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unit 18 expresses the modals, phrasal verbs and passive voice.Model auxiliary verbs can be used to express obligations, possibility, permission, ability, advice. Examples for model auxiliary verbs are
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One of the most difficult units,but also one of my favorites,modals,phrasal verbs and passive voice are really complicated for teachers and students,i've learned a lot in each case,but i'll have to co
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Class management is very important for a teacher. Not only a teacher should has the professional knowledge to teach, but also a he/she has the ability to manage the whole class. What impressed me most
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This unit was about teaching different kinds of groups such as young students, individuals, and business students. There are different techniques in teaching each kind of groups, and techniques for on
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Unit 16 expresses the conditionals and reported speech. There are two main clauses in conditional sentences ; If clause and Main clause. Zero conditionals are used to express general truth, Scientifi
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Throughout the unit I have learnt the traits that characterize a good teacher and a good learner. A lot of information was studied on which roles a teacher is expected to take on in class. Which role
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Unit 18 is talking about modals, phrasal verb and passive voice. This content is looking on the close importance if using morals in communicating in English language. And also covering the phrasal ver
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In this unit, I have learnt the importance of planning a lesson. Although some school of though argued that for the sake of flexibility a lesson should not be planned, but for its function of being an
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I learned how ESA structure is very important depending on what the goals are in the lessons. There are many ways to teach new vocabulary which the material contained in this unit explains thoroughly
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Understanding grammar and sentence structure is an incredibly important element of mastering the English language. Native English speakers often instinctively know the ins and outs of grammar without
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Again this unit is difficult for me. I will be reviewing it again in a few days. Many of these tenses should only be taught to advanced students. Most students can get by without knowing all the futur
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In this unit talks about teacher and learner and what makes a good teacher and learner. For teacher part mentions about teacher in many roles during teaching and how to mange the role for su
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This unit reviewed the parts of speech in English. It covered nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, conjunctions, prepositions, participles, and gerunds. I never realized how important it was to unders
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This section taught and reinforced simple, continuous, perfect, and perfect continuous forms involving past tense. Having a list of common mistakes for each form is useful. Although an English speaker
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Unit 5: Managing Classes provided many useful tips of how to organize and successful lead a classroom. A good teacher will provide appropriate and varied eye contact, gestures, and use of students na
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I have learned how to conjugate the verbs in different times using the proper way and proper tenses. For students of the English language it can be confusing to make sentences using the right tense si
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This unit tells us how to use past tense in different forms such as Past Simple : Form ( Affirmative, negative , and Question) use of did and did not , its usage and activate stage activities Past Con
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This was another unit that made me really have to work for the knowledge I had buried somewhere, in the back of my head. Wow, so many rules in the English language and so many ways to teach them to ot
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this unit was about the past tense. the hardest part was trying to link the usage to each tense, this made it hard to be able to come up with a way to help remember what each one is. This unit was the
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In unit three, Pronunciation and Phonology were discussed. Intonation, stress, the phonemic alphabet, phonemic symbols, articulation, teaching technique for the pronunciation of individual sounds and
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This unit offered important details of sentence structure. It is important to understand what makes up a sentence. In this unit, the different parts of speech were touched on. I felt that I was able t
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In this unit, I learned about the different types of equipment and teaching aids in the classroom. There are many equipment such as the smart board, video tape, visual aids, Overhead Projector, etc. t
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This unit was very informative on teaching methods. It discussed the importance of TTT and STT and ways to establish a proper amount of time for each. It also went over the importance of seating arran
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The three ways to evaluate levels of language as well as progress during lessons is through tutorials, evaluation done by students themselves and tests. I do believe that a diagnostic and placement te
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Aside from being able to just teach the students, equipment and teaching aids are also a big help for teachers as these mostly increases the willingness and interest of students to learn. Technology i
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In this unit talks about part of speech like: noun, verb, adjective, preposition, conjunction, adverb, pronoun, and article. It mentions about meaning, type, and part of the speech function in
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This unit helps teachers understand the past tense which is a grammatical tense whose principal function is to place an action or situation in the past. The teachers can easily help students to be abl
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Unit 17: Equipment and teaching aids presented useful equipment and aids to have in the classroom to facilitate learning. They include a board, interactive white board, overhead projector, visual aid
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I've learned about conjunctions and transitive verbs, it is true that i couldn't find the difference between transitive and intransitive verbs at the beginning of this unit but now that i read more an
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When I used to teach back in Korea, most english academies had 3 tests within the curriculum and they were placement test, short quizzes and a progress test at the end of the month. This unit has taug
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Unit 16 delves into conditional - explaining the formula for each conditional while providing examples of when and how they are used in general conversations e.g. we use the second conditional when ta
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We have access to countless online and ICT resources in the internet age so there is no reason not to use them when teaching English. Obviously not all resources will be appropriate for all classes or
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This unit covers various classroom scenarios that one may encounter in his or her teaching career. It also takes a deeper insight into techniques and activities that one can use when teaching specific
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This unit taught me how important tenses are when we speak and write in English. We use tenses everyday in our lives and it plays a big role in communicating in the language. This unit expanded my kno
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One thing I found interesting was the past perfect continuous. The past prefect continuous is used to talk about longer actions or situations in the past that had been going on continuously up to the
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Au Sable
I think Unit 5 provided really great insights and recommendations as to the overall classroom management in terms what the teacher should do (how and when to make eye contact, use gesture, to change v
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A good teacher can motivate his/her students and help them to learn English faster and with more proficiency. I believe that motivation is the key to language learning. I was very motivated to learn S
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A good introduction unit on general teacher-learner roles and interaction. Some lovely facts on teaching, dos and don'ts that one can remember for practical use in the classroom. The teacher roles and
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This unit introduces the structure of the tense system,the usage of the present tense and ideas on activities for classroom practice. The unit elaborates the four present tenses which include the pres
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It is great to know strategies for getting reluctant students to engage and participate with pair work and role-play. The difficulty with listening texts section didn't seem very clear or offer many s
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In this unit I have learnt ways to assess level of language by tutorials , evaluation by students, and tests. Different kinds of tests can be taken to check the level such as Placement test - to plac
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In this interesting unit, I learnt pronunciations and phonology. Phonology is the study of the science, analysis and classification of sound. Here, i learnt the different uses and techniques in teachi
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In this unit I learned about the different types of teachers and students. Furthermore, I learned about the different teaching methods. I liked learning the different skill levels that there are when
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This unit has shown me just how complicated the English language can be and how many different rules apply. Present tenses can be confusing, especially for people with little knowledge of English. Thi
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In this unit i learnt more about managing classes. I mostly worked in a "classic model" schools where there are strict rules of managing teacher's work and i'm very interested in practicing more moder
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This unit has once again filled up my lack of knowledge on certain grammar, such as the phrasal verbs. I totally agree grammar needs at least 4days of constant studying in order to cover up most of it
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This unit began discussing classroom management. There are both cultural and practical implications to classroom management such as age, nationality, space, the intent of certain parts of a lesson, et
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This unit goes through the importance of receptive and productive skills and their differences. There are four basic skills in language - reading, listening, speaking and writing. I have learned that
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Unit four of the offers the definition, usage and examples of the basic English grammar tenses e.g. present simple, present continuous, present perfect and present perfect continuous. It gives concis
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Students respond to the energy and attitude the teacher brings into the room. If the instructor is impatient or annoyed these feelings will transfer over to the students. In the first lesson the teach
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