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A lesson plan is important in that, it keeps the teacher focused but inorder for it to be successful or effective, the teacher shouldn't be too rigid and clunk to it such that, he or she ignores the n
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I learned that evaluating students is a good way to determine if the students are making progress from the lessons taught. Tests such as progress tests can be given on periodic bases. The tests make
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In this unit I learned about classroom management. I learned the techniques a teacher can utilize to facilitate learning and establish rapport. A teacher should always be calm, clear, and prepared. Al
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Unit #15 discussed various kinds of ESL tests and evaluations. It described the purpose of evaluations, the various kinds of evaluations and tests which can be administered, and the different external
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the unit was about coursebooks and materials, very brief and to the point. different types of materials i.e. authentic and created were discussed along with sample and examples that a teacher could us
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Watching these two videos was very helpful as you can clearly see the structure of the lesson, the principles the teacher uses for better interaction with students and their better understanding of th
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In this unit the four past tenses (simple, continuous, perfect and perfect continuous)were introduced. Their structures, usages in the language and some of the typical problems encountered by students
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Neosho Falls
This unit studies a wide variety of ways a teacher can use to teach in a classroom that is using a DVD,a cassette player or video lessons etc. We equally looked at the materials and technologies that
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Neosho Rapids
In this unit, I've learnt different teaching methodologies that have been used before. Adopting and using such techniques must always be influenced by the personality of the teacher, the culture of th
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Ness City
This unit outlines the structures and usages of conditionals as well as looking at direct and reported speech. It covered the five conditionals and provided me with some good teaching ideas that i can
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In this unit I learned different kinds of English tests and their characteristics. From my point of view, it is very important to assess our language skills continuously. However, these tests have dif
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New Albany
i learnt some criterias that how should i select words to teach effectivly.i will consider of these vocabulary items that ss need to know like meaning, using, spelling, pronunciation ,word grammar. i
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New Cambria
This unit taught me about modals, phrasal verbs and the passive and active voice. I learned about some of the auxiliary verbs, there uses and how they're laid out in the present, future, and past cont
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New Strawn
This unit was trickier than I thought it would be. I never thought about reported speech as being a topic to teach ESL students but now I understand why it is necessary. I am still a tad confused abou
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This unit explored conditionals and reported speech. Before completing this unit, I did not know that conditionals may be categorised into 5 types: zero conditional, first conditional, second conditio
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This unit focuses on classroom management. In order to effectively relay the lessons that we must teach, the classroom must be running smoothly so that all the students hear and understand the inform
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This unit is a collection of some of the grammar points in English, these are auxiliary verbs, passive vs. active voice, relative clauses and phrasal verbs. As the previous units, it gives a clear def
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After completing units 11 and 12, I have a much deeper understanding of the differences in receptive and productive skills, as well as how they should be taught, what common problems may arise (such a
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North Newton
This unit is another important and interesting area. But pronunciation and phonology is highly challenging because of so much context therein. Phonetic script is quite interesting but a little bit dif
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In this unit we went over what is a good learner and teacher. Good teachers care about their students learning not just their teaching. Good learners will be willing to try and ask questions when unsu
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This unit is about the problems a teacher can face when teaching, I work with toddlers but I like the fact that when teaching adults I'll be able to mess around and plan games for them. I think what s
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Unit fifteen ' Evaluation and Testing', gives the reader information about the different tests that are available to the students. In addition to this it also describes the reasoning on why teachers n
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Oak Hill
This unit outlined the different kinds of groups a teacher may work with and the best ways to approach teaching them. The first kind of group are the beginners, and there are five different categories
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This is a useful Unit because it presents many scenarios where teaching can get complicated. It carefully describes helpful information about the different problems a teacher may encounter in the clas
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Unit 19 teaching special groups was very. Alot of teachers will teach variety of class starting from teaching English to preschools student classes as well as elementary student classes and in the la
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The use of evaluation and testing is very important, it allows the teacher to place students in the correct classes (beginner-advanced), it allows them to follow growth during the classes and helps to
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Course book plays a significant use in ESL/ EFL teaching and learning.The provided materials are useful to teachers and students.However,the provided information may deskill teachers and make students
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This unit categorize different groups that a teacher may come across. There are different types of beginners this include; the absolute beginner, the false beginner, the adult beginner, the young begi
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The content of this unit is the productive skills - such as speaking and writing. I have learnt that both of the skills are equally important and non of them can be neglected. I discovered different s
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This section helps a individual understand the different teaching components and understand the efficient use of these. The pros and cons are helpful in putting together a strategy or session for the
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This unit covered the most common problem situations that a teacher may find especially inexperienced teachers. For example what should the teacher do in the first lesson, that is establish rapport am
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This chapter deals with one of the areas that is often the most overlooked part when teaching English, pronunciation. This chapter explains that teachers are often not trained or do not have the prop
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From this unit, I have known clearly about the modal verbs and the difference between them and how does it differ although it uses for polite request. Moreover, I got a lot of knowledge about the usag
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As a good teacher it is important to balance the different teaching roles to create a dynamic, motivating educational environment. For example, group activities require more management and organizatio
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In this unit we learned about the zero, first, second, third and mixed conditional. It also covered he verb tenses and reported speech, pronouns and time expressions. It gave some potential student m
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Osage City
Evaluation and test are critical in multiple ways. At the beginning of a course, it diagnose the level of the students, therefore gives direction for the future classes. During the course, regular tes
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In my opinion, course books are a very valuable tool since they provide structure and direction to a teacher's class. Nevertheless, I agree with the author's reflection as I also consider that only wo
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This section really made me think about my previous language learning classes and how the teachers went about it. I am personally familiar with the benefits of the ESA method. After this unit I am int
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This unit covered how to teach phonology and pronunciation. I learned about intonations and their varying applications. For instance a fall/rise intonation is usually utilized when the speaker is seek
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In this unit we learnt about how to use a course book properly, it is very interesting to me, because it reflects some problems I face in my hands-on teaching experience. I found out that students are
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This unit provides a concise overview of the parts of speech. These are really the building blocks of a sentence. These components will allow students to start composing simple and eventually more com
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After watching the two videos it was very evident as to which lesson was most effective. It is important to understand how the teachers attitude affects the students motivation and ability to learn. I
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Unit 14 covers the topic of course books and lesson materials. Every published course book has its fans and detractors. To use one or not can be a complex issue. Teachers often have to create their ow
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Overland Park
This unit was all about tests. Before a class has even begun, a placement test should be given to determine the formation of the groups of students at the same level. When the classes have begun, a di
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Unit twenty was a brief overview of common problem situations in the classroom; things I may run into as a TEFL teacher and the best ways to handle them. I learned a bit more on how to handle a first
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A very practical unit since I have never taught in a classroom. All this variety of aids are helpful and welcoming. Nowdays, teaching could be a much more enternating thing than in the past, as there
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after watching the videos, ive learnt the difference between an effective teacher who built a good rapport with the students and managed to deliver the subject of the class to the students, through hi
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unit 18 looks at modal auxilary verbs, phrasal verbs, pássive voice and relative clauses. It examines the usage of modals and how to identify them in a sentence. We also reviewed how we form the pass
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I have learned that correct pronunciation of words is important in order to help students understand the English language. It is somewhat understandable how English speakers from different parts of t
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In this unit I learned about the four forms of present tense: present simple, present continuous, present perfect, and present perfect continuous. I learned the various rules that govern each form, co
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