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Graylyn Crest
In this chapter, common mistakes and errors can be considered as good points for teaching past tenses. As a teacher, the main obstacles in learners' mind can be easily understood. Now I know what will
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Greater Newark
Unit eighteen was focused on grammar parts of Modals, Phrasal verbs, and Passive voice. The modals are "can, could, may, might, shall, should, will, would, must, have to, have got to, need to, needn't
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Green Acres
This past unit was a rather large unit that covered many different topics. This unit taught about how to teach pronunciation, intonation, and stresses within English. This was also about the speech or
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Green Bank
Overall, course books are a blessing in disguise. They provide a great outline for a lot of students and provide comfort. However, that comfort scenario is never a great zone to allow a student to sit
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Green Briar
The unit discusses the way that a classroom can be maintained and managed by the teacher, and how to establish a comfortable and desirable learning environment. By using eye contact and certain gestur
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Green Hill
This previous unit was all about watching and learning what to do and what not to do as a teacher in a classroom setting. The first video demonstrated some bad teaching skills, and showed how even the
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Green Meadow
In this unit, I learned about course books and materials that we can use in our lesson plan. These materials are two types which are authentic and unauthentic. Authentic materials are like newspaper,
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Green Spring
unit 4 is about the present tenses which can be divided into : Present simple tense ( subject+base form +(s/es)for the affirmative, (subject +auxiliary verb "do"+ not +base form ) for the negative an
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This unit on Coursebooks and lesson materials begs to answer the question most inexperienced teachers ask on whether or not to use coursebooks in their lessons. I for one agree that a balanced use of
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This unit is about pros and cons of testing during language studding . There is no doubt, some tests have to be done for normal regulation of class. Starting from placement test just to understand bas
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Greenleaf Manor
This lesson was about the different types of resources we use in the classroom. Text books have their advantages and their disadvantages and should not be used as the be all and end all of lesson plan
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The content of this lesson was very useful knowledge. While reading this, I realized that I've experienced so of the "do not" rules during my time learning Spanish in school. I did not like to be corr
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This unit has covered the various ways in which students will be tested over their time in the EFL class, as well as the possible external exams that could be conducted outside. The different types of
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It was good to watch a well prepared, successful lesson be carried out. It is easier to see mistakes made when watching these 2 lessons back to back. There were many times in the 1st lesson video wher
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Course books are a very emotive issue for many teachers.Some teachers swear by them,while other teachers despise them. In an ideal world schools have all the books and materials that you could need.Th
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Greenville Manor
Vocabulary, grammar and function are all important when learning a language. There are 4 things a student need to do with a new language: 1. Be exposed to it 2. understands its meaning 3. Understan
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A Lesson Planing is one of the important parts of teaching job. Some teachers think, that it's unnecessary to build a lesson plas as their lessons always are improvised and unpredictable. Even so, tea
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Grendon Farms
This unit discussed the different wants needs and desires of the less typical English classes. You cannot walk into a young learners class and try and teach it like a general English class because you
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this unit tells us about equipment and teaching aids. The different varieties of what the teacher can use in the classroom. For example the most popular is of course white boards, visual aids, workshe
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Gum Crossroads
This unit was extremely helpful in addressing the different methods that are essential to implement when encouraging students to grasp new English language structures and forms. I was unfamiliar with
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There are a number of different tests throughout the course that should be given at different stages. A placement test is used to ensure students are placed into the correct class according to their s
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This unit introduced a range of teaching methodologies, some that are effective and others that are less effective. But the main methodology presented and advocated by ITTT is the ESA format- Engage,
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Modal auxiliary verbs Basic rules: The modals are:can,could,may,might,shall,should,will,would,must,have to,have got to,needn't and ought to. Modals can be used to express a number of different ideas s
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This final unit covers some troubleshooting areas. It discusses first lessons, warmers, different levels, large classes, use of native language, reluctant students, and finally difficulties with liste
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Hall Estates
After reading this lesson, I have learned first and foremost that writing is the most neglected skill in the TEFL world. Although most students prefer to focus on their speaking skills, it is also ver
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Hambys Corner
In this Unit I learn the differences between accuracy and fluency. I learn how important it is to encourage student and give them a reasons to gain and practice new skills in writing and speaking new
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Hamilton Park
Unit 8 dealt with future tenses. There are seven forms or structures that were reviewed. In each, descriptions of these forms were discussed in detail. I learned how there are three novel future tense
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This unit gave me a overview of teacher and student roles. It taught me to consider what kind of students Id be teaching and what kind of roles I need to incorporate as a teacher. This unit talks abou
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Hanbys Corner
This unit dealt primarily with the physical resources that teachers have available to them in their classrooms and schools to assist them in instruction, everything from overhead projectors and whiteb
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In this unit, I learned more about how to choose vocabulary based on several factors. The appropriacy to students and the task at hand, and ease of teaching are all good factors to consider. It was he
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This unit shows the five main conditionals: zero, first, secong, third and mixed. Each of them with a specific structure and the use which can be to express past, present and future possibilities. For
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It is important to use both authentic and course materials in each lesson. Authentic material is intriguing as it is real and there for more motivating, it helps students gain confidence and it can be
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Harmony Hills
This unit's straightforwardness was very helpful, and the material gave me a comprehensive understanding of why fostering students' receptive skills is integral. The example "Patchwork" lesson plan, t
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This unit was about coursebooks (are they really usefull) and lesson materials. So materials can be divided into authentic materials such as magazines, newspapers, etc. and created materials which are
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The focus of this unit is teaching aids, i.e the "external" device teachers can have in a lesson to make it more interesting and not so "book"-based. Some of them are cd players, computers, videos, di
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Haven Lake Acres
This chapter talks about the equipments and teaching aids, Teaching materials & Teaching Aids Teaching aids are tool and equipment used in teaching as a supplement in class room instruction to enhance
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This unit compares two different lessons. The first is poorly taught. The second lessons is considerably better. The unit highlights the clear differences in the effectiveness of a lesson dependent on
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Hayden Park
This unit was a bit different from the others. I learned the components of a lesson plan and the importance of having it be a dynamic plan that can change depending on the input from and needs of the
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Unit 17 is an important unit as to what materials and aids are available for teachers for better teaching classes. most commonly, at least when I was in school most teachers would use a OHP and a blac
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It has been useful to learn tips about how to make the most of a whiteboard, ie. keeping capital letters to a minimum, using lots of colours etc. I can see that all of these visual aids are worth expl
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Hearns Crossroads
Today we finished Unit 11 Teaching receptive skills. The two basic receptive language skills are reading and listening. This is where we learn how to teach the deeper meaning behind our complex langu
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Hearns Mill
Which of the following usages is NOT associated with the future simple tense? Spontaneous decisions (decisions made at the time of speaking) Prediction with present evidence Promises
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Heather Valley
An analogy I thought of while working on this chapter is that learning a new language can be like being a taxi driver in a city. While there’s a direct way to the destination, there are also a numbe
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Henlopen Acres
This unit explains the advantages and disadvantages of course materials and what teaching aids can be used especially during the Study phase in an ESA lesson. The samples provided in the chapter were
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Henry Clay
This unit is about troubleshooting. A teacher is going to face with problem situations while teaching/ They are: large groups, different levels in the same groups, use of native language, reluctant st
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Unit 10 was based on two videos taught on the same lesson, one of which focused on the effective way of teaching and the other the ineffective way of teaching.  The unit highlighted important concep
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Unit 17 is based on the different teaching aids that can be used to make lessons more effective and less dependent on textbooks. Different kinds of resources like the Whiteboard, Interactive board, Ov
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Heritage Village
In this lesson, I learned about a few common problem situations that I will have to know how to manage in the classroom. One of these situations is how to deal with first lessons. Whether it be a ne
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Herring Landing
This unit focuses on the use of course books and lesson materials in the classroom. We learn the difference between authentic and non authentic materials, what are their advantages and how they can he
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Unit 9 is of great importance to this course since it shows the basics of how to make a lesson plan, which for begginer teachers is a difficult task due to the lack of experience at the front of a cla
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