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Hickory Dale Acres
This unit offers an interesting introduction to source material and online references. The information on what to check before using some basic equipment was little bit too basic and obvious , I woul
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Hickory Hill
Unit 6 touched upon the 4 types of tenses that are used to discuss actions that occurred in the past (past simple, past perfect, past continuous, past perfect continuous). Much like their counterpart
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Hickory Ridge
I believe this unit might be especially helpful in the future since I already had a chance to plan the lessons for some classes and I didn't feel that I was up to a task. I think I always felt like I
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Hideaway Acres
Today we wrap up unit nineteen dealing with teaching special groups. Depending on what type of class you end up teaching will completely change you style and methods of teaching. When children are the
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High Point
This unit is devoted to teaching productive skills, which is speaking and writing. Unfortunately, writing is the most neglected skill when teaching. Teachers usually leave it as homework or don't pay
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Highland Acres
In this unit, I learnt how to differentiate between the four types of past tenses used in the English language. When determining what tense the sentence is using/needs to use, I should look at the sen
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Highland Meadows
This unit told about different types of materials.For instance: authentic materials and created materials. Each type of material should be suitable for the level of students,for the topic of lesson an
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Highland West
During this Unit, I was shown and taught the different forms of teaching aids available to seasoned and new teachers alike, these different teaching aids may very depending on the teacher, students, e
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Highland Woods
In unit 11 we learned about teaching and receptive skills, such as reading and listening, speaking and writing, and minor parts of each. Such as reading alone contains smaller skills such as skimming,
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Attitude of the teacher has a huge effect on ability of students to learn . As evidence in the first lesson - not engaging students from the beginning impacts the entire course of the lesson. It is eq
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Unit 18 completed the brief overview of English grammar. The point is made that the grammar sections in this EFL course is very basic, and only covers essential issues the teacher will most likely enc
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This unit was based on the Tense System and focused on the future. There are a number of different ways of referring to the future in English. The most commonly used are the future simple, the future
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Hillside Heights
The future tense is one of the most complex areas of English language and Unit 8 provides the various future tenses , forms and usage . The future simple ( I shall/will ,you will ,he/she/it will,we sh
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Hilltop Manor
This unit describes different forms of verbs, clauses, and sentence forms including modal auxiliary verbs, relative clauses, and phrasal verbs. I learned the difference between a defining and an un-de
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Hitchens Crossroads
This unit is about teaching language,i.d. introducing a new grammar, function and vocabulary. There are four things that a student needs to know regarding new language: be exposed to it, understand i
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Hoars Addition
In this Unit, we are able to learn more about how to evaluate and test the students. A student can be assessed by the other students as a training exercise that will be useful for all of them; or they
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Unit 13 did't show me especially new knowledge, most of the information is clear to me and logical (because I met with almost all the objects mentioned in this chapter during education), it is easy t
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Holiday Acres
This section was really interesting, because although I have read or referenced the dictionary many times I have never paid any attention to the phonetic words or alphabet. Reading this was like a who
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Holiday Hills
This unit's test did have me really thinking about my answers a lot. Dissecting the wording of the answers was a little confusing and going forward I'll need to pay more attention with past tenses. I
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Holiday Pines
This unit was a reflection of the different methodologies used globally over a period of time and the ESA method to be followed for effective results with TEFL. I have learnt ESA approach, and have go
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Unit 19 provides concise information for teaching different types of students. I learned the five different categories of beginners, with tips and techniques, possible problems for each category and m
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Holletts Corners
Reporting speech is an important element of language. Having the ability to spend time in class practicing this is crucial. It’s not impossible to practice this concept alone. However, the rate that
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Holloway Terrace
Lesson Planning is very important. Planning, structure and setting up the lesson can be used as a guide. The teacher still needs to be flexible for any possible changes that can occur within the clas
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Holly Knoll
In this unit I learned about the different types of modals and their different uses such as expressing obligation, possibility, permission, ability, and advice. It is interesting to see how it is all
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Holly Oak
This unit covers the various different version of past tense that exists in the English language. Mostly this unit was interesting to me to think about how I use past tense but don't realize how it br
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Holly Oak Terrace
This unit addresses the teaching of specialized groups (in contrast to the teaching of general English to adult learners that we have seen so far). More specifically, this chapter discusses the teachi
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this was an interesting unit because it helped us to grasp the best way to teach pronunciation. the section on articulation was particularly helpful, especially the section illustrating the difference
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This unit is one that will be very tricky to remember all of the rules for. I think that this section is one where if you grew up speaking english as a first language these rules were not necessarily
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Hopkins Corners
These unit focuses on the four different types of past tense, past simple, past continuous, past perfect and past perfect continuous. Past simple: Affirmative- (add -ed or –d to the base form of t
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This unit addressed areas such as how to get students motivated and how to teach at a level and pace for the whole class. Other areas to be aware of are that listening skills are often neglected in cl
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The confusion between future tenses (coupled with present tenses) for a non-english speaker is easy to understand as most english speakers would have difficulty explaining which tense is which. Having
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Hudson Pond Acres
Challenging Unit. Knowing how to use the different types of Tenses in different one-on-one/ or group conversations takes daily practice. It is important to use the correct tense when you address or ta
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Hughes Crossroads
In this Unit I learn about conditionals and reported speech. If it comes to reporting speech it can cause a lot of confusion and problems to students although there is a guid to how the speech changes
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Hunting Hills
This unit shows two videos by the same teacher presenting the same grammar to the same class. From those videos, it is seen that it's very important to start the lesson correctly. The attitude of the
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There are four basic skills in any language: -receptive:reading and listening -productive:speaking and writing Reasons for reading and listening. We can divide the reasons and motives for reading and
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Hyde Park
This unit explains the parts of speech that form the English language structure. These parts include nouns, verbs, adjectives, and conjunctions. The unit also explains variances within each part of s
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This unit is based on the four basic skills in languages; receptive skills- reading and listening and productive skills- speaking and writing. The lesson used in this unit teaches me on how to use th
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Indian Beach
In this unit I learn;t how pronunciation and phonology i used to teach my students good English. I learn't about the international phonetic alphabet and how I as a teacher can use it to teach my stude
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Indian Field
This unit discussed the pros and cons of using a text book for teaching English. I learned it is best to supplement the course book with other materials, such as authentic menus or newspaper articles
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Indian Mission
As a teacher there are a multitude of ways to convey information to one's students. Certain classroom equipment, like the whiteboard or CD player, are best used when these resources have been consider
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Indian River
In order to become a fluent participant in a language in context, one must develop receptive skills of said language. To teach receptive skills is not as straight-forward as drilling vocabulary, but i
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Indian River Acres
This unit touches upon the five main types of conditionals and how to report speech in the English language. In the first section, I have learned about the five main conditionals in English, their g
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Iron Hill
In this unit I learned about teaching vocabulary to students. I learned about language functions such as inviting, suggesting and agreeing. According to the unit, the criteria for selecting which vo
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Israel Haul
Evaluating and testing should be done periodically for all students. Levels should always be taken into consideration, especially if a student is brand new to the class room. The best thing really is
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Ivy Ridge
Once again, our understanding of what ‘teaching’ is, is based on our past experience. Our earliest experience was in school, where the teacher was also a ‘master’ or ‘mistress’, standing i
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Jacobs Crossroads
This unit, as with the unit based on teaching receptive skills, probably wasn't the most engaging one so far, but the message was straightforward and simple and made sense. The unit was also very help
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Jefferson Crossroads
In this unit, unit 10 I learned how to teach a class of students the right way, and the wrong way. The first video for me personally I found it very uncomfortable to watch. the teacher didn't seemed t
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Jefferson Farms
This unit reviewed the four aspects of the present tense which are the present simple, the present continuous, the present perfect, and the present perfect continuous tenses. I learned about the gramm
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Unit Nine dove into the details of lesson planning. Everything is presented in an organized manner with explanations of why as well as how. This is important to me as a trainee because now I catch a g
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I learned that there are different types of present tenses that I did not know about and how they apply. Present simple refers to habits or routines or general truths. Present continuous refers to act
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