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I learned not to write in all caps on the board. I should note to myself to be as brief and concise as possible on the board. I hadn't considered the use of a video recorder to tape projects to play t
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from the above unit, i have learnt the differences between future perfect and future perfect continuous, before now i was only taught that any sentence that has will or shall before the verb is a futu
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This unit covers classroom management and its importance in the classroom. Classroom management covers nine main areas. These are: 1. Eye contacts, gesture and the voice. 2. Grouping students. 3. Clas
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This unit was very interesting and informative,the differents topics,for example the role of the teacher,it help me to extend my vision of how could be a good teacher,and also recognize my self in the
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In unit 7, the application of ESA methods to introduce new language is discussed. However, there is no certain rule to apply or follow, but on the discretion of the teacher depending on the class and
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A good teacher creates good students by creating a welcoming and open-minded environment. He or she sets the tone of the classroom and shows respect to the students. When giving lessons, teachers must
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Testing and assessment is an important tool in a teacher's belt. In order to identify the students' levels, correctly pitch lessons and material to the students, monitor their progress and prepare the
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Understanding conditionals - sentences using "if" or "when" as a condition that must be satisfied before the main clause can be realised - is incredibly difficult even if one has spoken and written En
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The videos in this unit show the differences between the way two lessons are presented with the same teacher and this highlights the errors and the way that attitude can have an extreme effect on stud
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Unit three gave a brief introduction to some of the most prominent teaching methodologies. ESA or the Engage, Study, and Activate methodology was explained in detail. Various games and tasks were disc
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Receptive skills are reading and listening. Speaking and writing are productive skills. A good lesson should incorporate all four of these skills if possible. There are different approaches to rece
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This unit was a great refresher on the past tense. I think that identifying the usages of each tense was beneficial for understanding how to teach them. Aside from reviewing material I was already com
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In this unit I learnt why do teachers evaluate students English, because I need to know the levels and progress of the students. And there are three ways to assess their language level: tutorial, eval
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This unit described what the qualities are of a good teacher, the different roles of a teacher, what makes a good learner, age differences of learners and the different levels of experience of the l
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This unit focuses on the two receptive skills - reading and listening. I learned the two types of reading/listening - for a purpose and for entertainment. I learned the five different ways we read, an
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this unit went over the methods of teaching. the unit went over the different ways of teaching a language and how you can teach them. I liked the examples the most. the games used for learning languag
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This unit goes into detail about grammar and the different parts of speech. There are many parts of speech that can get quite confusing for students and teachers alike. There are many rules that can c
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This unit has been particularly interesting because it deals with class management: the teacher's attitude towards the lesson and the students, how to deal with behaviour problems, different seating a
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It is important to keep in mind that every good teacher needs a visual aid in the classroom. Many times it is possible to use the whiteboard as a good place to visualize what you are trying to teach.
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This unit explains the best way to manage and organize your classroom and how different arrangements can be helpful for particular situations. This unit also explains the best way to handle discipline
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This unit was extremely interesting since the idea shared in it were obviously of paramount importance; their implementation is absolutely necessary for bolstering overall pronunciation level of a lea
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Big Flats
TEACHING RECEPTIVE SKILLS. Reading and listening - there are various reasons for reading and listening. these include: * to achieve a purpose. * for entertainment. * and a mix of both. There are a n
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An overview for this unit can be the following: the unit covers the class management issue, it started with showing the importance of eye contact, gestures, the voice and how to use them in different
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This unit covers various classroom scenarios that you may encounter in your teaching career. It looks at techniques and activities that can be used when teaching specific groups such as beginners, you
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Black Brook
Conditional verb tenses usually start with "if" (or when) and describe a variety of outcomes based on different given circumstances that follow the "if." Those given circumstances range in plausibilit
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In this lesson I reviewed the many forms of present tense. This lesson focused on the present simple, present continuous, present perfect, and present perfect continuous. Present tense takes many form
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This unit was about lesson planning. It covered some points about the function of a lesson plan, and then delineated important elements of a lesson plan such as the lesson's theme, the learner object
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Blooming Grove
In this unit we learn how to use and teach the different tenses involved in the future. There are seven tenses that we go over and gain teaching ideas and are able to understand the usages for these t
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This unit covers the present tense and it's different forms such as Present simple tense - Form ( Affirmative, negative and Question) , usage and activities we can do activate stage Present Continuou
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In this unit, I learnt the importance of the two receptive skills- reading and listening. Reading and listening are mainly done for the purpose of learning something new to achieve a certain goal, or
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This Unit went over many of the different learning techniques that have been used in the past, and showed how these methods were used to create the Engage, Study, and Activate method this TEFL course
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It is important to integrate both authentic and creative course materials in the classroom. I believe that following a course book without using other sources could sometimes result in minimal learnin
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This unit is about the practical skills which are speaking and writing. This just like the previous lesson had a handy example of a lesson which helped me further understand some of the concepts. Read
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Vocabulary, grammar, and language structure are three of the stables of language fluency. As such, being able to teach and expand on these concepts in a concise manner is crucial to all Language acqui
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Classroom management is indeed essential in creating an effective and conducive learning environment that assists students to grasp the language without the disturbances of other students who are not
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This unit cover parts of speech including, nouns, adjectives (comparative and superlative forms), articles, verbs(transitive and intransitive verbs), adverbs, gerunds, pronouns, prepositions and conju
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When I was learning ESL course, I was very confused with directed speech and reported speech. I still seldom confused with reported speech since my mother tongue does not have this kind of tense chang
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This unit is about teaching productive skills which are speaking and writing. Difference between accuracy and fluency. Accuracy is used in a study phase, whereas fluency is used in an activate phase.
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This unit explains how to deliver new vocabulary, grammar and other language concepts effectively in the classroom. The unit also provides examples of suitable activities for each lesson topic as well
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Lesson planning has its pros and cons. To much panning can cause lessons to become fixed and hinder the teacher from being flexible during a lesson. Lesson planning is necessary for teachers who are i
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This unit has made me read over and over again to try to understand every terminology and also try to understand the mouth diagram so that I undertand how sounds are made within the mouth. It has been
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This unit discusses how the type of students that a professor teaches vary in many ways in addition to having different motivations and uses for learning English. Students in a group setting may be at
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This unit overview the different techniques for teaching vocabulary, grammatical structure, and language functions. It teaches how to select vocabulary and different factors for how easily students wi
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This unit focuses on three different ways of evaluating students’ levels and progress as well as some common external exams that students might have for other purpose. Tutorials, Student evaluations
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This unit focuses on the past tenses. We have actually seen four types, past simple, past perfect, past conuous, and past perfect continues. We have also learned that the system and structure of the p
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It was great to create some awareness about the motivation levels and concerns when teaching beginners, individuals, young students and business learners. It is great to know that with beginners, one
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This unit explores one of the three main tenses - the present tense. It divides the present tense into four main categories (which also exist for the other two tenses - past and future.) These four te
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this unit was the last unit on grammar. It brought up modal verbs, relative clauses, and transitive phrasal verbs. For modal verbs, there was usage as well as patterns for students to follow when u
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Unit dealt with the qualities, roles and responsibilities of a teachers as well as students. In this unit we given concrete definitions of who a great teacher as a who a good student should be.For exa
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Through unit nine, I learned the importance of creating a simple and clear lesson plan; a flexible guide filled with a range of activities that fit the crucial building blocks of class structure - ENG
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