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in this unit I learned new ways and new techniques to improve the student's skills in writting and speaking i would like to try debates and short conversations in the class to make the students feel f
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Pacific Grove
Many students have a problem when it comes to their listening skills especially when listening to native speakers and this will really be a nightmare if the students have poor vocabulary. However, it
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This lesson went over the productive skills of speaking and writing. With speaking, teaching accuracy and fluency are important and different activities emphasizing accuracy and fluency need to be inc
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Palm Desert
In this Unit I learned something about the rapport in class between the students, as well as between students and teacher. The teacher can take a more dominant or less dominant role, depending on the
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Palm Springs
In this unit, two teaching videos with different teaching methods are shown to learners. The first video seems not so successful due to teacher's inappropriate teaching way, thus making the students c
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It was very interesting to see the different videos and make comparisons. I have seen educators use similar techniques comparable to the first video and then see the results of same. I have been a s
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Palo Alto
The attitude of the teacher will determine how the students respond and engage in the lesson. If I have a bad attitude and I do not encourage the students to participate effectively, they will not be
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Palos Verdes Estates
Classroom management is useful in the teaching and learning situation generally speaking and specifically in language learning an teaching.There are various aspects that need to be taken into consider
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In the eighth unit, I learned that the future tense can be expressed in more ways than the present and past tenses, making it quite complex for some learners of the English language. The future simple
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A teacher must create a good rapport with their students and make sure everyone is participating, and this is done through their voice, attitude, getting to know the students, and how they respond to
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Today’s lesson was a great chance to review how to organize lesson plans to teach new language. In order to teach new concept, a teacher needs to follow organized steps. ESA (engage-study-active) st
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In this unit I got to feel the complexity of the system of tenses. It learned first hand how confusing this topic can be, and so feel like a got a better understanding of how a normal student must fee
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Paso Robles
Teaching English is not merely educating students the rules and guidelines that revolve around the language. Teaching English, or any other subjects, also entails being able to manage and control the
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This Unit of Evaluation and Testing has provided me information I was previously unaware of. I knew of various testing information that is usually used by educational facilities where I live, however
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This unit is about how you choose to teach the class. Some choose to use course books and some choose to do created materials. Both have pros and cons and it is up to the teacher to decide what to u
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I learned more about ESA Structures, such as Patchwork ESA Structure, Straight Arrow ESA Structure, and Boomerang ESA Structure. I learned what vocabulary to potentially select to teach, what could be
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Pico Rivera
Course content is crisp, clear and concise. It contains micro level information that too with powerful illustrations. Effective method on teaching new language that too with organize structure that m
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When students center into English language programs, they are assessed and placed into the correct level classes through placement tests. Upon the start of the class, a diagnostic test is given to det
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This portion of the course highlights the receptive skills of language learning- reading and listening.The course explains to the effect that both receptive skills and productive skills are equally im
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Pismo Beach
In this Unit I leaned something abut the different evaluations or testings of the stundets to see what they already know and what their motivation is to study English. There are different tests and no
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In this unit, I learned the key subjects in teaching English. I was also introduced to more examples of the ESA structure of teaching. I appreciated the lessons and seeing an in-depth look as to which
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There are four present tenses. The simple present talks about routines, habits, facts and general truths. The present continuous is used when talking about actions and progress at the time of speaking
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This unit introduces phonics and pronunciation and how to help students learn the correct pronunciation. It demonstrates how, in English, the pronunciation of a word cannot always be determined by the
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Pleasant Hill
In this unit we reviewed "The first lesson." The first lesson should be about getting to know your students and making sure they know each other. Things that should be found out on the first day inclu
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A good teacher cares about teaching but cares even more about the learning of the students. Both teachers and students have different roles. The role of the teachers include manager, organizer, assess
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This unit was all about teaching equipment and aides. The blackboard and dvd/video aides were a give in but the overhead projector benifits surprised me. It focuses students attention, is lighting p
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Point Arena
This unit discussed the different types of ways one can evaluate a student's English level and progress. It also discusses when each type of evaluation is appropriate and how it can be distributed. Th
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This unit introduces the differences between authentic and created materials (authentic materials are everyday native-speaker things such as newspaper articles, while created materials are prepared by
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Port Hueneme
In this unit we reviewed the best methods to handle a beginners class and a business class. There are many categories a beginner can fall into. There is the absolute beginner which is when they have n
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I found this unit to be more difficult than the previous units on tenses because it incorporates and requires you to differentiate all tenses learned up until this point. It required more practice and
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I have learned about the different equipment and the teaching aids of how to use them and what to look for before you do. I have also learned how the different teaching aids can make lessons mor inter
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Portola Valley
This unit gives us a general view of teaching equipments and teaching aids. There're a lot of equipments that we can use in the class: White board, IWB, OHP, Visual aids, DVDs, CD players, resource b
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There are common problems in teaching also skills to know when to use certain techniques. In first time classes, coursebooks are not normally used but the time is used as an ice breaking session for t
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Rancho Cordova
This unit has brought to my attention that the relationship between a teacher and student is not just that of a mentor and mentee but a team. I cannot teach a student who will not communicate with me
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Rancho Cucamonga
Most of the course and reference books states that there are 12 tenses in English; the past, the present, the future and their simple,continuous, perfect and perfect continuous aspects. Some of these
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Rancho Mirage
Continuing with the common thread found in most units so far, balance is key. A textbook or workbook is not a bad thing. It can be helpful when grammar worksheets are needed, or word searches, crosswo
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Rancho Palos Verdes
This was definitely an excellent 'refresher' course of the definition and explanation of English grammar. It outlined the necessary information needed in order to understand the different parts of sp
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Rancho Santa Margarita
Lesson planning is the vital and core business of teaching generally speaking. It makes the teaching an enjoyable activity because a lesson plan will help both the teacher and students since the teach
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Red Bluff
Reading, listening, speaking and writing are skills that should go hand in hand. I cannot place my value on teaching one over the other or else we have a situation where students can talk to people i
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This Unit helped me learn about teaching special groups, such as individuals, company classes, multilingual classes and children. The unit had brief introductions about the dynamics of each of these g
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I found this unit to be very important as I think that lesson plans are essential for every teacher, no matter how detailed they are. What I really liked about this unit was that it not only outlined
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Redondo Beach
This lesson was extremely hard to understand as the phonemic pronunciation was not as clear as it could have been, especially when it came time to answer all the questions on the quiz using the phonem
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Redwood City
Inn this Unit I learned something about the two productive skills speaking and writing. They were the addition to the last Unit. I now know that there is a difference between fluency and accuracy and
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In this unit I learned the particulars of teaching to different special groups. Mainly this unit taught me that spending some time analyzing and specifying your lesson plan for the type of client/stud
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In this unit we discuss about the past tenses in English grammar. Which are the past simple, past continuous, past perfect and past perfect continuous. Past simple It is used for actions completed
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This unit was so good , i learned in school about phonology but most of the time stressed me out , because i get nervouse that maybe i cant remember the sound of some words or how to pronounce it corr
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Future tenses include future simple, future continuous, future perfect, future perfect continuous, going to future and other future forms of present simple and present continuous. Future simple refers
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Rio Dell
One of my favorite parts of this section was being able to see depictions of actual evaluation and work sheets in relation to their place in the ESA format of lesson planning. I think that visual aid
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Rio Vista
I learned about 5 different speaking activities: 1. Creative Communication – Describe and Draw This activity is done in pairs, A and B. Each student has a different picture. Student A descri
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Teaching Special Groups, is a course that embodies the types of class and the levels of learners TEFL teachers are likely to encounter. The methods and techniques TEFL teachers should employ to teach
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