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Limestone Gap
Unit 9 talks about lesson planning. Teachers have different ways of writing a lesson plan such as jotting down notes, logging details in class note books, however lesson planning should be flexible t
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Limestone Gardens
Unit twelve was all about teaching productive skills. The two productive skills are speaking and writing. These two skills are very necessary for you to work in to your lesson plan for the student to
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Unit 17 presents common equipments and teaching aids that are found in a classroom setting such as blackboards/whiteboards, smart boards, OHPs, videos and dvds, video camera, dictionaries, coursebooks
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Lincoln City
In this Unit i got I got an example of bad and good lesson. The first lesson was full of teachers' mistakes.In the first lesson teacher did not introduce himself to students or asked their names,or ta
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This unit describes two receptive skills of language learning, listening and reading. Where reading is "captured" language, language that the students can look back at and refer to as many times as th
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Linden Hill
The most difficult skill to cover in the classroom is writing. As it is mentioned writing is the quiet time in the class and most students are not interested in practice writing. They prefer to devot
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Little Creek
I loved that this module was based on videos. It gave me a feel of what the material I've been studying would look like applied in real life. It was informative seeing what an effective and a contrast
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Little Heaven
While reading the material for this lesson, I learned several differences between the traditional writing on the board, overhead projectors, and interactive white boards. I learned that while overhead
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Little Heaven-High Point
Unit 10 is about observing two types of lesson and comparing it. The first lesson is an example of what you should not do as a teacher; while the second one is an example of what you should do. The te
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This unit shows the possible solutions when facing situations in the classroom. For new and existing groups, teachers can use different exercises to establish rapport and set the plan for future lesso
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Llangollen Estates
This is really a great experience to see the real classroom teaching technique. It shows clearly how the attitude of a teacher change the interest of the students of a classroom. A good teacher can ea
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This unit looks at lesson planning. I begins with a broad breakdown of the reasons for planning lessons-how it will help the teacher as a record and as a teaching aid. It then looks at the basic stru
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London Village
This unit is devoted to the equipment and teaching aids. Nowadays, a teacher can use many teaching aids to make lessons more interesting and effective. They are: IWB, OHP, videos and DVDs, video camer
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Long Neck
Unit 18 was the last of the grammar units, and for me it was certainly the most difficult! The unit started by giving us an explanation of modal auxiliary verbs--their uses, composition, and changes
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Longview Farms
To summarize all the grammar units from this course I need to look through all of them again. Phrasal verbs are really hard for stundents to understand. At least it was really hard for me. Probably, t
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Unit 1 is very informative, it covers the roles of both the teacher and the learner which are the two most important bodies in a classroom. This unit taught me that, we need to be emotionally sta
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Lorewood Grove
This unit brought me back to English 101 from my younger days when I attended my university. Considering that I have been an ESL teacher for over 15 years; I found it interesting how infrequently that
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This is a short yet very useful unit which talks about how tp teach receptive skills. receptive skills refer to the abilities of listening and reading. both of them are equally important and should be
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Unit 20 is a troubleshooting unit, focused on common problems that arise in the classroom, with suggestions for solutions. Topics include First Lessons, where I learned the two most important things
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Lower Christiana
Past Tense Verbs refer to actions or events in the past. They can be regular verbs that simply end with a "d" or an "ed" or they can be irregular and change their spelling to show the past tense. The
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Lowes Crossroads
Unit 16 is about conditionals and reported speech. Conditionals are sentences containing “if” (or similar such as when) which refer to past, present and future possibilities. I learned in this u
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This unit was an excellent opportunity to build on the most common and important aspects of the grammatical system. It has allowed me the opportunity to recognize and classify the parts of speech. I h
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Lynch Heights
This unit is about a lesson plan. It is really important to do it, especially for an inexperienced teacher. A lesson plan helps a teacher keep on target and gives something to refer to during the less
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As a teacher of over 25 years, I agree that what is most important is to know your students. No curriculum can meet the needs of every student population. That being said, I do appreciate that curri
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The use of video was helpful to show how the flow of the class will be effective or ineffective. The teacher's confidence in explaining and giving feedback in the second video made for a much more ple
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This unit covers the subject of teaching pronunciation and phonology. It begins with a short discussion on the importance and relevance of pronunciation and then phonology. This is followed by a sect
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This unit describes the many different combinations of future tense combined with different aspects and some skewing of different tenses and aspects (present simple and present continuous) that take o
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Manette Heights
In this lesson talks about how to teach the productive skills (writing and speaking), the problem students where students may have in writing and speaking skill. in this lesson provid
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This unit was based on teaching pronunciation and phonology. In phonology we deal with the areas of stress, rhythm and intonation, as well as concentrating on the International Phonetic Alphabet and i
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Manor Park
In this lesson I learned about the importance of lesson planning as well as the importance of flexibility when preparing lessons. While it is very important to have a thorough lesson plan to make sure
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Manor Park Apartments
The future tense of verbs expresses events or actions that have not yet happened and that will happen at some point in the future. There are four forms of the future tense. They include:simple futur
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This unity discussed how to recognize characteristics of a good teacher and student in order to increase the success of the learning experience. A teacher that knows how to guide students in a classro
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I appreciate the details about lesson planning. Each component is necessary for a lesson to be taught and received well. The "personal aims" and "self evaluation" portions did draw my attention. Of
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Marabou Meadows
Testing is a mechanism to assure quality of a product, system, or capability (e.g., right product, built right). To be effective, testing cannot occur only at the end of a development. It must be addr
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Marker Estates
The unit overviewed the types of tests or assessments that a teacher might give to students as well as explained the external tests that EFL students might have to take after the completion of an EFL
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Unit 19 is based on teaching special groups such as teaching beginners, teaching individual students and teaching children. In teaching beginners there are different categories that learners may fall
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There are 7 different tense systems. Future simple is used for future facts, promises,predictions and assumptions. Future continuous is used to say something will be in progress at a specific moment i
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Marvels Crossroads
This unit gave a detailed summary of Future tenses and how they are different from the present tense. It helped me understand the usage of the future simple, future continuous, future perfect and futu
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The future tense is one of the complex tense in english language. In this unit useage of future tenses and their structures were explained in detail. I have realized that many different tenses and ide
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In this unit, I have learnt more about classroom management as a skill of organizing and managing the class and creating a friendly and relaxed atmosphere as well as maintaining discipline in the clas
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Masten's Corner
I have learnt all the rules about which kind of plans and decision should be used in advance in order to demonstrate the type of future tenses for example ? should utilise the planned and
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Well explained grammar of past tenses and task sheets make this unit very practical. Past Tenses with all heir forms are given in this unit, and I think sometimes itsn't easy for teachers to explain s
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During this unit I have seen the difference the attitude and way the teacher presents himself can make. I have learnt the importance of being clear and understandable, and learnt treating the students
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Mayview Manor
Unlike the previous units on tenses, I found this to be particularly enthralling, because the concepts are much more complex. I would think this unit contains the most material that students will stru
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This unit discusses the principles behind Modals, Phrasal verb, and the Passive voice. It is divided into three sections which focus on each grammatical concept. The first section discusses the charac
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McDaniel Heights
This unit showed us two different lessons and we were supposed to get what was good and correct from the lessons and what was the incorrect way to go about the lessons. The biggest lesson I learnt fr
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McDonalds Crossroads
? picked the the so vital information about how to select the right material equipment such as visual aids, cassette recorder, video camera and resource book and worksheet etc. ? also learnt how
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This section informs of the benefits and the challenges of textbooks in the classroom. Textbooks can provide a teacher with a tested backbone for the class and give students a sense of direction, but
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McKnatt Corners
This unit helped me learn and understand how I could engage and help my learners improve their productive skills. I also learnt the difference between accuracy and fluency activities. I learnt differe
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Meadow Acres
? learnt different type of aim of read,ng and listening such as for purpose and entartaiment and ? also understood the kind of reading and listenind like skimming ,scanning ,reading in detail predic
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