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Watching the first video was painful. I had a hard time following that teacher and I speak English fluently. He didn't ever give clear instructions and I was confused as to what his topic was. While w
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In this section we learned the different types of Modal passive and phrasal voice and how each should be used. The tense in which you would use them. There was a lesson on how to use the active voice
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After completing the unit, I have a better understanding of the testing requirements, both in an ESL course and outside, such as the TOEIC and the TOEFLS. Before entering into this course, I knew that
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Unit 16 is about the conditionals and the reported speech. According to conditionals, I have learnt what kind of exercises i can use during my lesson. The new knowledge for me was the reported speech.
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In this unit we covered the teaching of pronunciation and phonology. It covered a wide range of the stress of individual words and words in sentences and the importance of inflection. How to stress t
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This lesson discusses pronunciation and phonology. Some techniques for teaching intonation were highlighted. For example, some effective methods are teaching using gestures, humming or singing, and us
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This was a helpful unit, encompassing all of the potential challenges that may come along with having a first class. Luckily there are many routes that you can take as a teacher to overcome reluctant
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Unit two taught me that having a basic understanding of the rules behind parts of speech is an extremely important part of being an english teacher. Being a native speaker to the english language i re
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Testing and evaluation is important part of studying English language. It helps teacher to assess the level of language ability and the progress achieved by the students. Some of tests are :Tutorial,
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El Dorado
Equipment is very important in class as nowadays modern technologies are inseparable from real life, the class should be up to date as well. Using Internet and some well-known sources can encourage st
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In this unit I found it really valuable to learn about the two productive skills, speaking and writing. This unit helped me to realize the importance of teaching these skills to a person trying to lea
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The unit material helped me better understand why current ESL teachers choose multiple methods to teach their students. Each student's beginning understanding of the new language and their native lan
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Elk City
This unit provides an overview of class management. The general definition given for class management is the skill of organizing and managing the class in a friendly, relaxed manner while maintaining
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Elk Falls
Unit 12 has clear information about speaking and writing skills that further enable students to apply their knowledge of the english language to their every day lives. Writing is especially important
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Teaching pronunciation and phonology involves a lot more than I originally thought. I did not think that intonation and stress are also important components to teach, but they do help students underst
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This was one of the more difficult units to go through, but it was also one of the most interesting. I found it very interesting to learn how to read phonetic script. It feels like a new talent that I
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This unit makes me understand that, a good management of the classroom and classes by the teacher, determines the how conducive the environment will be for learning. The teaching method used by the te
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In this unit I have learnt about the complexity of modal auxiliary verbs and passive voice in detail, as well as the types of phrasal verbs and relative clauses. I now know that modals can be used to
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the unit had very basic information about qualities of good teacher and learner, as well as different roles i.e. prompter, assessor, model, organizer, manager and facilitator that a teacher should po
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The unit tells us about different special groups of English learners. The way of teaching depends on the type of special group. For instance, kids have a short span of attention, so the teacher should
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In this unit, I've learnt grammar skills. The unit introduces differences between nouns,verbs, adverbs...etc. This provides a guide for me when teaching students in the future and also explanation are
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Unit 10 videos I was a little bit confuse with this unit I guess it because of cultural differences.I work in Japan at the moment and Japanese are so shy and behave so different, I think it was good
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Unit one 'Teacher and Learners', provides a fair amount of information. This includes, what makes a good teacher, different roles a teacher will have, what makes a good learner and the experience leve
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This unit was about modals, phrasal verbs and passive voice. Although I use these on a daily basis, I have learned that they can be used to express different ideas, and that the simple use of one mod
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This was an excellent review of the parts of speech. Additionally, there were several rules that I didn't know and have struggled to teach when approaching them in my own classes. I loved the informat
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In this unit,I learned we will look at the different ways of evaluating students'levels and progress ,as well as some of the common external exams that you may need to prepare your students for.I I am
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Conditional statements need special attention and usually start with the word "if". An example of a conditional statement is "if you want, we'll go out to dinner". This has two parts, a condition, and
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This unit focused on pronunciation and phonology and brought some important aspects of the English language itself such as intonation, stress, articulation, rhythm and came up with some techniques to
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I found this unit very simple and easy to understand, as it was dot pointed and clear. The content overall involved different types of equipment and teaching aids available and when they are useful to
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Pronunciation is often one of the hardest concepts for non-native speakers of English to master. It's important to have realistic goals when teaching pronunciation, as it's likely that the learners wi
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Unit 18 focused on the modals, passive voice and phrasal verbs. The modals are basically used to express different meanings such as obligation, possibility, permission, ability and advice just to ment
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Unit thirteen 'Teaching Pronunciation and Phonology', teaches the reader the different pronunciations in English. As well as the phonetic alphabet and the symbols used. During this lesson I learned a
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Unit twelve introduces writing and speaking, i.e. productive skills. Though they are not the same skills, their goal is the same: to communicate. Writing is fairly neglected in many classrooms, as tea
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The unit 18 was the last one of the present trainning with the focus on grammar point. This time it spoke about one of the most difficult one which is the use and undertanding of those uncountable phr
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Fall River
Wow! I have actually generally been exposed to these concepts but I had no idea there were this many activities that are possible with them. This section in particular I think will be extremely helpf
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Unit 12 introduces the four basic skills of any language, focusing on the two productive skills: speaking and writing as well as including classroom game ideas. It explains the differences between acc
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The most confounding chapter yet. There is apparent overlap between most (all) variances of future tense. Very confusing. Too much is made of the vague differences between sub-types. I feel that defin
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I learnt about practice, placement, diagnostic, and continual assessment tests and how they function within the learning environment. All of these tests reflect a conjoining effort to evaluate learner
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This unit looks at course books and other teaching materials hat can be used in teaching an English language lesson. It discusses advantages and disadvantages of using course books and how to use it t
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Fort Scott
First of all, I must say although it comes naturally both in writing as well as speaking, it is difficult even for me to sort the information out once I really start to think about it. Just as it had
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The content of this unit outline the qualities or traits that a "good" teacher should possess, the roles of a teacher and why they are so important in the learning process, the qualities of a "good" l
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There are different ways of evaluating progress and students' language level. Unit 15 discussed this. One manner of evaluating progress or language level is by means of a test. There are different ty
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It this unit,I learnt these specialize gropus:teaching beginners,teaching individual students,taching children,teaching business english,the monolingual class and multilingual class. For teaching begi
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English parts of speech seem to be very simple when you first look at them, but as you explore each part of speech the variations of the English language appear. Each part of speech appears to have e
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This unit is essential. Teaching is not an simple task, teachers need to have a wide knowledge in their fields but it is even more important how they teach it. Aspects such as empathy, patience and am
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I have learnt that the parts of speech are among the most fundamental concepts that are encountered throughout grammar and a good mastery and in-depth knowledge of it will help one to be a better writ
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Teaching receptive skills is actually important in every teaching practice. Receptive skills which is reading and listening forms the basis of any language. Although speaking and writing(productive s
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The unit gives us the information about different grammar aspects. In particular, it tells us about modal verbs, passive voice and phrasal verbs. Each modal verb has its own meaning. They can express
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This unit covers the productive skills of language; writing and speaking. It explains the difficulties that can arise when teaching each, for example; difficulty in writing English letters when a stud
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This unit covers the basics for managing a classroom including use of body language, classroom spatial arrangement, grouping and talk time. Since gestures vary among cultures, I look forward to learni
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