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In this unit I learned that there are big differences in how a class is being taught, and how the students respond. Most importantly, I learned that the way the teacher interacts with the students, co
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By far, this is the toughest unit. It is rather confusing. I had learnt that irregular verbs does not form simple past tense or past participle by adding -ed or -d to base form. For example, buy would
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Course content is crisp, clear and concise. It contains micro level information that too with powerful illustrations. Different ways to make "Conditionals & Reported Speech" as a topic understood tha
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Rohnert Park
This unit gives a comprehensive detail of the grammar about modal auxiliary verbs and passive voice as well as the phrasal verbs and relative clauses. As for the modal verbs, it is very clear that whe
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Rolling Hills
I have learnt that both accuracy and fluency are important, but knowing when to focus on which one is also as important. I should incorporate accuracy in the study phase of the lesson, making sure tha
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Rolling Hills Estates
The Past Tenses are used primarily to place an action or situation in a time in the past. There are 4 aspects of the past tense, past simple, past continuous, past perfect and past perfect continuous.
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Teaching pronunciation and phonology is important, yet often ignored, aspect of ESL. Teaching this area of English includes teaching intonation, which focuses on which words are stressed in a sentence
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As i said before to the present unit this unit is really good review and easy unit , the test is good and have to think twice before answering some questions , i correct some mistakes of mine because
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This is another unit which I will have to refer to at a later stage. I will need to keep reading this one. I think when teaching it, I will start to reinforce it in my mind. To understand this section
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For any Language there is Vocabulary lessons which is really important to Learn English , specially at early stages . Learning a new vocabulary word for the students means more than just understanding
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Unit 1 was about Teachers of Learners. In the Unit I learnt about what makes a good teacher, the roles of a teacher, and how a teacher can correctly use their role to successfully control the class,
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San Anselmo
The reason for a tense is similar to that of the present. A past simple is used for past actions where time is given, similar to a fact. It is used when the time is asked about and used when an event
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San Bernardino
In order to be a good teacher, one should have some certain features: A teacher should be kind and patient, love teaching, have good subject knowledge and be able to motivate students. While some of t
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San Bruno
Reading and listening are basic skills from receptive skills.Reading and listening are not only simply matter for the eyes and ears,but also a matter of using our minds to literally understand words a
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San Carlos
The two productive skills are writing and speaking.For speaking skills,the communicative activity should be create the need and desire.They are more effect the student's participation.For writing skil
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San Clemente
Having never really thought about the seating arrangement thoroughly, this has been a real eye opener. I have learnt that it is important for me to be able to keep a large visual field and keep eye co
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San Diego
From this unit, i realized that most of the English that i speak has not been necessarily learned in this manner, intentionally, but caught on and only started to make sense as i read more forms of li
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San Dimas
This unit provides different types of multimedia tools and forms of facility or technology that teachers can integrate in English teaching. An appropriate usage and integration of these technology or
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San Fernando
In this unit,there are different types of testing student's language skills. For example,practice tests are often used for external exams;placement tests are designed to enable teachers to place new s
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San Francisco
In the classroom, application of the ESA structure is necessary and can not be avoided. whether i decide to use the boomerang, straight arrow or patchwork method, my aim should be to make sure the stu
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San Gabriel
I learned about the advantages and disadvantages of authentic and created materials. Creative material is useful for English beginners as it often allows students to experiment or match words with p
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San Jacinto
I feel after reading this section I have a better understanding of the importance of evaluating your students to ensure the best testing results. Of course, becoming proficient is the goal, but it was
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San Joaquin
There are two contrasting lessons.In the class one,firstly,in the begining,the teacher asked the question directly,when students didn't get it ,he didn't do any explanation and keep trying to say it a
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San Jose
I learned how a teacher use his/her physical presence and voice in the classroom? A teacher’s physical presence and voice play a major role in classroom management. As such, knowing how to use t
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San Juan Bautista
In this unit, I learned what makes a good learner and teacher. To be a good teacher, you must actively be aware of and play all 9 roles equally so students get an engaged but still distant teacher so
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San Juan Capistrano
While you do not have to be an extrovert to be an effective teacher, you need to be able to elicit respect and confidence from your students, and be flexible in your actions and attitudes to a class,
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San Leandro
This lesson went over the various teaching equipment that might be used or found in the classroom. Things like the cassette recorder won't really be used in today's day and age, but more modern things
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San Luis Obispo
Course books and other materials provided are a great tool for teachers.Some love it and other despise it.Official course books and materials and its advantages in using them for they are real and the
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San Marcos
Articles specify if the object is something in general or something specific. A man or the man. We can tell what article to choose based on if our noun is a countable or uncountable noun. Articles wil
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San Marino
This Unit allows us to compare teaching techniques and behaviors that are both effective and ineffective. It was also a prime example of how something as simple as a smile can have a huge effect on yo
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San Mateo
As I have stated previously, I love when examples of things to do in the classroom like lesson plans are included in the course work as it really helps me understand and visualize what I should be doi
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San Pablo
In this unit, we are instructed in how to develop a lesson plan for a given grammar teaching task. The example and the given exercises are helpful in giving direction to the lesson plans. It was helpf
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San Rafael
When learning a new language it is important to learn the vocabulary, the grammar and the functions of the language all together. Learning one of those without learning the others will lead to not bei
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San Ramon
Pronunciation is a much more complex subject then I had originally thought. Muscle memory plays such a huge part of it and most people don't give it any thought. It makes complete sense that this woul
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Sand City
The setting of an education is just as important as the education itself. If a student is not comfortable in their environment they will never learn. That is why things like eye contact and hand gestu
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Speaking and writing are placed under productive skills, which makes sense. Because these two are the skills that makes us productive as a communicator. This lesson has built onto the building blocks
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Santa Ana
This unit presents several guidelines and tips for creating a lesson in the productive language skills - speaking and writing. Specific suggestions are given for creating interest in the topic so stud
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Santa Barbara
In the receptive skills learning part, teachers should be careful to choose the appropriate materials that interest students and build interest before teaching the skills. Also, pre-teach the problema
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Santa Clara
Through this unit learning, I realized that classroom management is such an essential factor in classroom teaching. A comfortable and efficient classroom environment can make the English teaching smoo
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Santa Clarita
We speak to each other to satisfy a need or desire, and this should be reflected in our Productive Skills lessons. When teaching speaking and writing lessons, accuracy and fluency both need to be con
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Santa Cruz
Having been teaching English to students from Beginner to Upper-Intermediate levels for over 6 years, I found the unit rather easy. I am able to use different approaches when teaching grammar to stud
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Santa Fe Springs
The teaching of vocabulary /new language is as demanding as any other aspect in language teaching. It is interesting, however, teachers need to be mindful and pay the attention it deserves. I have lea
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Santa Maria
In this unit, conditionals and reported speech are introduced, they're: Zero conditional, first conditional, second conditional and third conditionals. Also the different tenses and uses of the condit
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Santa Monica
VI take it you already know Of tough and bough and cough and dough? Others may stumble, but not you, On hiccough, thorough, laugh and through. Well done! And now you wish, perhaps, To learn of less fa
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Santa Paula
What I found most useful in this unit, both now and as a resource for the future, was the extensive list of online resources for both teachers and learners of the English language. I also found the di
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Santa Rosa
Teaching new language is a fun but tough job in English teaching. Teachers need to figure out good methods to get student engaged and meanwhile make the teaching interesting. Different types of ESA st
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The two receptive skills are reading and listening, and in this course, I learned the different ways we read and receive information. That is then explained in terms of ESL, and the ways in which the
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I found this unit Modals, phrasal verbs and passive voice quite difficult to understand. As a native speaker I understood the sentence structure but it was difficult to understand the reasoning behin
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This unit was all about how to structure a class, arranging the lessons. The way you arrange the lesson and introduce the language depends on how you target it. If you teach more vocab and grammar c
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Scotts Valley
This unit explains the importance of many factors that contribute to the effectiveness of the teaching session. It details how a teacher can set the pace of the class and the tone with her voice, can
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