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This unit talks about the present tenses. The present simple, present continuous, present perfect, and present perfect continuous. In this unit, I've learned about the form, usages, typical errors stu
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French Creek
Though writing and speaking fall under the same "productive skill" umbrella, they each require special attention when it comes to lesson planning. Speaking is often given most emphasis in class, but s
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The productive skills are speaking and writing. For teaching both skills, students should be interested in the game/topic/activity to encourage participation. Different phases of the lesson should e
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In this units talks about many areas of how to manage the classroom. For the teacher, how to use voice, mime/gesture, teacher 's position, level of language to use and eyes contact. seating arra
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Over the past year or so, I was asked to do a video tutorial as part of training for a team i was a part of in a direct sales company. I had to research and get the correct info and lay it out in a se
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There are many different types, or groups, of students that one may encounter as an English language teacher. Even within these specialised groups there may be many different types of learners. For ex
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This is a continuation of the previous lesson and as such I have little to say that isn't going to be reflected in the previous response. While the last lesson people learn pretty equally. I feel in t
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Parts of speech is very important in English, we have to use them right to make good sentences which helps you have better structures. These are simple but extremely vital in every skill of English. A
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Phonetics is the study of speech sounds. • We are able to segment a continuous stream of speech into distinct parts and recognize the parts in other words.It deals with the configurations of the voc
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Teaching English as a Second Language (ESL) in groups can be extremely challenging, but can be one of the most rewarding experiences. The thought of walking into a classroom, full of unknown faces, ma
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The unit gave me a bit of insight regarding my role as a teacher in the classroom. I have learned that I will deal with a variety of students with different ages and cultural backgrounds and that I wi
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A clear overview of different parts of speech in the English Language. Very useful charts and examples. Very detailed in the parts of speech, their uses, how to properly use each one, and the exceptio
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I have a new respect for every teacher I ever had, following the progress of these students is a huge task. What a giant responsibility and honor it is to teach someone the words for basic objects and
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Genesee Falls
In this Unit i've learnt that Modal auxiliary verbs are used before other verbs to add meaning to the main verb, ex: you should go and see a dentist. ex2: I must go before i make a fool of myself. Pas
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This unit demonstrated that there are certain qualities and roles that make a good teacher but most importantly, they must be adaptable in consideration to the abilities of their students and the cont
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To motivate students to complete end-of-course evaluations and to provide useful feedback through those evaluations, the Vanderbilt Center for Teaching recommends instructors talk with their students
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this unit (unit 6) speaks about the Past tense , The past tense is a grammatical tense whose principal function is to place an action or situation in past time. In languages which have a past tense, i
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This unit covers the basic knowledge to Grammer which includes the fundamental structure of sentences.After completing this unit, I gained more comprehensive understanding for the different parts of s
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Unit 2 explains Parts of speech.The simplest sentence can be divided into subject, verb, object and each can be further classified according to its purpose and the meaning. Nouns used as Names,people,
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German Flatts
Different from the rest of the lesson unit that we have learned so far, Unit 10 lesson is presented via two videos. The first video demonstrated how the teacher made several basic mistakes while teach
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This unit covers the use and functions of evaluating students' progress throughout the course and properly placing them in the correct language level. Placement tests are utilized to sort students int
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This unit talked about how to teach a new language. It specifically talked about vocabulary and function in teaching a new language. Both vocabulary and function of a language are important which c
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Grammar places a major role in the English language and as such understanding grammar and how it works is key in teaching English. There are 8 major parts of speech in English grammar, namely, nouns,
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Unit three is focused on TEFL theories, methods, and techniques. It mostly focuses on the ESA model (Engage, Study, Activate) and provides an explanation and example of each of those three components,
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We all must understand that learning the English language has been on-demand from children to working adults. They both are different and cater different needs in learning the language so it's importa
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Glen Cove
This unit have taught me much about the important role an English Educator should display when instructing young learners. To be effective I will need to have all my students best interest in mind wh
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Glens Falls
In this lesson we learn how to teach the receptive skills reading and listening. It is important that we get our students engaged in reading by asking and answering questions, having them predict what
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When teaching new language, the vocabulary and grammar chosen for the lesson must be considered carefully towards the students' needs. It is important that all new material clearly conveys the correct
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Unit five highlights crucial concepts to consider when dealing with class management. The unit details how grouping, seating arrangements, eye contact, voice, and physical gesturing can help or hinder
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The content of this unit explains the different methods of teaching and in which situations different methods should be used in. It also reviews ESA - Engage, study, activate. This unit gives definiti
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This unit focuses on lesson plans. What I have learned from this unit is the pros and cons to lesson plans, why and when they should be used, and how to create basic lesson plans, continuing to use th
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Regardless of how well the teacher can instruct the English language students on the building blocks (the vocabulary, grammar structure, and usage), the ultimate goal is English fluency, and therefore
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This unit covered the future tenses and possible exercises that could be used during each stage of ESA. I was surprised to see 7 tenses discussed. I had never realized that we use the present simple
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I appreciated having a review of the types of strategies for a particular lesson like vocabulary or grammar structures and even variations upon such lessons (boomerang, straight arrow or patchwork). I
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Grand Island
This unit discusses the various theories over the years of how a second language should be learned. The pros and cons of each of the theories are also discussed. Factors to determine which method is
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Classroom Management is a skillset that can be learned. It is not an inherent trait, but it requires a teacher to have proper plannings and be ready for the lessons. Effective classroom management hel
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We explored the wide variety of resources that a teacher can use in the classroom. We also looked at the materials and technologies that are available and how to use them to improve your lesson. It al
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Great Valley
This video has helped me to see that there are correct ways and incorrect ways to teaching. The attitude you take in a classroom effects the whole learning environment and the lack of preparation and
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This unit covered some of the basic qualities that a teacher of ESL should possess and some of the roles they should play in the classroom, as well as those of students of English. It also covered som
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Green Island
In this unit, I have learned about how to and how not to facilitate a classroom. In the first video, the teacher skipped engagement and went on to start the lesson. The students did not get a chance t
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This unit is present tenses including, simple present, present continuous, present perfect, present perfect continuous. It shows all of these tenses with a short definition, the grammatical rule for a
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This unit talks about the future tenses. We looked at the seven most common future tenses which are; the future simple, the future continuous, the future perfect, the future perfect continuous, be goi
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Unit 14: Coursebooks and lesson materials outlined the advantages and disadvantages or using coursebooks and other materials. There needs to be a balance between the use of authentic and created mate
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What I learned in this unit was how the teaching style of a teacher could severely impact what is learned from the students during a lesson. The first video showed a very unsuccessful lesson, where th
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Unit 16 explained the importance of receptive skills; detailing how reading and listening skills are equally important. A teacher must ensure they create a lesson plan that works on both areas. The un
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I learned about the Engage Study Action (ESA) technique. It makes sense to pique a student's interest initially, followed by a more formal learning/studying of a topic, before finally having the stude
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It was a precious time for me to know some effective methodologies that I was not aware of, and how it would be a great help to use within class to be organized and well-set. The ESA methodology surpr
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Teaching English language structures,grammar and vocabulary to speakers of other language can be very difficult if you dont know the right way to go about it, what they should know about the new word,
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In this unit ,i learnt about modal auxillary verbs and passive in detailed as well as brief overview of phrasal verbs and relative clauses, . Basics rules -the modals are can ,could ,may ,might ,shal
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I believe that writing and speaking are challenging for ESL students and they are really shy about both productive skills. However, the communication with students is imperative for encouraging the tw
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