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Here Below you can check out the feedback (for one of our units) of one of the 16.000 students that last year took an online course with ITTT!

I have an experience Teaching English to Korean Students but reflecting on my experiences, I think I didn’t teach my students effectively. I didn’t know much about the different teaching methodologies and techniques in planning for my lessons. I was familiar with the traditional method, Present Practice Produce but it often didn’t help the learners produce the target language correctly or didn’t remember my lessons at all. In this lesson, I learned about the theories on how students learn and thus gives me ideas on what I can do in the classroom, what appropriate methods and techniques should be used. I became aware of the importance of assessing the learners background and learning needs in every lesson planning. There are different, unique approaches to teaching such as the grammar translation, audio-lingualism, task-based learning methods and many more. There isn’t a single, perfect correct way of teaching. Each of them has its plus and minuses. In lesson planning, It is always important to think about how our learners will be interested and be more involved in the new language. For example, rather than spoon feeding or supplying students with information, we want them to elicit or produce the target language themselves in a fun and motivating way. This will contribute to better learning or progress. I learned about the three key elements to consider in planning, which is the Engage Study and Activate stages. It is believed to be more effective in teaching and learning. Engaging students to be interested and actively involved in the class or subject is important. This makes the use of games, pictures, music, thought-provoking questions and ect. We aim to help the students speak more English while creating an enjoyable, motivating and unintimidating classroom experience. Study Stage focuses on eliciting information from the students and teaching them the points and concepts of the language; grammar construction, vocabulary, and pronunciation. In the Active stage, we provide the students with fun activities or tasks to complete which allows them to activate their English. They should speak the language freely and talk more as possible. ESA is definitely a useful guide in lesson planning. It doesn’t have to come in order or sequence. I have learned how to construct a Boomerang ESA lesson, and a patchwork ESA lesson. The examples of activities provided are really helpful to me. I’m getting the idea on how to properly and effectively plan my future lessons. Moreover, I have learned some important points to consider in giving feedbacks. In every lesson or activities, feedbacks are given to allow students to be aware of their mistakes or progress. This will give them motivations to improve themselves. The examples and points to remember provided in this lesson are clear and concise. I hope to apply these things in my future teaching.