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I have the understanding now how much a teacher's attitude can influence a class. Between the two videos shown, it is very obvious how students flourish in a positive and encouraging environment. The
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This unit tackles about the different methodology in teaching such as grammar-translation, audio-lingualism, PPP, task-based learning, communicative language teaching, community language learning, the
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This unit covers the four present tenses. First is the present simple, it is used to talk about habits, routines, facts, and truths. Second is the present continuous that is used when talking about ac
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Garden Grove
To maintain a friendly atmosphere and to build rapport, a teacher must be fair and equal to all students, help students build confidence and be flexible to be able to change his/her role according to
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Unit 7 discusses how to effectively teach new language to students. When introducing a new vocabulary item, it's important that students become familiar with its meaning, usage, spelling, and pronunci
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The brief overview of this content is, what makes a good teacher and what makes a good learner. From this I've learned the many roles a teacher must take in order to become a great educator and how to
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This unit, Teaching Special Groups, has providing some interesting information. I have tutored some students that fall under the special groups category. In this unit it stated never to use the nat
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Pronunciation is something most teachers lack confidence in teaching. Applied phonetics is something most people never were taught in school. I am among those who never learned it in school so the p
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In this topic, i find the phrasal verbs very confusing. These are commonly used in our daily conversations whose structures i had never once pondered over. I hope there will be examples. I google and
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I am surprised that nothing was included in this material about PowerPoints (or, as we call them here in China, "PPTs.") I believe the word may have been mentioned but that is all. A carefully, prop
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Grand Terrace
As an Asian student before, I was in the teacher-oriented classroom environment for a very long time. Through learning this unit, I realized that a good English learning classroom is very essential fo
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Grass Valley
In this 3rd Unit I learned some new things about the methodologies that a techer can use in the classroom, to train the student's understanding of language as well as pronounciation and comprehension
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This unit is focus on teaching different groups ,here we will require different techniques in teaching considering what level you are faced with .with beginner it will depend what level of beginner yo
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In Unit 6 of the 120-hour TEFL course, I learned that the past tense, like the present tense, has four categories: the past simple, the past continuous, the past perfect, and the past perfect continuo
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Grover Beach
When planning lessons, there are several schools of thought about how much planning should be done. Too much planning can create a rigid classroom and inhibit the flexibility of a teacher. Too little
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Evaluation and testing, is a course unit that captures the various types of testing and evaluation. The course expands on the importance of testing and evaluation of students at all levels to determin
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Course content is crisp, clear and concise. It contains micro level information that too with powerful illustrations. Different ways to make "Teaching Pronunciation & Phonology" as a topic understood
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Half Moon Bay
When introducing new language to students, a student needs to do 4 things with the new language: be exposed to it; understand it; understand it's structure, and be able to pronounce it. The lessons a
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In this unit I learn about nouns, adjectives, articles, verbs, adverbs, pronouns, and prepositions/conjunctions. In my everyday life I’m using these parts of speech without even realizing it. After
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Hawaiian Gardens
Lesson planning is a very important part in English teaching which is a very necessary job for each teacher. A successful class can't be without a good lesson plan. I've learned different tips to make
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I've learned in this unit what students need to know and what they don't need to know while learning new vocabulary terms and when introducing new grammatical structures. This unit also provided a dee
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This unit was an educational way to revisit tenses, especially with past continuous, past perfect and past perfect continuous. I was able to relearn old rules and learn new information. The differe
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This unit consisted on detailed explanaitions on learning vocabulary and what techniques should they be used, so the students can learn them easily. It also mentioned some factors of how good a studen
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Course content is crisp, clear and concise. It contains micro level information that too with powerful illustrations. Different ways to make "Teaching Special Groups" as a topic understood that too w
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That was great final unit i was waiting for such unit , The problems that i may face in the class always can be happen anytime sothis unit help me to be prepared and how to deal with this problems , g
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Hermosa Beach
Just like the previous unit, knowing your student- their strengths and weaknesses is important to help the teacher know what to prepare and how to teach the class. It all boils down to developing a me
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Having taught for a few years already, some of this information has already become evident throughout my own lesson plan evolution. While at first I tended to have everything planned out in a very det
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Hidden Hills
It's significant to choose an appropriate material for students in the English classes because the materials should be selected from diverse production, such as magazines, newspapers, authentic articl
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This section covers testing English Language Learners. There are several types of tests used for different purposes. Placement tests allow teachers to place students in the appropriate grade/level. Di
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This unit describes the seven future tenses as well each of their use cases. Those tenses would be future simple, future continuous, future perfect, future perfect continuous, going to future, present
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From this unit I know more about basic skills for teaching receptive skills in any language and all are equally important.also the reasons for reading and listening . And the reading and listening are
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Course content is crisp, clear and concise. It contains micro level information that too with powerful illustrations. Different ways to make "Troubleshooting" as a topic understood that too with orga
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In teaching a new language there are 4 things students need: to be exposed to it, understand its meaning,m understand how it's constructed and to e able to practice and produce it. Teachers need to te
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Huntington Beach
I appreciated how this unit gave a solid guideline for how to manage and maintain different types of classroom settings in a clear and concise way. I have taught dance classes for several years and it
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Huntington Park
This section explained the form, usage, and some teaching tips for the past simple, past continuous, past perfect, and the past perfect continuous tenses of verbs. It reviewed a number of irregular ve
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I can say that good teachers always have a great affect on their students during the courses and classes. The teachers have many styles and options to do that also they must discover their student's w
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I have learned many things in this unit about managing classes and how to inspire confidence amongst students. I have learned how to be a teacher who strikes a balance between being too domineering or
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Imperial Beach
I have learned that I can not enter into the classroom haphazardly, expecting everything to go well when i haven't properly planned for it. I have understood that it is easier to the track progress of
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Indian Wells
This unit is a very helpful one that gives English teachers a clear understanding of teaching methodologies as well as a good analysis of it. At the same time, based upon the methodology, there are va
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Last unit of the course! We went over common class problems such as what to do during the first lesson, which is more about establishing rapport and finding out about the students and their needs/skil
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In this unit I was taught the many different types of tests that may come up in a teaching scenario. The unit listed multiple types of tests that will most likely be used in a language school, if I we
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I've learned a lot more from this unit about lesson planning by seeing it in action. The students learned a number of sentence structures and certain language lessons were taught well. The teacher in
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In this unit I learned that all the 4 basic skills in understanding language are equally important. The 4 parts are first divided in receptive and productive and then further into reading and listenin
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This course covers the advantages and disadvantages of the use of lesson coursebook and lesson materials. The course, aside from the methods for teaching English, elaborates the need for a balance of
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This unit was all about phrasing and passive voice. Grammar and the basic rules of 'modals' were reviewed. Modals are used to express many different ideas such as obligation, possibility/probability
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As this unit dealt with grammar, it was a great opportunity for me to review and re-learn some aspects of English that I learnt as a child. As a native speaker, and as pointed out in this unit, some
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Unit 18 covers modals, phrasal verbs and passive voice, explaining form, usage and gives examples and teaching ideas. I have struggled with this unit in the same way as the previos grammar units. I fi
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Jurupa Valley
Learning comes with attitude and of course the environment where you learn. It is not easy to learn a new language when the factors surrounding you such as teachers, classmates, classroom, etc are neg
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Learning about the future is complicated. There are seven different, but sometimes very similar, tenses and ideas that are applied to future meanings. There were more tenses than I had previously t
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King City
Assessing students is a difficult task because we can never really measure the level of student accurately but what we can do is to find a way to at least closely get to know what the student really k
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