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Easy yet challenging at the same time. A lot of old school methods combined with modern methods. I found this unit to also have covered some previous knowledge learned in another course so the two cro
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This unit treats teaching of productive skills, that is, speaking and writing.In this unit, we looked at the difference between accuracy and fluency. Accuracy activities concentrates on producing corr
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This unit neatly categorizes the present tense including its form, usages, recognizing the errors that students commonly make, and noting which activities can help. Figuring out which tense to use in
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this unit was all about tense and how to use them properly. This unit was actually hard. I had a hard time trying to figure out what the differences were at first, but remembering the which verb belon
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The context of this unit emphasis on the importance of lesson plan. Lesson plan helps the teacher to let the students know what to do in class ,.The reason why preparing lesson plan before is that ,i
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Conditions and reported speech will definitely Bea difficult area of English to teach. Changing tenses in order to produce the correct phrase is challenging not only for non English speakers but also
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from the unit above it lays emphasis on how a good language lesson should go. it helps teachers to know how to keep the class fun and relevant at the same time, this way every student take part active
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To sum up this unit, I can say that it started by presenting qualities that a good teacher should have, then it shows the roles and responsibilities of teachers with details. After that, it shows the
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This unit brought up teaching aids and equipment available to teachers. It covered modern teaching aids as well as teaching aids which have been around for some time. One of the key points made in
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This unit introduces the basic point of grammar. It provides a basic set of rules, uses, and examples, along with different categories. For example, it starts with nouns, where it begins by explaining
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This unit goes over the twelve distinct tenses in the English language comparing them to the singe tense in Asiatic languages and three tenses in Slavic languages. From the standpoint of which word a
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Unit one is always the core of the whole subject. This unit has enabled me to understand the basic duties of a teacher and values of a good teacher. The unit emphasize on the importance of maintaining
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I am familiar with test and assessment in terms of overall intelligence testing and personality testing as I have used it in my profession. I have also given tests in the school system at various time
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I really enjoyed this unit because it reinforced the idea that different circumstances in the classroom call for different styles and methods. Through learning about different classroom arrangements a
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Regular testing of a student's progress and retention of the material studied would help the teacher and student alike. For the teacher, it would help show if the student is having issues following al
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This lesson is very useful being that it helps me as a teacher judge another teacher is his ability to present a class. I found that observing a teacher impart a class helps to recognize some of the e
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This unit was about the productive skills, speaking and writing. These two skills are very important in learning the language and can be difficult for students. Writing is especially difficult for tho
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This unit gave me a lot of new information about different teaching methodologies that I can use in my classroom. It provided me with clear information about ESA and many related lessons. It gave me h
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This lesson talks about lesson planning. It is often argued whether or not a teacher should plan his lessons before the class. some people argue that it's not good as it Creates a more fixed and teac
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This unit goes over the types of tests and the differences between them. Evaluation and testing are very important because it lets students and teachers know what areas they need to work on. Placemen
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The acquisition of all knowledge is founded upon two interconnected parties: teachers and students. Regardless of the subject matter, these two, basic functions always remain. As such, understanding t
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Throughout this unit I have reinforced my knowledge of parts of speech. Even though I had already known most of this by the time I started reading the course material, I still genuinely believe I was
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This unit mainly focuses on the form and usages of different tenses. I am able to learn how a certain tense is used in different sentence forms and patterns. With clear explanation provided, I am able
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this unit covers most of the common problems that teachers encounter in a classroom setting. The unit also looks at how to effectively engage in a new course, as well as how to deal with large classes
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Cape Vincent
Unit 14 discussed the proper use of course books vs created materials by the teacher. The choice of when and how much material to use from the course books is dependent on the many factors and there a
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This lesson is straightforward and not one I minded doing. The task was a bit heavy in the jargon used and it was not particularly useful in comparisons to the other units. In the future this could mo
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In this unit I was able to consolidate my knowledge and understanding in the different aspects of future tenses. I understand that it is one of the most confusing area in english grammar and have alwa
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I really appreciated the various desk layouts and motivations for choosing different layouts. They seemed logical and reasonable and I definitely see myself using such methods in the future. Also, I l
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This unit is all about the different exams that we can use to test the English proficiency of our students. It also explains when is the appropriate time for each exam. We can give progress exams peri
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A good teacher will always be patient and kind, and genuinely love to teach and interact with students every day! I think it is very important to get to know the students, and remember that their past
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The unit covered a lot of topics regarding teaching methodologies throughout the 20th century. These were broken down into their background, method of implementation and their positives and negatives.
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In this unit we go over how to avoid potential problems or difficult situations in the classroom. The importance of gaining rapport between teachers and students in the classroom is so huge as we want
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This unit covers the past verb tenses -past simple, past continuous, past perfect and past perfect continuous. Examples in consecutive order: I learned, I was learning, I had learned, and I had been
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The unit was about common problem situations in the classroom. It explained about the details and provided examples of activities for the first lesson. It then focused on the warmers with details and
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This unit explained how to structure a good lesson plan and the benefits that it may give to your current and future lessons. I have learned how to write my own lesson plan and how to integrate it wit
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I'm surprised by how much I have already learned in just one unit. My biggest take-away is the different roles a teacher plays, and how she has to be adaptable to every situation. While it's important
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This unit is theone of utmost importance since it really helped me understand why planning lessons is imperative, and how this process is better off organized. Notifying student of the fact that lesso
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unit 11 expresses the receptive skills.It includes reading and listening skills. Reading and listening will depend on their expertise in areas such as ; predictive skills,specific information scanning
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I refreshed my knowledge of using present tenses. But then again, the most challenging part is how to explain all these peculiarities to students and help them grow the feeling of language that they a
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This unit covered the various covered the quad-skills, receptive skills - reading and listening, lastly productive skills - speaking and writing. The skills all being equally important are essential f
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This unit was a little bit more vocabulary heavy than past units, but provided good insight into the various ways a teacher can go about structuring a lesson. I thought the Engage Study Activate was a
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unit 08 describes the Tenses of future. Seven most common tenses related to future are; The future simple, the future continuous, the future perfect, the future perfect continuous, be going+infinitive
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Unit 11. Teaching receptive skills. Unit 11 includes two receptive skills reading and listening. the unit talk about the different reasons we have for reading, listening and also outlines the differen
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I had never given much thought to how text books were chosen and which course materials are best, however I can most definitely see the advantage to using real life materials rather than an outdated t
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Unit 10 for me the teacher was more engaging and encouraging I lessen two than in lesson one, in lessen two there were clear instructions before every activity which was lacking in lessen one. For m
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Unit three discusses the many methodologies for learning English as a second language (L2). The unit discusses the virtues and drawbacks of each method. It is generally agreed that the best way of lea
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I have encountered many trouble with children when I was teaching back in Korea. Of course I was not aware of such methodologies and know hows to effectively solve those problems. This unit has someho
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This unit taught me the differences that each parts of speech have different functions and purpose. Being able to fully understand this part of the lesson is crucial because it is a fundamental part o
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The affirmative form of the past perfect is made up of the subject +had+the main verb in the past participle form.had is the past form of the verb have "being used as an auxiliary verb ,.The three mai
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The English language uses modals, phrasal verbs, and passive voice to express requests, describe our abilities, provide specific information about certain topics, and define our relationships with pe
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