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This unit can be divided into two different sections; the first section mainly focuses on describing the different methods of TEFL teaching, which includes: - Grammar-translation - Audio-lingualism - Presentation, Practice & Production - Community Language Learning - Task-Based Learning - The Silent way - Suggestopedia - Engage, Study & Activate (ESA Method) The second section of this unit gives us an in-depth focus on the method called "ESA", which often considered the most suitable method for trainees and new teachers. The ESA method has the following three phases: - Engage phase: This is the stage in which the teacher will try to motivate students, get them interested, and involve them in the lesson. - Study phase: At this stage, the students will actually be learning the language and how it's constructed. - Activate phase: This is stage where the student is encouraged to use the language points they know through an activity. Throughout this unit, I have learned the different activities that I could use for each stage of the ESA method, as well as the different order in which I can plan my lesson (also called Straight Arrow, Boomerang & Patchwork): For instance, if I wish to plan a lesson using the "Straight Arrow" pattern: - In the Engage Phase, I would pair up the students, ask each student to describe his partner with 6-8 adjectives, and name 5-6 objects his partner possess in his room. - In the Study Phase, I would teach students about the grammar/vocabulary they need to describe a person ("to be", "to have", "vocabulary describing locations") - In the Activate Phase, I will ask the partner to make complete sentences using the grammar/vocabulary they have just learned.