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Central Pencader
This unit is about the using of books and other materials that the teachers need to use for a class; The detailed recommendations for teachers are given. The rules and examples of the presenting the a
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In studying through the seven forms of future tense, I have begun recognizing their unique presentation and usage. Indeed as stated in the text, there are many forms available for any expression. S
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I found this unit to be a bit daunting. While I constantly asses my current students on progress and retention in order to guide instruction, the idea of having to create a formal assessment is outsi
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Having a plan and idea about what you are going to be doing during you class is an important aspect to organize as a teacher. One must know what acativities shall be carried out in what order, and how
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From this unit we learned how to manage the classroom by using eye contact, gestures and teacher's voice. Not only that but we now we know what is the best way for grouping students. Not that there is
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Chapel Hill
This unit taught me some more basic things about organizing a lesson, focusing more on one field in particular and how to do it effectively. I feel that in my previous endeavors I had some difficultie
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This unit is about receptive skills which are reading and listening both equally important. We read and listen for fairly two wide reasons ie; for a purpose and for entertainment. Reading and listenin
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This chapter showed a lot of information regarding the equipment that is used it the classroom and also explained about the teaching aids. There are many different equipment that can be used during th
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I have learnt past methodology for teaching, and how it has been incorporated into a modern teaching methodology that is in common use for language teaching. I have learnt about the different stages,
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Chelsea Estates
This unit discusses the four things students need to be able to do with a new language; be exposed to it, understand its meaning, how it is constructed, and to be able to practice and produce it. Gram
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Cherokee Woods
In this unit, we talked about the past tenses. For some of those tenses, we might can only identify some slightly differences in terms of the definition. However, those differences mean a lot in the u
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Cherry Hill
However short this unit was, it was deceptively more complex than I had realized. The more complex part for me was not necessarily the structure of the different tenses but the minor differences betwe
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Chestnut Grove
Lesson planning is when the content of the class meets pedagogical strategy and the mind of the teacher is put to work. Planning for lessons includes not only organizing content in a logical and effec
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Chestnut Hill Estates
This unit helped clarifying the various future tense modes, and delineated some if it's very confusing elements . The hints and tips re how to help pupils learn the subtleties of the future tense in a
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Chestnut Knoll
In this unit, I learnt the background and techniques that have been used/are still be used to teach English. I learnt the pros and cons of each and how they teach differently. I also learnt about the
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Reading and studying this unit puts me back to elementary days, I was shocked personally because I thought I know everything in English and how to make a sentence and describe things. I must study a l
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This unit covers the topic of lesson planning. It begins with three reasons for lesson planning and the differences I its use between beginner teachers and more experienced teachers. It gives a detail
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Choptank Mills
I have learned that it is important for the teacher to form good, respective relationships with their students in order for the students to be comfortable in their classroom environment and trust thei
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This unit aims to equip us with the knowledge to identify the qualities, roles and responsibilities of both teachers and learners. We are also taught about the different roles that an educator portray
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Christiana Acres
IN this Unit I learn how and when to use eye contact and gestures to improve coming action with students during the classes and reduce teacher talk time. Arranging the classroom is very important and
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Christine Manor
In this unit I learned about lesson planning. The unit first explores the functions of lessons plans. They help the teacher focus on how to achieve the objectives of the lesson with relation to allo
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Church Hill
In unit 20 we covered problem-solving and a variety of different common problems that teachers, especially new teachers, have. For example, the first lesson is very important. One should find out if t
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Church Hill Village
Unit 11 of my online course deals with the two receptive skills reading and listening. The unit discusses the different reasons we have for reading or listening and outlines the different ways we do t
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Clarksons Crossroads
I liked how this unit touched on the importance of teaching writing skills. I feel that writing is often overlooked, or only addressed during simple, textbook style homework lessons. I like how the
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This unit is very helpful in knowing about various tests being conducted by language school at the start of the course and the progress of the student during the course through proper evaluation and t
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Managing classes for me is a vital part of being a good teacher. Information learnt in this unit, helped me to solve certain problems I have experienced in my classroom. There are many things like fac
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Claymont Addition
In this unit, I learned about teaching productive skills, i.e., speaking and writing. Although very different skills, they are both used to communicate. The unit points out that in order to motivate
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Claymont Heights
Knowledge of the various English examinations is important, because it is very likely that some students will be taking these exams in the future, and some might be taking the class for the sole purpo
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Unit eight zeroed in on future tense applications. It listed the seven most common future tenses and noted that there are a number of different ways to express the same thought. The form 'going to f
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after watching the first video, even I started to be confused. In the first lesson, I didn't want to listen to the lesson because of the teacher's attitude. That is why students were so passive. He ha
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Clearview Manor
I had a lot of fun watching the two videos. They seem very similar at first sight (same classroom, same students, same teacher, same topic), but once you start analyzing and writing down highlights of
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Cleland Heights
The variety of tests covered in this chapter give teachers a tried and true method to grade student’s progress. It’s important that students actually start at the appropriate level of English. Thi
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Clifton Park Manor
This unit focuses on the basics of English pronunciation, such as: - The Three types of Intonation (rise/fall, rise/fall and flat) - Word stress - Sound Joining - Linked Speech - Basic sounds in Engl
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Cocked Hat
This past unit was all about managing classrooms, this unit taught how to arrange classrooms depending on size and students. This unit was also about how to deal with problems and problem students in
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College Park
I learnt the difference sytles between the structure of writting and speaking. As teachers we should more focuse on the accuracy of student writing essay to find out the incorrect structure of wr
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Collins Beach
In this Unit I learn about receptive skills which are reading and listening and that both skills are equally important. As a teacher I have to remember that it's very important that I chose carefully
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Collins Park
The various tools that can be used in the classroom to facilitate learning are varied. Now more than ever, classrooms developing countries have access to more tools with the decreasing cost and availa
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Collins Pond Acres
Unit 12 focuses on the two productive skills speaking and writing. The unit looks at the difference between accuracy and fluency and also discusses activities that can be used to encourage speaking an
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Colmar Manor
This unit so far has been the easiest one to absorb for me personally since I already tried to learn more about managing the class, and methods of being more efficient and productive. This material re
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Colonial Heights
Unit 10 gave us a side by side video comparison of two different mock lessons, both performed by the same teacher, with the same lesson plan and content. The first lesson video was an example of a po
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Colonial Park
This unit is simple and straight forward and I find it to be very important and helpful. However, I find the unit test to be a bit complicated compared to other previous units. The lesson planning par
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Colony Hills
In this unit I learned about the differences in teaching young learners versus adult business English learners. In my job I will be teaching university students so there will be a mix of tactics neede
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This unit proved to me the importance of mixing planning of the lesson and being flexible at the same time. While I was studying at the pedagogical college, we were taught that we must script all the
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I feel that this unit was extremely beneficial to me, not only did I make notes and study for many hours, I understood parts of speech a lot better. I did learn most of this in school many years ago,
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Concord Hills
In this unit Teaching a new Language I learned how important vocabulary was to students, especially in the early stages of learning a new language. Its often difficult to choose what vocabulary to tea
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Concord Manor
In this unit I learn't how to use a wide assortment of of teaching aids and materials to help my students with.This is a small list of teaching aids that I can use: Wipe Board, Visual Aids, Computer/
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This unit is based on modals, the passive voice and an overview of phrasal verbs and relative clauses. Modals can be used to express a number of different ideas, such as obligation, possibility/probab
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Cool Spring
in this unit I have learned that a role of a teacher is very important and it takes a passionate person with a very big personality to become a good teacher and be able to control a classroom and more
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Cool Spring Farms
This unit is very helpful in distinguishing the positives and negatives of using course books versus authentic or created materials , what they all have to offer and how best they can be used. I comp
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Cooper Farm
The ideas presented in this unit are fairly simple and straightforward. The basic principles of teaching reading and listening, while they can seem complicated are quite sensible and provide a great s
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