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Buena Park
his section seemed long and drawn out in comparison to some of the other units, but I did feel that I received a lot of useful information regarding phonology and pronunciation. It's interesting to st
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This section of the course coves the system and structure of past tense in the English Language. the course sheds light on how the tenses are used rightly with regard to time and situation. The method
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How we take in language varies depending on what you are trying to get out of the subject. The different ways you can read or listen to the content is scanning, skimming, or detailed reading. You ca
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This unit talked about why and how teachers plan lessons. It then gave examples of different lesson plans. I learned a lot from this unit because I do not have any experience with teaching or lesson p
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Modals can be used to express different ideas such as obligation, possibility or probability, permission or prohibition, ability and advice. Modal auxiliary verbs can be also sued to express differing
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California City
This unit focused on if/when statements and how to report dialogue. There are five ways one can use an if/when statement. The first is the zero conditional which is the basic if/when + present tense s
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Course content is crisp, clear and concise. It contains micro level information that too with powerful illustrations. difference between different type of tenses that too with organize structure tha
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I have learned about the four basic skills in any language: The two Receptive skills (Reading and Listening) and the two Productive skills (Speaking and Writing), and the reasons and motives for the f
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This unit is focused on teaching equipment and teaching aids .There are many teaching equipment to make your class interesting ,teaching materials should be considered when dealing with learners ,the
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This unit goes over various problems that a teacher could face in the classroom. As a last unit, I appreciate the direct application the advice has in the classroom. One problem I faces a lot in teach
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Lesson planning has important functions as an aid to planning, being a working document and it serves as a record of lesson. The teacher must be flexible and being able to adjust lessons to match the
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Canyon Lake
I have realized that in relative clauses, the presence of a single comma changes the meaning of a whole sentence. The focus can be defined by the correct positioning of it or its misplacement. Much in
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In this unit I have learned the pros and cons of the different type of teaching aids. That there are no aids that perfectly covers all forms of learning, and that it is important for the teacher to th
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in this unit I learned the teaching ways of special groups and the motivated ways that can work with them, also now I have gotten a good visual about teaching adults specially for teaching ESP ( Engli
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Today’s lesson was very challenging and difficult to me because I’m not familiar with phonetic script. When I learned English at the beginner’s stage, I’d never learned how to read phonetic sc
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In this unit we learned about three different subjects: modals, passive voice, and phrasal verbs. I felt the modals and passive voice were explained thoroughly and in detail. The phrasal verbs felt li
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I learned three things in this unit. First, teachers have many roles to play in the classroom depending on the activity. And it is very important for teachers to be able to swap from one role to anoth
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Cathedral City
I learned about the different specialist skills needed for reading and listening successfully: a. Predictive skills – predicting or guessing the content of a text or article from the headlin
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The lesson plan is detailed. It may take a lot of time for new teachers like me. However, i understand it's importance in drilling lesson structure. I suspect over time, i will be able to reduce the s
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in this unit I learned how to solve some of the most common problems that I can face in the classroom such as the first class for the first time with new students , also how to start the class with a
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There are various ways teachers evaluate their students progress and language skills. They can use tutorials, evaluations, and tests. The various tests are Placement tests used at the beginning of a
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Today’s lesson was very useful because I’m interested in how to develop and utilize different class materials to maximize student’s learning. I agree that relying on a course book too much would
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Chino Hills
I learned many usages of the past tenses a) Past simple 1. Past action with a given time – I went home to the Philippines last September. 2. When the time is asked about – When did you lose yo
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This unit of lesson planning has provided some very interesting information. I have developed lesson plans previously and going through this unit has helped me to understand the formalization of the
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Chula Vista
I really enjoyed learning about how to create a classroom where productive skills can be fostered in a positive and comfortable atmosphere. It was nice to have an outline for how certain activities ca
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Citrus Heights
In this Unit I learned something about the reported speech. I felt that I really needed to concentrate to get the transitions right, into the reported version. Also knowing about the different condit
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After I have digested the information in this unit I have got to know that how important are vocabulary, grammar and functions to learn a language. This unit also throws light on the role of 'Straight
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This unit had very little to do with teaching English. Instead, this unit focuses on how to be a good teacher. It covers how to arrange the classroom, when and how the teacher should stand, how to bal
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Class room management can be effective when you acquire the skills of organizing/managing a class room in a relaxed manner as well as maintaining discipline. This can be done by using eye contact, ges
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In this module i have effectively learned have to introduces new Grammar, Vocabulary and Functions to students based on being exposed to it, understanding the meaning of it as well as the structure of
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I am exposed to the different reasons that a student would want to read or listen. This helps me to think about all the possible motivators and ensure that my lesson covers all possible reasons. Creat
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This unit was about materials used in teaching and their classifications. It also looked at course books, the advantages and disadvantages of using them and how to use them to best effect. I learnt wh
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The 2 teaching videos showed different teaching styles. In the first, the teacher seemed impatient and distracted and didn't explain clearly the lesson objective. The students seemed confused and look
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This unit consisted of analyzing the different past tenses. Many people tend to know that there's only one past and they don't realize exactly when they have to use the other tenses. Which means, they
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In this lesson, I learned about the advantages and disadvantages of teaching groups such as existing groups and new groups. I learned of various techniques to assist teaching English, from helping stu
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In this unit I have learned how to identify the 5 different conditionals, and how and when to use them. This is a difficult subject, and so I have learned that it should be taught with extra care and
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I am exposed to the different teaching aids a teacher could use. I am given lots of links that could help me with my lessons. I agreed that visual and interactive lessons are likely to hold students a
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In this unit I have learned about teaching special groups, different ages, different personalities and teaching beginners. I have also learned that you as a teacher should know your student and their
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In this unit I learnt about teaching english phonology and pronunciation. I found out how different phonetics can be produced with the human voice and how to produce those sounds. Intonation examples
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I learned all about The Future Tenses. Future Simple, Future Continuous, Future Perfect, and Future Perfect Continuous. I also learned about ''going to'' (in the future). I learned how these future te
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This unit covered the proper ways to manage a classroom. I learned more about how a class should be organized (from how the seating arrangements should be made to how group/pair/individual work should
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Thank you so much for this unit is really good and helpfull , its kinda a review for my English Language from the basics , maybe other can not like or enjoy this but for me its really great to make th
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This course content comprises the very basics that learner of English as a new language need to knows. This ranges from vocabulary, structure to function and how the ESA method can be deployed by TEFL
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i think this methodes is really important and can give me as a future English teacher with no experience many solutions and options so i can be really active in the classroom , i think students will r
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Corte Madera
The importance of lesson plan to teachers is still undetermined since some teachers would deem it as really important while to some is unnecessary. Preparing lesson plan can help guide the teacher wit
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Costa Mesa
This was definitely the most challenging unit thus far! I felt like most of the information was common knowledge (given that I have taken plenty of English courses), but it's easy to trip yourself up
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This unit was about how to teach the receptive skills: reading and listening. It went over some examples of different purposes and uses of reading and listening that determine how we read and listen.
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The types of classes i will likely to encounter would mostly be classified under: teaching beginners, teaching individual students, teaching children, business English/English for specific purpose and
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Crescent City
This Unit taught me something about the three first tenses /variation of tenses of the English language. For me, they were more of a repitition than something new I learned. However, it was good to re
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In this unit it is explained that how to teach special classes like, beginners, children, individuals, business groups, monolingual and multilingual classes with tips, techniques and methodologies. As
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