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In this unit we have covered present tenses and the relevance of the four types of present tenses in our day to day communications in the English language. The Four Present tenses are as follows: 1.
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La Cañada Flintridge
This unit was overwhelming with the amount of different nuances of the parts of speech required to learn. The small differences from a transitive and intransitive verb confused me, so I can see how it
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La Habra
I found this unit most useful in the examples of lesson plans and activities or games provided. Throughtout the course, I have sometimes struggled to think of such activities and games that could be u
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La Habra Heights
Unit 4 covers the "Tense System", which is very important for EFL teachers to understand thoroughly. There are 3 tenses; present, past and future, and each tense has 4 aspects; simple, continuous, pe
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La Mesa
When speaking English, most of the time, students as well as teachers use only the simple or continuous tenses. There are twelve tenses of verbs as mentioned in this unit but it is rather confusing es
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La Mirada
This unit was a lot of information in comparison to the unit prior, but I enjoyed finally covering the remainder of the tenses. I feel that I have a much clearer understanding of how to identify which
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La Palma
As there are 7 commonly used tenses to refer to the future in the English language, learning and teaching those tenses with their correct meaning and usage might be difficult. The present simple and t
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La Puente
Reported speech and conditionals are part of grammar deemed as not important because many thinks that it is not important specially in communicating. Most of the time, when speaking, one does not real
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La Quinta
In this unit,it covers relative clauses that the difference between defining and non-defining relative clauses,and how to translate the active tense to passive formation,and it introduce the three bas
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La Verne
In this unit, some classroom arrangement skills are introduced to teachers. Eye contact, gestures and, voices and using students' names can help a teacher manage the classroom well. Moreover, class gr
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Speaking and writing are skills that are taught in the productive skills. People communicate with each other for four purposes. The first is they have some communicative purpose, want to say something
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Laguna Beach
I learned that teachers need to evaluate their students’ English? Teachers need to evaluate their students’ English to determine whether the students are making any progress in their learning.
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Laguna Hills
This unit was incredibly brief in comparison to many of the previous units, but I felt this unit was very helpful by illuminating ways to keep your students attention during lessons. There are many di
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Laguna Niguel
In my first Unit I learned something about the characteristics of a good teacher, as well as the charactereistics of a good student. With knowledge of both, a teacher can be aware how to behave in cla
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Laguna Woods
I feel that this unit really dived deep into the exploration of word tense and did a good job clarifying how conditionals work with certain parts of speech. Though this unit seemed like a bit much to
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Lake Elsinore
I learned that There are many qualities that can make a person be an effective teacher in and out of the classroom. Here are some of them: 1. Kind and Patient – A teacher should genuinely care
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Lake Forest
This section seemed a little lack luster in comparison to some of the other units, but I enjoyed how quick and easy it was to read through. It was clear and concise, however, it seemed as though there
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unit ten is base on two ESL demo video ,in view of the second video teaching is more effective since the teacher follows the right teaching steps ,here we can see the engage stage being efficient wher
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Reading the introduction of this unit took away a lot of anxiety I was feeling prior. This is because I am mostly an introverted person, someone who is shy, but still eager to teach students English.
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This unit was important because as a non-native ESL teacher in third world countries, I believe that classes without the use of any media are impossible to perform and probably not effective. With an
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Unit 8 discusses the future tense system. Here I learned about seven types of tenses, their forms, usages and the mistakes people commonly make. I am still having trouble understanding the tenses on m
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This unit consisted on explanaitions about the future tenses. In spoken language, some of them are not so frequently used but can be used in particular situations. So, I consider this to be an ideal u
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This unit was about how to teach beginners, individuals, children, and business english. For beginners make sure to be clear and concise, have realistic aims and pace yourself. When teaching individu
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Lemon Grove
Classroom atmosphere and/or set-up is one important factor a teacher must consider because one can't learn in an uncomfortable environment. This unit is then important since it provides different meth
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This final unit has been about potential problems that I may face as a teacher in class. The problems included, large classes , reluctant students, listening problems, different levels and students u
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This unit is on classroom management ,As an ESL teacher you are a model and in control of your class ,you should be able to determine what ways to control learners to ensure a conducive atmosphere fo
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In this unit I have learned how to effectively utilize testing to determine the level and standing of a students current skills. To use progression tests to measure their progress throughout the cours
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Live Oak
During this this unit I learned that not all students are at the same intellectual level and having this presumption will cause a deficit in a learners abilities. I learned that there should be a bala
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This unit is about teaching new language to learners which is the purpose of the ESL teacher ,the learners need to have a mastery of the language .First and very important is for learner to understand
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The unit content is about the equipment and teaching aids that might be used in the classroom to enhance the student learning experience. I was surprised to see cassette recorder mentioned here becaus
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In this unit, I learned that my body language, the arrangement of the classroom, increasing student talk time, providing individual attention, establishing and maintaining a good rapport with students
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Loma Linda
In this Unit I learned some more things about how to best engage student in class, but also reflect about the many mistakes that can be done by the teacher, if the teacher doesn't care for the student
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It's important to be organised when teaching, but even more important with foreign students. It's impossible to know everything about the English language, but understanding the topic at hand and havi
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This unit was really good because we can see in practice how a lesson should be taught and what we can avoid in the classroom. I also gained a lot from this unit because I realized how little a teache
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Long Beach
The morale of the student is very necessary to the learning process. How i correct a student has much effect on how this student will engage in future classroom activities. Therefore must wisdom is ne
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The two classes were very different and this is based entirely on the teachers attitude. The first one the teacher was abrupt, confusing, and a bit mean. He used a lot of words like wrong and loser w
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Los Alamitos
In this unit I learned the fixed ruled for reporting direct speech, as well as the different forms of conditionals. While I was previously aware of the differences in these forms of speech, I had neve
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Los Altos
The troubleshooting lesson was basically just an overview of the entire course as it was the last unit. It did help to include "warm up" games that are good for the first day of class as immediately g
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Los Altos Hills
The final unit was very quick to complete and contains a lot of useful information on problems and solutions - with ways to work around them and how to handle difficult situations. However some exampl
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Los Angeles
This unit introduces the receptive skill: listening and reading which are equally important in learning a new language for students. And it also concludes the reasons and ways of listening and reading
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Los Banos
Teaching equipment is an important aspect one should consider. The equipment you use can have an effect on the way the student respond and learn. The most important thing to remember is just know whic
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Los Gatos
I learned about the different equipment used in the classroom Computer We believe a computer can do most of the things on this list by itself, such as printing out resource ideas, accessing an online
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The content of this unit holds the information about different ways of evaluating students' levels and progress. A teacher needs to prepare tests and assessments at the different stages in a course an
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I now have the understanding of what it truly means to be aware of my voice, eye contact, and gestures while teaching to any group or individual students. It is now understood that there are advantage
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Today’s lesson was quite challenging to me because I’ve never taught students receptive skills. I think teaching receptive skills is more difficult than teaching expressive skills because it depen
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There are 4 past tenses. The simple past states a completed past action. The past continuous describes actions or events in a time before now, which began in the past and is still going on at the time
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Mammoth Lakes
This unit went over all the tools teachers have at their disposal for effectively teaching a class. It also went through the steps of using and maintaining such tools. Like most things preparation is
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Manhattan Beach
There are a lot of different methods we can use and they are still open to debate. A teacher should make use of various methods depending on the cultural backgrounds and the needs of the students. No
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This unit is on the past present tense ,the question is what is past present tense ?As an ESL teacher you need to understand that tense means time ,the present ,past and future and these tenses can be
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This unit provides detail on two productive skills: speaking and writing. Though in TEFL world writing is not done frequently so the skill is never developed but this does not mean writing should be i
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