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Accuracy activities are concentrated on the production of correct language and such, is controlled by the teacher. Fluency activities are concentrated on allowing the students to experiment and be cre
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This unit focuses on the teaching of the productive skills: Writing and Speaking. It begins by discussing the difference between accuracy and fluency when applied to these skills and describing a num
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This unit offers good input on how to maintain a good balance of control of the teacher and independence of the students in the classroom. Certain factors such as student's age, culture, self esteem,
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Bellevue Manor
This challenging module taught me just about everything I needed to know about teaching pronunciation on a basic level, from stress and sound joining to and linked speech and phonetics. The phonetic a
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It takes a team of a good teacher and good student for a student to successfully learn a language. Teachers need to have good knowledge of the language and be patient and motivated to teach, while st
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From this unit, I have learned to properly use the future tenses. I will now be more conscious when I'm speaking of what tense I am using. I learned these rules so many years ago that I was not aware
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This unit is on Equipment and Teaching Aids in a classroom. These media has changed the way a student learns in a classroom. It has changed so many lives and accommodated students with learning disabi
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This last unit is talking about potential troubles teacher can have in the class. it is also explain tactics to establish good rapport with students. Class atmosphere is very important for student mot
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This unit has made me understand the difference methods and techniques of teaching learners. After reading about the methods and approaches , I know I will certainly use them to test the children wh
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Many different teaching aids can be used to make lessons more interesting,effective and less dependent on the textbook. Some of the resources often found in classroom and study centers: -white/black,b
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While there would be some need for teaching grammar and functions with new learners the prime function for a teacher must begin with vocabulary for early learners. Beginner and elementary learners wou
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Bethany Beach
This was a helpful demonstration of how a teacher's attitude and behavior affects the mod and engagement of the students. It is clearly important that an environment is created where students feel sa
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This unit is talking about importance of right pronunciation . Without good pronunciation, it will be very hard for students to communicate in English . Intonation can change the meaning of sentence.
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I feel that this unit, when studying was simple and easy to understand. The more challenging part of this unit was the test where it asked for the 'most likely' answer. This part made me think, as som
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Bicentennial Village
Pronunciation is best left for it’s own lesson. The intricacies involved in developing these skills require students to have a solid foundation. The international phonemic symbols are a solid place
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Big Oak Corners
This chapter is about evaluation and testing, testing the performance of the students, if they are improving or not, There are a number of ways to assess a student's language level: 1. Tutorials 2
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Big Pine
The unit contains detailed techniques, problems and approaches for a typical ELS lesson. Three stages of the session were presented: engage, study and activate. The engage is used to motivate students
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Big Stone Beach
This unit can be divided into two different sections; the first section mainly focuses on describing the different methods of TEFL teaching, which includes: - Grammar-translation - Audio-lingualism
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Binns Village
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Birchwood Park
Unit 20 refers to the problematic situations a teacher could have to face when teaching. First lessons -for example- can be problematic if you are teaching a new or existing group. Some keys are here
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Bishops Corner
unit 1 examines the qualities , role and responsibilties of both teachers and students in a classroom .I learnt that a good teacher should be kind and patients, really love teaching , lively and ente
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This unit is titled video lessons and is composed of two short videos of a teaching presentation. The videos present a comparison between an effective lesson verses a non effective lesson. The first v
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This unit we finally felt like we were starting to understand the tenses of the English language. The unit contained the additional challenge of adding the present simple and present continuous, and a
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First, we discussed vocabluary and the right way to teach it, because vocabluary is important especially for the beginner student. The first thing that a teacher needs to know is how to select the voc
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Blackwater Beach
This unit was quite educational. It helped me to figure out the difference in the teaching techniques for the beginners, induvials, children, business subject interested people, mono and multilingual
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Many different types of teaching aides can be used to make teaching more interesting,effective and less dependant on the textbook. This unit gives us examples of various teaching aides how they can be
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Unit 13 has proved to be one of the hardest units so far. dealing with stresses in words and phonetic language is not something I have ever really studied or learned about. I found it extremely useful
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Blue Ball
I learnt that solely depending on course books has plenty of disadvantages and as a trainer I should constantly work towards supplementing my course books with additional creative content. I also lear
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Blue Rock Manor
I knew some of the phonemic symbols, but some of them were new to me so that was nice to see and get acquainted with. I was a little confused on the videos as there were several places where the spea
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Bottom Hills
I learnt what kind of test ? should organized to measure language level of students. First of all , ? should organized diagnostic english to understand english of them and ? should arrange
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The tenses to be used for expressing ideas about the future are explained within this unit. The four common variations of the other tenses, simple, continuous, perfect, and perfect continuous are used
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Bowers Beach
This unit is about receptive skills, which is reading and listening. Reasons for reading are: to get a specific information(for a purpose) to understand the information in order to apply it or for som
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From this unit, I have learned how to properly construct a lesson plan. This is the first time I have seen what one looks like. In addition, I have learned that using a lesson plan will help keep me o
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Past simple:Form. Regular verbs: -affirmative(add-ed or -d to the base form of the verb) -negative:(add did not or didn't before the base form) -question:(add did+subject before the base form) For irr
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Teaching business english is a new territory to me. Neither do I have experience nor do I understand the dynamics, needs and motivation of the students. Being reminded that I am teaching those stude
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Brackenville Woods
I have understood how to teach to students the conditi?onal types and and reported speech in advance so that they can grasp the kmowledge of the structure of language. we are using the condi
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A teacher should have a passion for teaching but care more about students progress. Know how to manage the classroom and which roles to take, motivating students and building rapport is essential for
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This unit focuses on the application and effect of STRESS, RHYTHM and INTONATION to words that we say. This unit also provides guidelines (e.g. when to teach it) and techniques (peer dictation, visual
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Unite 11 explores reading and listening as receptive skills. Our motives and reasons can be categorized as for a purpose or for entertainment. These may be mixed, of course, as when reading a report t
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Brandywine Estates
In my opinion this unit is quite helpful for further teaching. The tests are important for teachers and students. This unit contains the clear information about the types of tests as well as the examp
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Brandywine Hills
Past simple, putting the 'ed' at the end of the verb. Used for specific times in the past that ended. Past continuous, was/were + verb(ing) Used for specific actions in progress in the past Past pe
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Brandywine Springs
In this lesson, I learned that it is important to prepare a Lesson Plan for having a smooth lesson and maximize student's learning. The lesson plan should be simple, flexible, and include balance of s
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Brandywine Springs Manor
Unit 17, taught the advantages and disadvantages of different uses of equipment's such as, white boards, IWB, OHP, DVD, CD, visual aids and so forth.. Also the different lessons and ways we are able t
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This unit was based on the Tense System and focused on the future. There are a number of different ways of referring to the future in English. The most commonly used are the future simple, the future
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It seems that a good English as a Foreign Language lesson needs to be somewhat like a well written book. You need to engage the students, get them interested in the topic, help them understand the to
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There are seven common future tenses: future simple, future continuous, future perfect, future perfect continuous, be going to, present simple, and present continuous. Be going to and the present cont
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Briar Park
Appropriate amount of content to take in and understand. Relatable information given above. Practically relatable. Structures of the Lesson Plans given as examples was informative. Lesson Plan example
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Brick Store
This unit on managing classes was right up my alley. Since I have taught for several years and have already completed my TESOL 120 hour cert in 2009 this if formation was like second nature to me. Eac
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This unit covers conditionals and reported speech. There are five basic conditionals- zero conditional, the first conditional, the second conditional, the third (or past) conditional and mixed conditi
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This lesson was a good continuance of using the ESA formulas for creating lessons. I really like the simple form that can be filled out in order to keep a good record of what I have done in class, usi
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