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Past simple:Form. Regular verbs: -affirmative(add-ed or -d to the base form of the verb) -negative:(add did not or didn't before the base form) -question:(add did+subject before the base form) For irregular verbs: There is only one simple past verb which has 2 forms according to person.That is the verb to be which has the forms was used with I,he,she and it and where used with you,we and they.For all others verbs stays the same for all persons. Past continuous: Past tense of the auxiliary verb be(was,where)+the present participle(verb+ing) -affirmative:(subject+was,where+verb+ing) -negative:(subject+was,where+not+verb+ing) -question:(was,where+subject+verb+ing) Past perfect -affirmative:(subject+had+past participle) -negative:(subject+had not+past participle) -question:(had+subject+past participle) Past perfect continuous: -affirmative:(subject+had+been+verb+ing) -negative:(subject+had+not+been+verb+ing) -question:(had+subject+been+verb+ing) In this unit I have learnt about the forms,usages and activate stage ideas for past tenses.