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North Harmony
TEACHING SPECIAL GROUPS TYPES OF CLASSES a. the absolute beginner. b. the false beginner. c. the adult beginner. d the young beginner. e. the beginner without Roman alphabet Tips for teaching beginner
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North Hempstead
Unit 19 discussed teaching special student groups like beginners, individual students, children, business people, and students from monolingual or multilingual class. Teaching different student groups
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North Hudson
In this unit I learned ways in which I can respectfully teach and help my students maintain a positive attitude about what they are learning in the classroom and be alert to there needs, its important
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North Norwich
In this unit we learn about the different form of the present tense. There are four main tenses that we look into. We use the present simple, the present continuous, the present perfect, and the prese
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North Salem
In this unit we learned about the specifics that are involved in understanding grammatical construction and fundamental rules and how the tense or grammar points are made. Becoming familiar with this
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North Tonawanda
1. Present simple - implies a current state. a. structure i. Affirmative (subject + base form) ii. Negative (subject + aux verb 'do' + base form) iii. Question (aux verb 'do' + subject + base form)
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In this unit I learnt about teaching receptive skills: reading and listening. And there are two reasons for reading and listening, one is for a purpose, the other is for entertainment. The readers an
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In this unit I learned about the various teaching patterns and methods that can be implemented in the classroom to teach effectively. Students should interact with the new grammar and produce their ow
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Unit 1: Teachers and Learners addressed many introductory topics. A sign of a good teacher is that they are fair, have knowledge of the subject and motivate students to learn. Teachers have many rol
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Classroom Management is the skill, which every teacher should work on. Being a teacher, you should be able to maintain discipline, create a friendly and relaxed atmosphere and be ready to deal with su
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Is the equipment appropriate to the goals you have set for the course? Considerations when using existing equipment Is there enough for the number of students and type of experiments in your class? Is
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I learned the importance of seating arrangements, correct ways of getting students' attentions, eye contact and projection, and the pros and cons of group/pair work. Where the students sit in relation
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There are some very specific rules that govern the appropriate tense for past actions. This can present some challenges to the English language students, and the challenge is increased by the fact th
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This unit was interesting and also a bit confusing at some parts of the lesson such as clauses and phrasal verbs. It covered a lot of information about modal auxiliary verbs, phrasal verbs, passive vo
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This unit talked about the four basic skills with learning a new language. The focus of this unit was receptive skills which are reading and listening. There are many different reasons why someone
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This unit covers the topic of "Present Tense". It explains the differences between the four types of present tenses and how each form is used to describe various situations in the present tense. Each
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This unit introduces the subject of evaluating and testing your students’ language skills. Within it we look at the wide variety of tests that can be used before, during and at the end of an English
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In this unit where the teacher is facing new students for the first time ,his rapport matters .He has to make the students his friends .In a case where the students a new in class and they have to get
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This unit provides information about using conditional sentences in English grammar. In addition, there are explained 5 conditionals in English grammar. They are zero coditional, first coditional, sec
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Unit 5 dealt with the topic of Classroom management. Firstly it covered various skills to use in the classroom of better management of the students. Things such as eye contact, gesturing, voice using,
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This unit provided a detailed analysis of what constitutes a good teacher and a good learner. A student’s personal traits, experiences, language skills and behaviors will shape their classroom attit
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This unit is all about the different kinds of materials that teachers can use to help the students progress in the classroom. The unit also differentiates between authentic and created materials and h
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The more vocabulary a student has, the better it will be to learn English. Students must understand the meaning of what is being learned, and how new words are constructed. This is achieved by actuall
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This unit has a lot of resourceful sources for practical teaching in class.I truly believe that teaching aids make lessons more interesting, deep, and effective. I use a lot of teaching aids in my cla
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The future tense seems like to most complex tense to comprehend for me, as it uses the verb form "will" in many cases. It is very important to be able to express things in the future tense especially
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Orchard Park
This unit takes in exam two examples of classes. In the first video it is clear that the teacher has an inappropriate behaviour. Firstly, the way he asks questions to the learners, in such a direct wa
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Lesson 10: 2 video lessons compared an unsuccessful lesson with a successful one. In the first video, the teacher was irritated, demanding, condescending, and not a good facilitator which caused the
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this unit is a continuation from unit 3 where it talks about different forms of teaching. I liked this unit a lot as well as unit 3. Learning the different ways to teach students and the different pha
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I have watched two videos about effective and ineffective teaching style. First video was how ineffective teacher was teaching.He did not introduce himself, neither asked students their names. Student
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This lesson is pretty nuanced and keeping it simple initially is important. I imagine that this will be tough for English students. As a native English speaker, I was surprised by their being concise
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This unit teaches that pronunciation is an especially important part of language learning given the subtle nuances that can change the meanings of words and sentences. For example, does a statement so
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Unit 15: Evaluation and testing provided an overview of four different types of tests used throughout the year and common external exams. It is important to evaluate students levels and progress and
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This lesson by far was the worst written. It was full of jargon and lacking in both clarity and consistency in the second half. As most people that are native speakers don't follow through with the se
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In this lesson, I learnt that there are several theories methods(grammar-translation, audio-lingualism, PPP, task based learning, communicative language teaching, community language learning, silent w
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The unit one leads us into the course and gives us a brief, yet exhaustive information of what a good teacher and a good student are. Introduces us a classification of language levels and lists a few
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This unit covered the simple past, past continuous, past perfect, and past perfect continuous tenses. The tenses were defined and a few activities were given that would help students learn how to use
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In this unit, we learned about what is involved in teaching three types of lessons: vocabulary, grammatical structures, and language functions. We learned what essentially needs to be learned in each
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It is imperative that the teacher knows their classroom. Whether teaching individuals, young learners, students for specific purposes with the English language, or a multilingual classroom, one should
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This unit talks about teaching a new language, that is, vocabulary, grammar, and function. I have learned that, it is important to teach vocabulary to students at a very early stage because they are m
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This unit tackles the importance of the different past tenses in English. It helped me to improve using the correct tense plus the verb in speaking and writing. Adding to that, this unit also helped m
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this unit talked about the different types of students a teacher can teach. There are young learners, beginning learners, and business learners. The teacher has to make the class specific to the ty
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This unit covered course books and materials related to teaching the target language. The course materials offer structure, guidance, target material, and levels to the students learning the target la
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Oyster Bay
Class management is the skill of effectively organising and managing a class, making it a friendly and conducive atmosphere for students. This includes, * the grouping of the students, * classroom ar
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This unit focused on methodology. A brief review of some of the most common language teaching methods was outlined. This was followed by the introduction of the ESA (Engage, Study, Activate)method b
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This unit covers the fundamental qualities of a good teacher and a good student. It presents the various roles a teacher most often is required to play in the classroom and how each role is applied in
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This unit was very helpful for reminding my grammar competences. Materials in this unit were very simple for teachers. they can use all this grammar structures and rules when explaing grammar rules. I
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This unit talks about lesson planning and give some lesson materials at the end. First, it says how much it is important to make lesson plans and what are their functions. After that it shows how exac
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The videos in this unit demonstrate how important the teacher's attitude, openness, and engagement with the students enhances language learning. During the first lesson, the students felt hesitant ans
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I have learnt that Pronunciation is the most important and difficult problem that non-native speakers have to face when studding English. Improper pronunciation can lead to a negative impression, misu
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Teachers will run into many hurdles in the classroom. When giving first lessons, the teacher should try to establish rapport with his or her students, trying to get to know them, introducing himself o
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