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In this unit so far, I have learn that being a good teacher you need to provide a good learning environment for you and your students especially when it comes of class management. You need provide you
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unit 09 expresses about the planning of lessons. Writing of lesson plans has a number of important functions such as an aid to planing, a working document,a record. A lesson plan should be simple ,sho
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How To Choose a Coursebook and Other Classroom Materials, how to you find the right coursebooks and supplementary materials for your course. Course books continue to play a significant role in EFL tea
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I found this section very informative. Learning about the varying forms of teaching used over the years, and their origins along with their pros and cons. When studying the different ideas for Engag
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Future Continuous was the most meaningful lesson for me because I did not know the usage of asking polite enquires referring to other people's plans. When we use future continuous with 'will', such as
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This unit has helped me think about how I interact with my students each day and how I might improve some of those interactions. For the most part, what I do seems to be consistent with what this uni
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Unit 1 taught me about the roles of teachers and learners. It addressed the various roles that teachers play throughout lessons; these different roles are important at different times and it is impera
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While it is important to have study goals it is equally as important to start lessons in a way that grabs the interest of students. The engage stage of a class is probably the most important. if you c
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This unit goes over the importance of planning lessons and the different ways to create one. I have learned that it is important for lesson plans to be simple and flexible. I have also learned the dif
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Crown Point
In this unit we look into how to best teach productive skills. These skills are for communication in speaking and writing. We learn when activities are controlled by the teacher and when the students
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Unit 9 is trying to elighten me about lesson plan to make my classroom by using present prefect tense and vocabularies effectivly in the classroom. And this can help me to prepare ahead of time to cre
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I have learnt that course books are a controversial subject for many teachers around the world. Many teachers depend on them, while many other teachers loathe them. Almost every course book has its fa
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This unit was very informative for the future tenses. I found it beneficial for learning how to identify each tense. I was already comfortable with the future simple, continuous, perfect, and perfect
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This unit was about classroom mechanics. It covered topics such as seating arrangements, classroom rapport, methods for writing on boards to minimize the time spent with the teachers back to the stud
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This unit focused on planning lessons for teaching vocabulary, grammar (language structures), and language functions. It provided suggestions of how to choose which to teach as well as techniques for
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In this unit, i have learnt the seven different categories of future tenses. They are; the future simple- which are used to state future facts, certainties, promises and predictions, the future contin
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In unit fifteen, I learned about Tests and Evaluating students. I learned about the three major ways to assess a student's language levels (tutorials, evaluations done by the students, and tests.) I
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Unit 16: conditionals and reported speech. This unit covers conditionals and reported speech. Both language points can cause difficulty for English language learners and teachers. The unit outlines th
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This unit covered the different parts of grammatical speech needed to formulate sentences. Each word or phrase is given specific meaning which can alter a sentence if structured differently. As for le
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In this unit I learnt about coursebooks and lesson materials. Lesson materials can be divided into 2 groups?authentic materials and created materials. And the other thing I learnt was course book. I k
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De Kalb
In this unit we learn about the different past tenses. We learn about the past simple, past continuous, past perfect, and the past perfect continuous. In this chapter we learn the usages for each tens
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De Peyster
Unit 20 discussed the most common problem situations that teachers encountered in the classroom and provided ideas on how to deal with these situations. The common problem situations include handling
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Parts of speech was an interesting but challenging part. I learned things that I didn't even learn in university English class. I learned that there are actual things in the speech that I used but did
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In this unit, I have learned about the different parts of speech that one can find in a sentence.Firstly there is the noun; a word that names a person, state or thing. There are five main types of nou
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Even though I might assume my knowledge of conditional sentences as well as the difference between reported and direct kinds of speech was sufficient at the time of me starting this unit, I have still
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Every skilled teacher has a list of resources that he or she uses to enhance their students learning. This unit covered may of those resources while also placing an emphasis on their advantages and di
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I'm starting to get a clearer picture now of which activities are appropriate for each stage. I can see that the teacher needs to be well prepared at all times and needs to be able to modify activitie
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In this Unit, we learned about lesson planning. We learned about why it's important, what elements should be incorporated into a lesson plan, how we should monitor our lessons to promote improvement,
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I've spent my entire life thinking there are but three tenses: past, present and future. I have learned to use these almost instinctively through years of speaking, writing and listening to native spe
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I feel that I have probably used multiple methodologies that are listed in this lesson - Grammar - translation, audio - lingualism, presentation, practice, and production, and others. Some of them th
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In this unit, I have learnt the different teaching equipment used in making lessons more interesting, effective and less dependent on textbooks. Examples of these teaching equipment are; interactive w
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I have learnt that most of our fluency, our ability to use a language, comes from what we read and hear. Reading and listening have the power to improve vocabulary, grammar, reading comprehension (und
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Within this unit we look at the variety of materials that teachers can use to help their students’ progress in the classroom. It covers the differences between authentic and created materials and ho
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The role of the teacher has historically been authoritative and dominating. The are the holder of knowledge and therefore, become a person of dominance over their students. Although this continues to
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Teaching children perhaps fair to say that it is the one of the most rewarding of all students classes to teach. Children possess an innate curiosity, which is in itself a motivating factor. There are
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Conditional tenses express hypothetical situations or predictions with an intended action. Reported sentences also serve to reiterate direct speech in a third-person report. Both of these modes of spe
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Again, it's something about ESA. Engage, Study and Activate. We were taught "Straight Arrow" ESA lesson, "Boomerang"ESA lesson and "Patchwork" ESA lesson. These three are a little bit different but th
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Watching these videos has given me a better understanding of how ESA is used in the classroom and how the engage phase can either be effective or not. The teachers attitude is of the teacher will have
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In unit 18, I learned about more complex aspects of English grammar structure. First I learned about Modal Auxiliary Verbs ( the basic rules of words such as can, could and shall,) and what different
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Parts of speech were more difficult than I thought they would be. It's the kind of thing that I know how to use but I don't consciously think about it. Therefore remembering some of the names and desc
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In this unit, I think the Phrasal Verbs are confusing. There are three basic types of phrasal verbs. Type 1, intransitive. Intransitive phrasal verbs cannot be followed by a direct object. Type 2, Tra
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In this unit I watched two videos showing an unsuccessful and a successful lesson on the same topic. I really enjoyed this unit, as I found the first video (the unsuccessful lesson) very eye-opening a
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East Bloomfield
Lesson planning can provide much-needed structure for new teachers, but once the flow of class and the students' needs are addressed, the teacher may air toward an approach that involves jotting down
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East Fishkill
In this unit i've learnt that conditionals contain a condition that has to be met or had to have been met. there are 5 types of conditionals. Zero conditional refers to actions or facts that are irref
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East Greenbush
In this unit we studied the difference in types of classes the teacher can conduct and how each can present its different challenges whether to place students in small group teaching or to teach them
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East Hampton
In this unit, beginners are split into 5 different categories. Absolute beginners which as per it's title means beginners who have had zero or next to no contact with the English language. False begi
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East Otto
The past tense in English has four main forms: the past simple (I went), the past continuous (I was going), past perfect (I had gone), and past perfect continuous (I had been going); all of which have
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East Rochester
I think Unit 1 is good starting course to introduce the potential teacher candidate to the overall course goals and format, and recommended readings to improve skills. I think I have learned a great d
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Unit 1, teachers and learners reviews the many roles a teacher has as well as the types of students they may interact with. I learned that the teacher must maintain a balance of several roles as to no
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After studying this unit I have learned that teaching consists of various methodologies and techniques. Depending on the age group, level of language development and goal of the lesson, the teacher wi
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