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Strong City
That lesson was actually really fun! Sadly, while I can read a dictionary just fine, the questions at the end were almost like riddles. I don´t think a beginner class could necessarily work with som
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This course is very important. It helps teachers keep track of students during the course of the year, and helps to identify students who are struggling to catch up or receive extra tutoring. This sim
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This unit covered methods and approaches to using course books and materials. There are two types materials, authentic or created. Authentic materials are anything that a native speaker comes into con
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Sun City
This unit examined the teaching of special groups. This included beginners in the English language, individual lessons with a student, young learners and Business English learners. The various rewards
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In this unit we talked on teaching new language.We looked at how to deliver a new vocabulary, grammar and other language concepts effectively in the classroom. This unit also helps us to build an effe
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Sylvan Grove
The basic skills of all languages are so called receptive skills - which means reading and listening, and productive skills - speaking and writing. Problems in reading and listening are mainly connect
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Unit #17 served as an overview of different classroom equipment and teaching aids. It covered a variety of tools, from dictionaries, resource books, and whiteboards, to tape recorders, cds, and overhe
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There are different types of teaching styles and implements. Based on student personality and "teachability" with particular systems, students can be introduced to different structural teaching method
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Unit 6 Past Tenses was simple and clear with enough basic information about the structure of each tense and the proper usage in a daily conversation. In past tenses there are REGULAR verbs and IRREGUL
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I did not know that there was such a wide variety of recognised external examinations for English before doing this unit. It does, however, make sense because you need different tests for different ar
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I really liked this unit because it provided very detailed and helpful methods to employ when teaching English to various groups. One the main takeaway lesson was to make sure you never the native lan
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Unit is quite interesting. It somehow for the first time, rounded up everything which has been shown from the start and allowed me a cleared picture into how a lesson should be carried out. Starting f
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I honestly felt I had a grasp on lesson planning. I have learned a similar, but different, technique of lesson planning previously. I have re-read the module multiple times and I still believe the q
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I learned that there are a lot of resources available to teachers for classroom use. To name a few: white boards, overhead projectors, videos and DVDs, visuals aids and computers. Hopefully I woul
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I learned that speaking and writing are also important like reading and listening. Speaking can give student confidence to share or talk about his/her ideas in class as well as in writing student can
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This unit focused on issues that may arise in the classroom. It focused on the first lesson, different group levels, large classes, reluctant students, use of native languages, as well as a few others
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In this lesson, I learned about modals, phrasal verbs, and passive voice. Modal auxiliary verbs can be used to express differing degrees of formality. The passive voice is mostly used when the speaker
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This module was thorough and conveyed ideas well. It was very good at demonstrating how it is extremely similar to the present tense and the similarities between them. As I had mentioned in another
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Unit 19 reflected on teaching different types of classes. Among these are teaching beginners, individual students, which is, one-on-one lessons, teaching children and teaching business people for a sp
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Course books and materials are essential part of planning any teaching program. It needs suitable designs and skill that enables teaching and learning become interesting. Although it limited to specif
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In this unit we noticed that an important but often overlooked subject of pronunciation.It also looks at different ways of pronunciation and which syllable has the stress.This unit looks at intonation
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The unit was very interesting. Contains many things about teaching methodology to learning process and many more about teaching language. ESA engage study and activate process is very interesting and
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This two main aspects covered in this unit represent advanced structures of the English language, therefore it should be taught to r intermediate students, with prior evaluation of their current skill
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In this lesson, I learned about the pros and cons of coursebooks and how to choose a good coursebook. Some important things to keep in mind when choosing a coursebook is how practical it will be for t
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The classroom management sometimes can be my biggest problem that i can't solve a problem which i have in my class. in this lesson i learnt some techniques and methods of the classroom management. it
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Valley Center
At this chapter I have had the chance of learning more about all the correct way of using different modal auxiliary verbs and in what situation it fits better. Also learned how to use the active/passi
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Valley Falls
There will always be problems in the classroom. Such as students who learn at different paces leaving the teacher to juggle between going too fast and leaving the slow behind or going too slow and let
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The main thing with a first lesson is to establish a rapport between you and the students as well as the students themselves. Always start a lesson with a warmer to get students attention and mind flo
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This was such different unit as it has only few pages of theoric information. It happened because it was mostly based on the two video classes presented. The first one showed what we, as teachers shou
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This unit focused on the productive skills (speaking and writing). It talked about the difficulties students have especially in spelling and discussed why speakjng and writing are both integral to flu
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In this unit I learned the importance of using classroom materials properly. I know now that there is a place for authentic materials, and a place for created materials, and neither should be over use
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This unit went over the physical materials a teacher can use. The first type of material discussed was created material, wherein the teacher uses his or her creativity to provide original or adapted l
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the unit name teaching receptive skills was all about two receptive skills i.e. reading and listening. first of all few purposes were given that why people read or listen they include listening for so
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In this unit on lesson planning I have learnt that all teachers will structure and plan their classes differently due to multiple factors, such as years of experience, knowledge of the content and typ
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This unit explains conditionals and reported speech. Conditionals contain “if” or “when” and can refer to the past, present or future. If this happens, then that happens; It is a condition an
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Unit 19 focuses on teaching speacial groups. The groups are categorized into beginners, individuals, children,business english and monolingual/multilingual classes. It goes into details on teaching ti
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I did not know that materials could be grouped into authentic materials and created materials. Authentic materials are basically any real form of the language, including menus, songs, poems, brochures
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This unit addressed the various means of assessing the language skills of the learners. While tutorials and learner self-assessment are considered valuable their suitability and efficacy are considere
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This chapter felt like stepping into a doctor's office with a speech-impediment child. Many technical terms made it difficult to grasp the real meaning of what is essential for teaching. So much empha
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This unit covered a variety of different teaching methods and techniques used in the classroom to provide a more interesting and productive lessons to students. In addition, ways of correcting student
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Unit 17 has detailed the equipment that is often found in an ESL/EFL classroom, along with some of the advantages and disadvantages of using the various pieces. The resources available are quite varie
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Unit 16 again deals with grammar, namely, conditionals and reported speech. Conditionals are sentences that refer to past, present and future possibilities, and contain ‘if’ or ‘when’. They ha
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To maintain a good learning environment you need to have a good class management system. Disciplining and good code of conduct in a school maintains the orderliness. I have learnt from form this unit
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The final unit of the course has described some of the common problems language teachers often encounter in their working life. Strategies for dealing with these problems were detailed, along with use
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This unit was about the Receptive Skills we use while teaching and learning a language i.e. reading and listening. There are many different goals to keep in mind while approaching either way of receiv
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For me the most appealing part is intonation. I have seen many times how students cannot produce de intonation properly and how difficult they find to do it. Intonation change drastically from one lan
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Conditionals, sentences containing 'if,' are used for many different reasons. We can organize these reasons by the five main conditionals: zero: used for actions and facts that are irrefutable, first:
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Unit twenty 'Troubleshooting', is a very informative unit that describes what its like and what to do in first time lessons. Given this it gives you a large variety of information which includes class
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West Mineral
This unit goes over all four of the present tenses in the English language. It goes over form, usages, common student mistakes, and example Activate Stage activities. It was a good reminder of how the
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In this unit we look at teaching receptive skills which are reading and listening and productive skills which are speaking and writing.It is important to examine these skills and see how it covers var
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