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As a teacher of over 20 years, I found this chapter a little frustrating. I make very simple lesson plans, but value them in helping me keep track of what to do, timing and to keep track of sequence.
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Dunlinden Acres
The unit explains how to introduce new vocabulary and grammatical structures to students. The vocabulary chosen should always be appropriate for both the teacher and the student, whether or not it is
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My Reflection in this unit is very positive considering When I was in elementary school, I was just freestyling and I was confused because in the past I was mixing past tense and present tense. The us
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Dupont Manor
Having several tenses for the future can be very confusing for English learners. With the amount of choices we have it’s easy for people to be overwhelmed. However I think that this concept isn’t
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Duross Heights
In this unit talks about two types of teaching videos by using the same lesson. What I have learned from this unit, first I saw the two videos of teaching and It makes me compare the two
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Dutch Neck Crossroads
Unit 7 is about how to teach new vocabulary, new grammatical structures and new language functions. When teaching vocabulary you need to start by selecting the appropriate vocabulary and identifying t
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East Lake
In this unit I learned about troubleshooting in the classroom and how to deal with different levels of students. I think the most effective strategy while dealing with students of different levels is
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East Lake Gardens
This lesson talks about the teaching of pronunciation and phonology. Pronunciation is a graphic representation of the way sword is spoken, using phonetic symbols, pronunciation teaching gives life to
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East Minquadale
This unit covered the pluses and minuses of using a course textbook to teach English. In the grand scheme of things I'd say having a course book is helpful as a guide, and if you're working with a goo
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East Side Village
This unit helps define the different teaching techniques required to encourage students to engage in speaking and writing tasks in the classroom. The ESL layout of a class helped me clarify what eleme
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Eastburn Acres
The unit explains the different future tenses that exist in the English language and the situations in which they are used. It begins by explaining the future simple, used for facts, certainties, prom
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Eastburn Heights
This past unit was all about the equipment used within a classroom, and how the teacher should use them in lessons. There are many different teaching aids a teacher can use, but some of them require k
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Eastman Heights
This unit focuses on two lessons: one that is ineffective and one that represents the way a class should be taught. In the first video, the teacher presents jumbled and unclear information to the stud
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Eastover Hills
In this unit, I learned about conditionals and reported speech. The unit discusses conditional sentences first, which it breaks down into 5 categories. The zero conditional sentence is formed with i
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In this unit, general guidelines for pronunciation are shown, as this area is the least taught by teachers. The way to pronounce is not standarized as it varies due to many factors. The intonation, st
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Eden Park
In this unit, I considered what types of language components and structures there are, and how to structure lessons to include an engaging experience that includes time for students to practice their
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Eden Park Gardens
In this unit, I have learned about the seven most common tenses used in the English language to talk about the future, along with their respective usage. These seven tenses are the following: - Futur
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Eden Roc
This unit helped me learn how I could categorize the four basic skills into receptive and productive skills. It clearly explained why it is important to engage in a lot of time to help learners develo
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Pronunciation is probably the most neglected aspect of English language teaching. Phonology is the study science analysis and classification of the physical properties of sounds. Intonation is general
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Edge Hill
In this lesson, I learned about useful equipment in the classroom and other teaching aids. The unit discusses several different things which help a teacher during a lesson, beginning with boards, inc
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Edge Moor
In this unit I learned about the various future tenses. These include the future simple, future continuous, future perfect, future perfect continuous, and the "going to" future tenses. The first of
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Throughout my tutoring years, I often overlook the importance of responding to students in english only. Now, I know after reading through this last lesson. If and when they speak to me in their nat
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Edgehill Acres
This unit gave a detailed overview of the usage for the following tenses. Past simple- For a past action when the time is given. Past continuous- for uninterrupted past actions. Past perfect tense fo
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Both videos are of poor quality (I did not hear and did not understand almost all of the students' answers, especially in the 1st video) so it was difficult to understand their mistakes. Watching and
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Edgemoor Gardens
In unit 8, we study future tenses, examples and their usages. Future tenses include the future simple, future continuous, future perfect, future perfect continuous, be going + infinitive (going to fut
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Edgemoor Terrace
This unit covers some of the more advanced aspects of English grammar, including modal verbs, reported and indirect speech, the passive voice, and phrasal verbs. The modal verbs include words like "sh
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Edgewater Acres
As a young English Educator with some experience I've learned so much during this course. I appreciate all the content given in all the above Units. The content is a realistic reflection to real life
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Edgewood Hills
In this Unit 2 I learned great deal about parts of speech. This Unit made me realize that even tho my knowlage of English language is very good I was not able to name every word in my own sentences as
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Speaking and writing are two productive language skills. Speaking requires a higher level of fluency that allows the student to communicate with little prep time whereas writing requires a higher leve
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In going through this lesson, I have realized my heavy reliance on course books. Indeed, the course book does not always cater to each student's specific need. This is a critical reminder for me as
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Elliott Heights
The content of this unit focuses on pronunciation (including stress and intonation) and phonology. There are many features that revolve around pronunciation and that students need to learn in order fo
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This unit focuses on how the challenges of teaching receptive skills. Receptive skills are reading and listening. I found it interesting when it suggested two categories for these skills- for a purpo
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This unit had some useful information about the differences between the receptive and productive skills. It was good to learn about how to combat any problems that could be encountered during the teac
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Elsmere Junction
This was an extremely informative section on grammar. I had no idea how much I did not know until I read through this. This will be a section I read and reread many many times. As a native English sp
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English Village
This unit focuses on future tenses, their form and usages. Future tenses include two present tenses that can be used with future meaning and that are frequently used in the English language. It is the
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Everetts Corner
This unit focuses on past tenses, their form and usages. Although the form of each tense tends to always have the same structure, there are many usages for each of these tenses that can be quite confu
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Evergreen Acres
In unit No. 7, I learned about any lesson that is provided to students, for learning new language, should make them understand the meaning, construction, and production of it. WE have to make sure tha
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The final unit looked at common problems teachers can encounter in the classroom and offers some very helpful ways to deal with .There are usually some problems in the first lessons with the new qroup
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I found this unit very interesting and useful,because when I was student we didn't learn this part of teaching skills such as teaching phonetics, and we can find inthis unit different task sheets for
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Fairfield Crest
In this unit I learnt that the definition of pronunciation and phonology,which includes the intonation(techniques for indicating and teaching intonation),stress, the phonetic alphabets, phonemic symbo
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Fairfield Farms
In this unit we have seen the qualities, roles & responsibilities of both teachers and students in the classroom. The teachers should know how to handle the different situation in a classroom and how
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After this unit, I've learned some new techniques to apply to a to the reading part of the lesson, for example, to predict the content from the headline or title, which is going to be an interesting a
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I have understood the possible confusion between 'be going to' and the future simple. Teaching ideas, ie. 'going on a holiday' or 'winning the lottery, what would you do?' and the use of songs has bee
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This unit was based on Lesson Planning. I find the lesson plans in this unit to be very concrete and solid lessons can be taught using these lesson plans. With the integration of the Engage, Study and
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Unit 3 was about Theories,methods and techniques.For as long as people have been learning and teaching language,there has been continual and often heated debate as to which methods and techniques prod
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Unit 15 looks at different ways of evaluating students' levels and their progress,as well as introducing some general external examinations such as TOEFL,IELTS ,KET,PET,FCE,CAE and ESOL .We can evalua
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From this unit, I learned that helping students increase their receptive skills might take giving them work that is moderately challenging. It is also good if you can teach them difficult vocabulary a
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Faulkland Heights
This unit was very useful in understanding various vocabulary and grammatical structure including various techniques of presenting and practicing language structures. This section gave a comprehensive
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Unit 16 returns to the subject of English grammar and take a close look at conditional sentences ,different forms and usages .This unit also covers the reported speech (indirect speech)and direct spee
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I have learned the characteristics of what makes a good teacher, such as being patient, building rapport and involving all students equally. I have also learned the many roles of being a teacher inclu
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