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In this unit i learned about the different teaching aids a teacher can use in his or her classroom. I personally always prefer the whiteboard because i feel that there is more freedom and its easier a
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Garden City
This unit informs us of the four basic skills in language; reading, writing, listening and speaking before going into further depth about the two receptive skills among these. The unit teaches the dif
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Garden Plain
Mastering grammar, havein a good knowledge of vocabulary, the ability to read and write well are, of course, essential things in learning a foreign language. However, being able to pronounce the words
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This unit covered the uses of pre-designed work books to use with students as well as the various times of materials that can be used and the pros and cons of using work books and authentic materials
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In this I found that pronunciation can also be hard for an English speaker, also in this unit I found that phonology can be hard at first but over coming these areas will be a breeze next. Also in thi
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Using textbooks is expected and comforting for students and provide tried and tested methods, and a set syllabus as well. They also provide different skills and build upon past skills. But they doesn'
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Communication is extremely complicated especially in a country where English is learned as a foreign language.Of all the four, Spoken English seems to be the most important based on the goal of commun
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I never thought about the different parts of present tense. In school here we really are just like present, past, and future. We go into more detail about past and future tense but not really present.
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The unit tells us about books and materials that can be used during a class. First of all, there are two types of materials: authentic and created. In fact both of these types have their advantages an
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While I have never conducted a formal test in my limited experience I feel it is a good idea if you have students for an extended period of time. This is of course not to necesarrily give them a grad
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Geuda Springs
This unit went over five types of classes - beginners, young learners, business, multilingual, and monolingual. It especially focused on the business language learner and gave an overview on how to ha
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I now have a much deeper understanding of the active and passive voice, modal auxiliary verbs and their usages, and phrasal verbs, as well as many ideas on how to teach them. After watching the video,
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In this uint I have learnt that there are two different types of classes when teaching EFL, 'new group' and 'existing group'. I have also learnt that the relationship between the teacher and students
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This section seems a little silly but also is very important. It seems silly because a lot of the points that are made are no-brainers but at the same time if it hadn't been explicitly stated I wouldn
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Glen Elder
This section provides an overview on the form, usage and possible teaching methods for different Future tenses. The use of present tenses to state future actions are also used. It will be interesting
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Unit 19 Teaching special groups covers all the different types of student a teacher might have. Absolute Begginers False begginers Adult begginers Young begginers Begginers without Roman alphabet Ea
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The unit was about conditional and reported speech which is also called indirect speech. Conditional sentences are if or when sentences with four different conditions depending upon the time and form
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Unit 13 broke up English grammar into formulae and general rules by laying down rules and giving general guidelines. The unit further started off with the description of intonation and the different p
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Wow, this direct and reported speech segment was rather difficult! I had to read it over a few times to make sense of it myself. I feel as though this may be a topic for a more advanced group, or at
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Unit 17 teaching equipment and teaching aids is a very important topic. I guess with time and practice the teacher understands better what works with which group and what doesn`t. school budget is a b
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Gove City
This unit gives an overview of the different types of tests that a teacher will need to supply their classes as well as external exams that students may study for. It gives a useful example of a place
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A clear understanding of grammar, and its uses, provide a happier, more confident environment for the student. Understanding the important modal verbs, and their different usages allow clear explanati
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Grandview Plaza
This unit spoke about all the tools the EFL teachers can handle to use during the lessons. It gave details of how, when and why use them to improve students motivation, attention and achievement. It a
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Great Bend
This unit highlights conditionals and reported speech. I learned that there are five main types of conditionals. The zero conditional refers to facts that are definitively true. The first conditional
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This unit was about Productive Skills i.e. speaking and writing. This is in my opinion an area teachers should focus on because it is about more than just a students understanding of the language, it
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This chapter introduces the complex nature of English verb tenses. There is some initial discussion about how many verb tenses exist. This course teaches that there are three different tenses/times; p
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in this unit, I've learnt about the teaching productive skills (speaking and writing), and the purpose of productive skills is the ability to communicate in an effective way by introducing the proper
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In this unit we looked at equipments and teaching aids we're a wide variety of ways teachers can handle situations in the classroom giving the fact that we deal with different people that is young lea
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This unit has focused on the importance of lesson planning. A written lesson plan is a particularly important tool for the inexperienced teacher. The plan will give the objectives of the class, the ma
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Unit 16 was about the 5 different conditionals and how to make a reported speech. When using conditionals we have to be careful and use them correctly depending on what we want to say, so it is import
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This unit explains the four different forms of the present tense and all of these have a positive, negative and question form. Present simple is the tense we use to express things in general. With it
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This unit teaches about problems teachers face with different groups of students. I have learned the strategies used when faced with a particular group of students. For example, teaching first lessons
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Phonology is a topic that can be overlooked, even by native English speakers. Through this unit, I've learned about the stress and intonation of individual words and full sentences respectively. For i
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"Mixed conditional" usually refers to a mixture of the second and third conditionals (the counterfactual patterns). Here either the condition or the consequence, but not both, has a past time referenc
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The unit was about Pronunciation and Phonology. Much of the context that I read in this unit was new to me because, even though I always used it, I never put much thought into it This, however, cre
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Evaluation of students is an important issue that should be given attention.This is to give students the chance to know what they have learned. A good evaluation could aid in the improvement of classr
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Unit 14 has outlined some of the major advantages and disadvantages of using authentic and created materials in the classroom. Authentic materials provide students with a wide range of topics that can
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I learnt what is associated and NOT associated with the modal verb "May" and "Might." Examples of these two modal verbs were used in the lesson. I learnt that the modal verb "Must" is an expression of
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This unit spoke about all kinds of tests that either teacher or schools apply for placing a student in the correct level, check the progress they have reached,what they remember from what they have le
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I found this unit quite stimulating. It makes me think of lot of options of students I could have in the future. I would say that children must be the most difficult ones, since there are many factors
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This unit involved the consideration of various groups of students in the English Language classroom. The first group addressed is beginners which I originally thought was one group, but may be divide
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This unit provided me with the criteria that should be considered when choosing vocabulary to teach to our students. In addition to this, grammatical structures and how they relate to the student and
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Unit 17 looks at serveral different resources and teaching aids a teacher can use to produce more effective and interesting lesson. It reviews different materials and techniques that are avialable in
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Pronunciation is one of the most important things that students have to master in order to communicate appropriately and fluently. According to Fangzhi (1998:39), that it is important to pay attention
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In this unit, i learned about the importance of course books. Sometimes they can be a lot of help, for example, if you take a more creative teaching approach with creative materials such as worksheets
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This unit helped me understand how to improve the accuracy of students pronounciation and spelling in the classroom. The unit gave examples of a typical speaking lesson and writing activity lesson whi
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This unit introduces common problem situations that can arise and proposes different solutions to cope with these cases. It is emphasized that the first lesson should aim to build a rapport between th
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Unit 7 is a very practical lesson for the teacher. The unit covers material on teaching new vocabulary, grammar structures, and language functions. Each section provides useful information on the st
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Learning a foreign language is becoming more and more popular around the world for good reason.English is a star in the world of languages. That raises the question of whether learning a language oth
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This last review on grammar has a great deal of importance since it deals with some problematic topics to teach, such as passive voice and phrasal verbs. In my own experience as an EFL learner, I foun
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