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This lesson helped me realize how important is to supplement text books with teacher created materials. I am a teacher who swears by text books and always have used them to give my classes, still yet
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This unit turned out to be one of the most valuable ones in this course. It helped me understand which teacher aids I would be better off utilizing as well as elucidated on advantages and disadvantage
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This lesson has helped me learn more about what a good teacher is depending on the way the are involved with their students. The lessons gives a very detailed description of the roles of a teacher whi
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Unit eight explains the definitions and usages of the future tenses – future simple, future continuous, future perfect, future perfect continuous and going to. I learned simple ways to explain these
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In this unit, I learnt the speaking and writing productive skills. Though the writing skill is more difficult and slightly differ from the speaking skill, they both have equal level of importance and
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This unit gave a very concise description of the forms and usages of the past tenses. I appreciated how the present tenses and the past tenses were compared to show the patterns that are common to bot
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Unit 2 goes through the specifics related to the different parts of speech. It goes into detail about each of the parts of speech and breaks those down into more categories (i.e. countable, uncountabl
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This unit covered basic grammar, discussing the parts of speech including nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, prepositions, articles, conjunctions, and pronouns. While I already knew all of the grammar
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This unit is mainly about the role of teachers and learners. I have learnt that teachers can use different approaches to facilitate the learning of students during different activities and help studen
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This unit focused on past tenses of verbs. It reviewed the four forms: simple, perfect, continuous, and perfect continuous as similar to those introduced in the present tense unit. This unit also gave
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Fortunately, I was already relatively familiar with many of the parts of this unit. However, it was good to be able to have a review since there are many parts of speech that can have special cases. T
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This unit is a break from the use of theoretical materials to the use of real life English classroom. The unit highlights the differences between effective and ineffective teaching. Looking at the wea
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direct and indirect speech direct. speech is also known as coded speech it is saying exactly what the person had said direct. speech uses quotation marks indirect. speech the verb tenses do not change
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This unit taught me different strategies in effectively communicating with students, how to make them give their undivided attention to you. It is important that students always progress whether it's
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The video provided in this unit clearly demonstrate the role of the teacher and their influence on the learning environment. The two videos showed student at the same level of English comprehension an
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I have learnt about authentic material - such as news, magazines, TV shows, songs, movie, brouchers etc Created material such as crosswords, word search puzzle, gap fill activities, picture stories, r
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This unit covers the three main aspects of language teaching: learning vocabulary, grammatical structures, and language function. It is important that with each aspect, the student understands the mea
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Unit 5 covers the "logistics" of the classroom. The material encourages teachers to be thoughtful about how details of classroom management can supplement or counteract learning... For example, usin
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I think phrasal verbs are one of the hardest concepts for language learners. It is just difficult for them to get used to speaking with phrasal verbs because many times it could be also separatable. U
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In this unit, there are 2 videos, the videos are about a real lesson taken in the same classroom with the same students and the same teacher, however there are few differences in the videos. The lesso
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This unit provided very valuable insight into how different aspects of the language are supposed to be taught properly. Prior to studying this material, my understanding of how it is supposed to be do
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In this unit I watched the same lesson being taught twice, I can see the difference quite clearly. In the first lesson the teacher didn't give any Engage phase at the beginning, he just started the cl
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This unit discusses the advantages and disadvantages of using authentic materials vs created materials, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of using a coursebook. Authentical materials include
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The Grammar-translation is used when making use of direct comparison between the native language and target language. So, this methodology has a drawback like students will learn the form of language
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It was an interesting unit to learn much about the equipment and the teaching aids using those equipments. I also back in korea used a whiteboard all the time to teach my students the essential points
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I feel that I have learned a lot about how to introduce vocabulary in a lesson. It was interesting to learn about how to choose which vocabulary words to teach. While it makes sense to gear the conten
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Excellent unit that has helped me understand how to conjugate a verb in the different configurations of any verb in future tense. in my experience teaching, students of the English language continuous
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A good teacher is kind, patient, has a sound knowledge of their topic and is flexible in relation to the lesson tasks, the levels of his/her students, and the different roles a teacher is required to
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This lesson focused on managing classes and classroom culture. There are many types of students so there are many ways to teach and control the classroom. The teacher the manager of the classroom so i
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I hadn't thought about using forms of the present to discuss the future and have it be considered future tense and it does make sense that it is this way. I think the test works your understanding as
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I have come across to know the importance of lesson planning and not just planning itself but how organized i must be when im planning it. I must be descriptive, be in order and absolutely easy to be
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This unit talked about the different test which can be given to students for the understanding of their language level. Placement test are used to place student into a class which is suitable to th
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Unit three list different teaching methodologies in great details, highlighting the pros and cons of each. It maintains that there is no ‘one-size fits all’ methodology but states that wherever po
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Many teachers use books as a valuable tool to teach and instruct students. As stated in this unit, the utilization of a text book can in fact be useful. However, its over use can become a crutch to th
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Unit 6: Past Tenses follows a similar pattern that the present tenses do. The past simple used the verb plus the past tense -ed ending for regular verbs, but there are many irregulars that must be me
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I thought this was a great application of several of the units past - ESA and its stages and activities within each, ESA for vocabulary, ESA for structure, the nuances for why there is a preferable or
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This unit explains all about different ways we can leverage technology in the classroom. We learn how we can best use these forms of technology as well as a huge list of useful sites as extra material
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In this unit I learned about equipment and teaching aids to use during lessons. I learned about the pros and cons to using overhead projectors, DVDs, cassette tapes, video cameras, computers, CDs, res
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This will be a great reference as I imagine having many moments where I am not sure why I choose particular intonations or stress in my speech. I could tell students what simply sounds right, but unti
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When we are teaching a new language (be it vocabulary or grammar), we need to ensure that students are exposed to it, understand the meaning, understand how is it constructed and they are able to prac
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This section showed what the different techniques are for teaching a language to students. The ESA method was the method focused on the most in this unit. The teacher wants to start a lesson with e
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This unit focuses on the qualities, roles and responsibilities of good students and good teachers within the classroom. It also shows other factors that might affect the students' learning process inc
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Unit 20: Troubleshooting looked at common problem situations in the first lesson as a teacher, how to manage different levels and large classes, how to avoid the use of the native language in the clas
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There are four subcategories of present tense: simple, continuous, perfect, and perfect continuous. I found the "Typical Mistakes" sections interesting, as they help me identify mistakes and errors qu
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I appreciated this section because it gave me some helpful tools for teaching more systematically, for teaching in ways that really transform the level of fluency at which an English-language learner
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Unit 4, is mainly talking about the various ways we can apply present tense in our daily routine like in dialogue with friend and in the classroom. Like using it a a simple way being positively or neg
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The English language uses tenses to specify events and actions. Tenses are a stable of the language that allow the listener to obtain specifics about a certain situation. Therefore, learning tenses is
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Tenses can be confusing to many students who are learning english, therefore, it is very important for us, as teachers, to know our tenses well and to conduct classes in a way palatable for the studen
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In this unit, we learned about the past tense. We learned about the different types of past tenses, the affirmative, negative, and question forms of these tenses, the different uses of these tenses, t
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The combination of verbs and prepositions to form a single grammatical unit is rather unique to Germanic languages including English. Formed by a verb followed by one or more prepositions functioning
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