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in fact and in my humlble opinion this unit is very useful as it gives you alot of information which was a good help and source.
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this unit is about the subject of English grammar and also looks at the different forms of conditional sentences and how they can be effectively taught in a classroom. The unit also examines the diffe
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This unit conveys the pathways for students to effectively learn a new language, which are be exposed to it, understand its meaning, understand how it’s constructed and ne able to practice and produ
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Unit four discusses the present tense. There are four aspects of the present tense: simple, perfect, continuous, and perfect continuous. These four aspects of present tense have an affirmative, negati
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Mount Hope
Unit 13 discussed the teaching of English pronunciation using Phonology, which focuses on areas of 'Stress' and 'Intonation', as well as the use of International Phonetic Alphabet to help students und
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Mount Kisco
A good teacher is one whose characteristics includes the ability to motivate students, being kind and patient, loves teaching, is lively and entertaining, amongst others. A good learner is one who is
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Mount Morris
In this lesson we learn all the techniques for managing a classroom. This is highly important as we will be faced with students of different ages, backgrounds, cultures, etc. It is important to have c
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Mount Pleasant
In this reading I learned that reading can be done for a purpose or entertainment. The way we use our minds when we read determines how well we can understand the material we are reading. There are
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Mount Vernon
MODALS, PHRASAL VERBS, AND PASSIVE VOICE Modal auxiliary verbs are used before other verbs to add meaning to the main verb. They can also be used to express a number of different ideas such as obligat
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This unit went over practical skills the students should have and learn. There was a few points I had not considered before such as handwriting that would present challenges while teaching writing. To
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This lesson covered pronunciation, intonation, stress, the way words are spoken versus how they appear, phonemic symbols, the physical parts of the mouth/throat that make different sounds, and teachin
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this unit provides information about lesson plan and how to design a lesson plan. in this unit materials are widely explained how to achieve several successes by the both with teachers and learners de
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In this unit we learn about modal, phrasal verbs and the passive voice. I found the passive voice to be an interesting lesson in this unit. It talks about how we change the object of the active verb t
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In summary, to achieve/record success in series of class activities, the teachers and learners relationship is of great importance. The teachers should posses qualities,that encourages learners to bui
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Teachers and learners are both equally important and interconnected. A good teacher that is patient, cares for both the teaching process as well as for the learning process of their students, has good
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Like with present tense, the various forms of past tense can be confusing, particularly for those who haven't had many years of exposure to the language to get used to verbs with an irregular simple p
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New Albion
The unit serves as a guideline for the creation of a lesson plan. It is important to notice though that a lesson plan should never be taken as an inflexible schedule, but it is more important to use i
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New Baltimore
In this unit we learned that we must consider how to make our coursebook more appropriate for our class because it's important to learn to identify the needs of our students so that we can adjust our
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New Berlin
Reading and reviewing Unit 2 reminds me that grammar is a difficult area of learning the English language and usually takes a long time to master the skill. It is amazing that the different parts of a
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New Bremen
Unit 18 discussed the last lesson of the basic grammar rules which covers modal auxiliary verbs, passive voice, and phrasal verbs and relative clauses. Modal auxiliary verbs are basically used to add
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New Castle
Unit 16 discussed five main Grammar conditionals used in sentences containing the "if" clause and the main clause. The "if" clause contains the condition that has to be fulfilled before the action in
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New Hartford
Past tenses include, 1. Past simple - used for actions completed at a definite point in time. a. Form * affirmative (subject + base form) e.g he danced * negative (subject + did not or didn't + base
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New Haven
Unit 7 talked about how to apply ESA (Engage, Study, Activate) methods we learned in Unit 3 when introducing a new language to students, especially when teaching vocabulary, grammar, and language func
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New Hudson
To meet the demands of a particular class environment, TEFL teachers must strike a balance between order and flexibility. Following the general Engage, Study, Activate framework and its variations, te
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New Lebanon
Unit 12 discussed the next part of learning the new language: speaking and writing skill, two different but equally important skills for use to communicate the language with others. Writing skills are
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New Lisbon
In this unit, I have learned about the pronunciation and phonology of words. This unit was quite confusing and difficult to understand because I had to pay attention to the syllable and stress that a
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New Paltz
This unit discussed the very basis of what it means to be a teacher. It shared the attributes of a teacher such as motivating learners and keeping the class lively and entertaining. It also discussed
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New Rochelle
This unit discusses the characteristics of a good teacher and the various roles a teacher has in the classroom. It also gives information that is valuable for the teacher about the various language l
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New Scotland
In this unit i have learnt that Visual aids are good for reducing teacher talk time, are good for stimulating attention and helping the students memorise vocabulary and can help stimulate discussion.
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New Windsor
Course books have numerous advantages and disadvantages in the classroom, and should always be carefully analyzed by the teacher before using them in the classroom. An advantage of utilizing course bo
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New York
This Unit spoke about how to use the four past tense effectively in the English language. Just as in the case of knowing the stages in the present tense, understanding how to apply past tense in your
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Newark Valley
This unit is an introduction to grammar which describes the parts of speech in the English language. It was a great review, offering the definition/usage of the various parts of speech along with the
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I have learned about the different nuances of meaning of the future tenses; although I feel some of the uses are British and are not so common in the U.S. For example, the use of the future simple to
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I believe this lesson will help one communicate to students the priority of skills and capabilities within learning a language. It is really important to know when and why in an activity the class sho
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The two contrasting videos have all been filmed in an actual English Language classroom. The teacher in the first video seems to follow the ESA method to explore the grammar point “can/can’t”.
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I have learned Grammar when I was taking ESL courses, and I still remember all of the grammar rules. However, my mother tongue does not use articles, pronoun, and countable and uncountable nouns in a
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In this unit, i learnt the various engage, study and activate techniques for teaching vocabulary, introducing grammatical structure and teaching language functions. i also learnt that when targeting t
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unit provides information about teaching phonetics, pronunciation and phonology. In my opinion, teaching pronunciation and phonology are not important when learning any foreign languages. Teachers the
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This unit covers the basis of grammar, vocabulary and language functions. Teaching vocabulary is very important and the difficulty or ease will depend on factors such as, similarity to students native
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Niagara Falls
The success of the classes is pending on good teachers as well as good students. The good teachers care about their teaching but also care more about the learning of the students. The good teachers
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The past tenses although still complex have a much more structured and logical progression than present tenses. past perfect = had, past perfect continuous = had been + ing. Although there are always
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This lesson talks about Equipment and Teaching Aids. There are many things that appeared in this lessons, some equipments like: Board, whiteboard, Overhead Projector (OHP), Visual Aids, Worksheet, Wor
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This unit was about materials available to the teacher. It mentioned using authentic materials for the students learning of the language. Authentic material can be more interesting to the student a
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Great teacher, he is able to play both good and bad teacher quite persuasive. I wonder why he’s barefoot in both videos. There’s some problem with the software as I can’t download second video t
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North Castle
This unit discusses how in language the skill of learning to speak and write goes hand and hand. They are both as equally important in acquiring Language. Poor spelling habits and using improper gra
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North Collins
In Unit 8, there are 7 total future tense system structures: four of them similar to the previous tense systems (simple, continuous, perfect, and perfect continuous), plus three other structures (be g
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North Dansville
This unit outlined the four main forms of present tenses in English: present simple (I go), present continuous (I am going), present perfect (I have gone), and present perfect continuous (I have been
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North East
In this unit we learn how and why we should create lesson plans. There are many important reasons for lesson planning as this unit highlighted. It's important to have a plan for class so that you can
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North Elba
In order for the class to be able to learn effectively, the teacher must have the skill of organizing and managing the class. There is the number of things that the teacher can use to help with the cl
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North Greenbush
in this unite have learned to know how to follow and teach my students base on their age and level of understanding the language . have learned more on management skills, and how to be able to partici
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