned how to deal with the main problems I may face when starting to teach. In general I learned to take a analytical approach to troubleshooting, and look for solutions to problems w
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Dos Palos
Through learning this unit, I realized that there're so many important points that I was not clear enough with before, especially the differences among will/going to future/be doing (future). From now
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This unit of future tenses has enabled me to review previously learnt material and also learn new elements that were not taught when I went through school. In my previous employment I had seen learni
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This course covers the different level of classes teachers are likely to meet,and the need for a teacher to first and foremost establish rapport with a new class before the start of the actual lessons
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This section covered parts of a speech. Here I learned the basic structure of a sentence and what it consist off. Also, I learned about verbs being more than something you do. Also, I learned that the
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Focus here is on writing and talking which is the most difficult part in teaching ,most teachers are focus on speaking but writing is neglected which is very important ,with the case of speaking which
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East Palo Alto
The future tenses are some of the most complex structures in the English language. There are 7 main future tenses; future simple, future continuous, future perfect, future perfect continuous, going to
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Interesting to see the different ways in which a teacher can conduct himself within a classroom. Video one was by far the worst I've ever seen in a classroom. The impatience was visible and the studen
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El Cajon
Teaching Grammar is difficult especially since it serves as the foundation when learning a language. This unit is an overview of English Grammar. It introduced the basic topics needed by students. Rea
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El Centro
I have learned that it is easy to take tenses for granted. Learning them however puts me in a position to actually understand why certain rules function in a certain way. I have learn that for many ve
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El Cerrito
This unit focused on productive skills. Which consist of speaking and writing. While these two things are very different at the core their used for the same reason. To communicate with others. Writing
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El Monte
The first lesson is the foundation of the class atmosphere. Are you going to be labelled as boring? Rather sluggish? Playful? Or exciting? The first impression is very important as it will set the pac
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El Segundo
In this unit, different tests to evaluating students are introduced. Among them, three main assessments are demonstrated, including tutorial, evaluations by students and tests. And tests are divided i
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Elk Grove
These video lessons are very helpful. The instructor in the videos does a very good job of demonstrating how not to and then how to work with a group of students in order to help them understand the l
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I have learned about the course books and how some teachers find them very useful and other teachers despise them. I have also learned that a lot of times, the teacher can use her own creativity in cr
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The content of this unit is about evaluation and testing of students. We learn what kind of testing to use to ascertain ability level, progress, prior knowledge for example. We see that practice testi
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Unit nine Focuses on the tools, techniques and prerequisites for establishing a Lesson plan and sequence while using the ESA methodology. This unit helps future TEFL/TESOL teachers know what all lesso
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This unit serves as a reiteration to unit 3 on theories, methods and techniques. It is adding to the framework of methods and techniques with the past and present tense that we had learnt. It has star
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This unit covered the basics of lesson planning, explaining why it is necessary, especially for new teachers. Examples were also given although it was made clear that the style of a plan is an individ
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This course on grammer focused on conditionals in speech and various verb tenses/time expressions. There are various conditionals in sentences containing "if" which refers to past, present, and futur
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I will have to keep studying phrasal verbs because I think this section of the unit needs to be explained much more clearly. I got my husband to read it and he studied Latin and couldn't get his head
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As the text mentions IELTS, and as I have a great deal of experience with that test, I will note some things about it. Of the four sections, the Speaking part is terribly flawed. The procedure requi
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This unit is on teaching methods theories and techniques ,teaching English to non natives learners requires a whole lots of skills as a teacher ,your manner of teaching will influence learners unders
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As most of my previous experience has been with Speaking classes, this unit was both a helpful review as well as good guidance for lessons on writing. The section on speaking contained great tips and
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In the fourth unit of the course, I learned that the present tense in English has four categories: present simple, present continuous, present perfect, and present perfect continuous. Each category ha
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This unit was helpful because it provided some insight to using course textbooks. It gives the clear message that course books should be used in addition with created materials to better tailor the le
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This unit highlight on the future tense which is going to be a complex one for learners .As an ESL teacher you need to able to let learners understand it presentation and application .Future tense is
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Writing is generally not as focused on in ESL classes as speaking lessons are. This is because students prefer to focus on speaking skills as it easier to communicate when misunderstandings can get c
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Course content is crisp, clear and concise. It contains micro level information that too with powerful illustrations. Different ways to make "Course Books and Lesson Materials" as a topic understood
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Fort Bragg
I have learned from this unit that there is no clear-cut answer to what vocabulary to choose. Many factors should play into choosing the right vocabulary to teach your class. These factors include the
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Fort Jones
There are many types of people who wants to learn a language which is why it is advisable to develop different methods which are effective for different types of learners. Knowing the group of people
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in this unite I learned more grammar which is the modal Auxiliary verbs and how we can use it to express obligation, possibilities, permission, ability and advice and which auxiliary can be use in th
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Foster City
Once again, I think much time should be spent on differentiating the type of structures used because they can easily be confused. The use of 'shan't' was a complete surprise to me by the fact that it
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Fountain Valley
From this unit, I have seen that lessons do not have to be boring. There is no limit to the type of media and resources I can use during a lesson. The key is to always make sure it stays in line and r
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I learned all about Phrasal Verbs In English, such as transitive inseparable phrasal verbs, intransitive phrasal verbs, transitive separable phrasal verbs, and the like. I learned about relative cause
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Focus here is on writing and talking which is the most difficult part in teaching ,most teachers are focus on speaking but writing is neglected which is very important ,with the case of speaking which
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