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Johnson Corner
This interesting unit overviewed how to teach pronunciation, including how to explain intonation within sentences and how to pronounce sounds within sentences. I learned more about the International
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This unit focuses on how to teach the 3 main parts a new language: Vocabulary, Grammar and Function, by giving details on how to select what to teach and how to create teaching activities and lesson p
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Jones Crossroads
In this unit, I learned that why and how to teach pronunciation in the classroom. Even though many teachers do not teach pronunciation because of a lack of confidence or training in how to do so, it
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this unit was about conditionals and reported speech. At first there was some defining what is conditionals and reported speech, then the usage and form of the five main conditionals, such as zero, fi
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This unit walks through the four present verb tenses; present simple, present continuous, present perfect and present perfect continuous. It thoroughly describes the tenses by giving examples of affir
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This section does a fairly good job at describing phonetics and the phonology of the English language. It should be noted that a part of intonation, that is at sentence level, is not only tone (pitch
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Kenmore Park
This unit has been a little bit more difficult to absorb than others, just for the fact that there are many changes, switching back, different expressions and similar rules to apply, and I find it eas
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Kent Acres
In this unit I learned the importance of the attitude of the teacher as well as the importance of clear and slow instructions. The differences between the first and second videos was very obvious and
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Unit 12 covers productive skills in detail. Productive skills are speaking and writing. There are several reasons people communicate with each other. First, they have a purpose. Second, they have a ne
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The future tense is one of the most complecated parts of english language which could be lead to difficulties in teaching and learning process.This unit explains briefly 5 forms of future tenses and 2
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Conditionals are sentences that include the word 'IF' or 'WHEN' which refer to past, present and future possibilities. There are five types of conditionals namely; zero conditional, first conditional,
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I have gained knowledge on the importance of a lesson plan and rge best way to construct one. The basic principles of a lesson plan are to keep it simple, don't script, structure it, write down the a
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Kiamensi Gardens
The pronunciation of the English words is an important aspect when teaching English to Native learners. The teacher should pay closely attention to it. I have learnt more about the vital importance of
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Killens Addition
This unit provided a good overview of what to consider regarding the use of course books. As course books are not good sources of authentic material and may not be a perfect fit for the class, they s
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Kings Crossroads
I have learnt how to overcome with the difficulties of beginner level students and that because of having plenty of inedequate knowledge at learning language as teachers we will be had better t
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In this unit I learnt some techniques of teaching receptive skills which are listening and reading .It indicated the importance of these skills and also offers different techniques and activities .The
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Kirkwood Gardens
9. Planning a lesson is very essential for a teacher because it acts like an aid to planning ,a working document (a lesson plan helps you to keep the target and gives you something to refer to durin
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Kitts Hummock
In this unit I learned about different course materials and what the advantages and disadvantages of them are. It was interesting to imagine and apply the information I have learned in this course as
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Klair Estate
The Future Tense is comprised of seven main components, the similar and formulaic ones being the Future Simple, Future Continuous, Future Perfect, and Future Perfect Continuous. Three present tense fo
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Knowles Crossroads
In this unit, I learned about the receptive skills of reading and listening. According to this lesson, our main reasons for reading and listening are for a purpose because it will help us achieve som
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Kynlyn Apartments
Unit 4 is about the four present tenses, including simple present, present continuous, present perfect, and present perfect continuous. I learned when each tense is used as well as what the meaning i
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Lake Pines
There are 12 tenses in the English language. This unit speaks about the present tense. There 4 present tenses: simple, continuous , perfect, perfect continuous. The most problematic tense is probably
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Lake Shores
To day we finished Unit 13 which focused on pronunciation and phonology. There are many things that we native English speakers fail to appreciate one of which being is the phonology of our own languag
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Lakeside Manor
This unit is about evaluation and testing. Students' level can be assessed by tutorials, evaluation by the students and tests. Tests can be: placement tests, which are designed to enable teachers to p
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For a class to be able to learn effectively the teacher must be able to inspire confidence in the students.The teacher must be flexible and change his or her role according to the activity and situati
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Unit Ten was very helpful in getting into the consciousness of being a teacher. The contrast between the first and second videos shows how teaching styles can create either student confusion, or a pos
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In this unit, I've found for myself some interesting ideas to teach conditionals to students, how to make it easier for them to understand in a form of a game. Also, the Mixed conditional was somehow
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Lancaster Court
The unit demonstrates how conditional tenses are used in the English language. There are five conditional tenses, including the zero conditional tense, the first conditional tense, the second conditio
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Lancaster Village
This unit shows me more specialized in the method of education and more accurate and deep in the means of education that the teacher must use in the classroom with the students so that he can achieve
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Landenberg Junction
I have learnt what kind of role we should have as teachers, the stage of learning a foreign language frombasic to advanced, main important effects in teaching english such as age culture, motivatio
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Landers Park
Course materials and course books are an integral part of the teaching and learning process. A good teacher will approach potential course book selection and inevitable material selection and creation
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unit 20 kind of wraps everything up in terms of the best practices to use in all different kinds of situations. Troubleshooting is a good way to learn about the problems that teachers can usually enco
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Latimer Estates
The focus of this unit was based on introducing and encouraging new vocabulary and new language structure. It also went over the different ESA structures again, straight arrow, patchwork and boomerang
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Now, for Unit 12, similarly to Unit 11 we deal with two very important skills. Productive skills refer to speaking and writing whereas receptive skills were reading and listening. this Unit was helpfu
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Laurel Bend
This unit covers the key points of the last six units. It includes the most important parts of the English language teaching: vocabulary, grammar and function. We understand that which aspects of thes
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This section described the usefulness of tests and evaluations. Tests can help place students in the right level of coursework, periodically measure progress, prepare for a final examination and prepa
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Lauren Farms
I have known how to conduct with the student ? have in the classs , how to arrange the class seating possition according the class space and the number of student in the class , how I sh
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This unit was understanding the various teaching aids and equipment that can be used while teaching and its advantages and disadvantages. Which equipment can be used for study stage, which for engage
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Layton Corners
I learned that teacher can have different roles, few more than I thought about earlier, and teacher has a responsibility to assess the situation and decide which role to take in which moment, where is
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There are different types of class groups which may require slightly different types of skills. The beginner learner can further be classified into five groups; Absolute beginner, false beginner,adult
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Leedon Estates
Managing the class is as important as teaching itself. A teacher should be firm, respectful, smiling, helpful. To keep the students interested and involved a teacher should use a group work, a pairwor
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In this unit we get information about teaching productive skills, from the name of unit we already can understand that teachers will learn how to make more productivaty students skill in different are
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Unit 2 was about parts of speech.This unit contains:nouns and their main types:common,proper,compound,abstract and collective.Nouns can be countable or uncountable. Adjectives:comparisons and superlat
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Lewes Beach
This unit explored different ways to teach speaking and writing skills in the classroom. The module gave various examples of how to engage students in the material with questions, games, drills, and b
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Lewes Naval Facility
I guess being a native English speaker, most usage just comes naturally and I don't always think about how the tenses are broken down. So to try to stop and put a label on the exact form of a verb te
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Lexington Mill
This unit taught as to how to make the lessons more interesting and engaging allowing teachers and student to freely communicate with each other and effective participation of students. It clearly lai
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There are a number of ways to asses a student's language level: -tutorials -evaluation by the student -tests Tutorials can take place with the whole group or with individual students. Evaluation by th
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This unit taught me about the options for teaching aids and the effectiveness for each. Boards are good for many things such as writing, drawing, projecting overheads, and they hold the attention of
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Lightfoots Furnace
It's amazing what you can actually accomplish when using the phonetic symbols with English learning skills. However, with Americans using the Webster dictionary and it's key, and The U.K using the Oxf
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Limestone Acres
This module, while seemingly simple, contained some important information regarding the materials that can be utilized in the classroom, including textbooks and all variations of created materials. As
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