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La Harpe
This unit covered the various forms of future tenses. I learned about their varying forms and their different uses. For example, the future continuous form is constructed as follows subject + will + b
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The first video was obviously cringe-worthy, while the second video was certainly better. It clearly demonstrated how a teacher´s attitude can have a profound effect on how students learn. It is cl
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Lake Quivira
In this unit, it was mostly watching a video based study where the same lesson was thought twice showing different responses in the classroom.It provides the practical aspects observed in real life as
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In this unit, I have learned a useful information. Initially I thought one could teach special groups the same way teaching a whole class would be. In this unit, I depicted the difference even in teac
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It is necessary to monitor a student's progress throughout the course. There are several testing strategies used to inform both the learner and the instructor the progress of the learner progress. The
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In this modern world we use digital tools to improve the teaching-learning process. The most common tool we use in classroom these days is PowerPoint slides, which makes the class more interesting, dy
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There are several age groups that are necessary for teachers to be able to adapt to. A teacher must gain skills on how to intuitively know what is needed for the class to continue in a way that is bes
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I learned about the different types of tests that are commonly used by teachers and their purpose and when to use them. I learned the difference between diagnostic and placement test. Placement tests
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This unit has been very helpful in reminding myself about the complexities of speech. Pronunciation is key to accomplishing the authentic accent of a native english speaker, and many people around the
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This unit was useful in terms of studying the ways of evaluating and testing students of various age groups and verious levels of English as well as aims they are following. It is also important to kn
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The module was interesting and having had limited teaching experience under supervision I can personally relate to a lot of the points made. Although I understand the information given mainly from a
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This unit has summarised the teaching of the productive skills which are speaking and writing. The types of speaking activities that could be introduced into the classroom were introduced, and how the
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Le Roy
This unit taught me about conditionals, reported speech and direct speech. I learnt about the conditionals which are, zero, first, second, third, and mixed conditionals. I was taught the differences b
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This unit discuses the components that teachers must focus on when teaching a new language to their students. Vocabulary, grammar and function of language are the 3 vital elements to learning English,
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This unit was a nice brief lesson to end the course on. I would never start the first day of class with grammar drills from a coursebook but it is nice to be reminded. I have taught classes as large a
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Unit 14 examined the usage of ESL course books and other authentic and created materials. The unit covered some of the advantages of course books, such as the security, continuity, and progression whi
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This unit was about equipment and teaching aids used in the classroom. One of the more specific things I learned from the content of this unit was that capitalized text is harder to read, I might hav
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This unit discusses the use of materials by the language teacher. The unit discusses different types of material including authentic materials, created materials, and textbooks. Positives and negative
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Unit 16 Conditional and Reported Speech was an interesting unit as I have never thought of the grammar involved and cannot remember being taught it at school. I have really learnt that our English lan
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In this unit i have checked my knowledge about usage and structure of conditionals and reported sepeech. There are 5 types of conditionals: zero (if+present simple+present simple), first (if+ presen
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I understand when teaching English I need to present the information according to the age or special group of the class. Students can be of various ages and disciplines. Behaviors of young children
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This unit consisted of two videos, demonstrating classes being taught in two very different manners. In both lessons the teacher was teaching the students “Have to/don’t have to/can/can’t”. A
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What's the difference between assessment and testing in education? Evaluation and testing is the process by which a system or components are compared against requirements and specifications through te
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This unit was very helpful for me because I am expecting to teach most of my students one-on-one. this Unit had an entire section dedicated to teaching individual students. I appreciated the helpful t
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Within this unit, I learned that writing and speaking are classified as productive skill. This provides me a brief guide about the differences between receptive skills. Also learned the differences in
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There is many different teaching equipment and aids to consider when creating your lesson plan. It is always important to practice with whatever you decide to use whether it be blackboard use ( having
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In this unit on past tenses, I have come to learn that there are many different forms of past tense. I have learnt that the order in which you put some words can change whether the sentence is past si
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This unit talks about language functions and how you use them to help learn phrases used to accomplish these tasks. It is important that your students are introduced to this new language in a balance,
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In this unit we learnt from the field experience of ESL teachers. These tips are very practical, in my teaching experience I also faced some of the difficulties mentioned. As the class goes along, I t
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Lincoln Center
Lesson 17 provides an overview of commonly used equipment and resources available for teaching language. The chapter provides a list of such resources and gives an overview of the benefits, general g
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Within this unit, two videos were required to be watched. After watching both videos, it provides me a demonstration of teaching English as a second language in class. The best part I love is that pro
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This unit was extremely useful for ideas about different activities. It helped to go over and classify different stages of a lesson, outlined different methods of teaching, and applied all of these co
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Passive voice may be the easiest of these three grammar elements. Modal verbs depend on their usages . Obligation, request, advice might be the most common and students do not have many mistakes but w
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Linn Valley
As seen in the previous unit, integrated skills are important in a classroom and from looking at receptive skills, unit 12 talks about productive skills which has to do with speaking and writing. I ha
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Teaching materials are the resources a teacher uses to deliver instruction. Each teacher requires a range of tools to draw upon in order to assist and support student learning. These materials play a
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Little River
This unit is a doozy! I will need to really review the Phonemic symbols before i can comfortably teach them but I can say I am thoroughly enjoying such an in depth education on my own language. It's a
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In this unit the phonetical sounds were described , and how the different sounds are made with the vocal tract , the mouth , the teeth and the nasal passages . Also how the English language is a langu
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Lone Elm
This section is aimed at teaching how classroom activities should be carried out such that all students are involved in them. It also teaches how important it is when students are made to feel free in
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Long Island
In this unit, it teaches me about the productive skill. Which are speaking and writing. Speaking skills are about accuracy and fluency. There are examples explaining those activities done in the clas
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This unit gives an overview of teaching different types of groups. It compares teaching beginners, groups vs. individuals, children vs. adults, business people as well as monolingual vs. multi-lingual
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It was interesting learning about the different types of tests that my potential students could be taking. Most of my students will be learning English for business purposes so seeing the types of tes
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The equipment I use most often is a whiteboard. My handwriting is not perfect and I am not good at drawing so I have to plan in advance and think carefully how I want to use it. Worksheets are also us
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Lost Springs
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This is the last unit on English grammar. It examines modal auxiliary verbs and the passive voice in detail, and gives a brief overview of phrasal verbs and relative clauses. Modal auxiliary verbs (ca
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this course of evaulation and testing helpes me understand how to test my students and to know what level they are at. this section explained to me the difference between evaluation , tutorials and te
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Coursebook and lesson materials are vital to each class. In this unit, we learned about authentic materials, created materials, and coursebooks. It was very helpful to see the advantages and disadvant
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The main goal of most, if not all, ESL students is to acquire language skills that will enable them to communicate effectively. What is communication, however, if it is merely one-sided? It is, of c
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There five types of conditional clauses. They are "zero conditional" which refers to facts, "the first conditional" which talks about real situations in future, "the second conditional" which refers t
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The correct procedures for teaching these specific skills are essential in order to ensure the ussessful development and learning of our students. In this particular unit, I could notice the importanc
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Coursebook and lesson materials plays a very important role in the world of teaching and providing useful ready-made material to both teachers and students. Fortunately, the online world has brought
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