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I have learned that the teacher was more successful in the second video because he had board work up on the board already. He didn't keep repeating a question until he got the right answer. This way
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despite being a very lengthy and most complicated unit to me, this unit has helped me understand pronunciation and the factors that affect pronunciation. by the use of phonemic symbols now I understan
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This unit introduces the basic rules of classroom management. It determines the means that lead to, student's motivation, a good rapport ,and discipline in the classroom . Those means are: Eye contac
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From the unit material, I gained knowledge about the techniques for teaching beginners including control of language use, asking lots of questions, constant revision and awareness of students' needs.
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I think there is a lot of different grammar sections included in this unit, which makes it kind of difficult to find it cohesive. Overall, it did give a good, quick overview, but I think I need to stu
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Unit thirteen was extremely informative. Many of the sections in this unit were very interesting and I found myself enjoying the readings. The section of stresses, intonation and the phonetic alphabe
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this unit had helped me understand the lesson plan procedure.it tells us about the important functions of a lesson plan tells us about the basic principles a lesson plan should have. what we can achie
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Mammoth Spring
In my experience, listening is very hard when you don't know a language very well. I have learned some basic Spanish but when I hear Spanish speakers, it seems that they talk so fast and that makes i
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This unit helped summarize what qualities make a good educator AND a good student, as well as basic ways to assess students' levels of English comprehension, and the pitfalls and hurdles both educator
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I liked this unit, as it gave a good overview of the different types of classes. I think this could have even been two units, with some more information included. I believe it is very important to kno
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I think this unit was pretty straight forward and there is not that much to reflect. The primary point was to get familiar with different types of testing. As a teacher, placement tests and progress t
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Marked Tree
Unit one talks about the characteristics and roles of a teacher. It explains the different roles a teacher should adopt in class and also when to use each one. We also see the different qualities a go
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this unit gives us a general overview on course books and lesson materials. this unit gives us the difference between authentic and creative materials and examples of each. it emphasizes a lot on crea
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I learned Spanish at a young age. This unit made me feel nostalgic as I could reminisce about my early education as I went through the content. I also saw a lot of parallelism between the way my Russi
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This lesson got me quite excited! There is such a variety of teaching experiences and opportunity available in the EFL world! I appreciated the opportunity to learn more about the different dynamics a
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This unit revolves around class planning. It shows how a lesson plan should be written down,what should be included in the lesson plan such as learners objectives, personla aims,language point, teachi
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This unit explained teaching vocabulary, grammar, and language functions. I learned that vocabulary is very important when teaching younger students and there are several factors to determine how diff
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In this unit I have learned about the different tests that can be given to students to test their English level, to test how they are progressing, to let them get used to the structure of an examinati
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This unit helped explain how conditionals work in sentences. I was familiar with conditionals, but I personally had never thought to categorize conditionals as this chapters had, such as discussing th
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This unit taught conditional and reported speech. I learned that conditionals are sentence using the world "if" or "when" and refers to past, present or future possibilities. I learned there are five
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This unit showed two videos. The same teacher and class were seen in both videos with the first lesson showing the teacher less effective at engaging with the students, talking disrespectfully to them
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Morning Star
This unit gives teachers a clear explanation of the tenses such as the usage and condition of a sentence. When teachers apply these points in the lesson, it helps the student to understand and be able
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Teaching productive skills does not seem like an easy task. This is something that seems like I will need a lot of practice in order to help students effectively. Writing and speaking are things that
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Mount George
This units shows the importance of helping students to participate in the classroom. Teachers need to consider many things so as to establish rapport between students and teachers. This unit teaches t
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Mount Holly
Learning a new language is a process.There are four things a student must do to to a speedy and effective new language learning.They should be exposed to it in every classroom activities.They should u
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Mount Ida
In this particular unit I found most of the information a good refresher. My experience over that last ten years has taught me much, mostly through trial and error. However, every year I encounter one
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Mountain Home
There are four basic skills that need to be addressed when learning a new language; listening , speaking, reading and writing. We have productive skills, which are speaking and writing, and he have pr
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Mountain View
There is so many different kinds of students thus different types of classes. This simple fact encourages me a lot to keep trying to teach and discover new challenges while working with different kind
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In this 15th unit we had a very good introduction to the subject of evaluation and testing of our learners' language skills. We had a thorough look to the various tests that can use in class, or even
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This unit had some excellent information on structuring a classroom in a mannerly and engaging way. As someone who is currently a teacher in a less traditional field (performing arts), due the need fo
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In this unit I have studied in more details on teaching the language as well as method used and works for most language learner. Information what and how to conduct lessons and what methods work best
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Natural Steps
This unit clearly explains differences between teaching new vocabularies, grammar usage and also language function. And the ESA can be used in such a flexibility. When teaching new vocabularies, teach
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I think this was another helpful unit on grammar. It was pretty concise so that was easy to read and keep in mind the essential rules. I believe this may be difficult to teach, since I am not sure if
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This unit sheds light on common problem situations in the classroom. It provides the teacher with effective solutions for those issues, which are the following: Some activities for the first lesson, w
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North Little Rock
The two receptive skills are reading and listening.These two receptive skills are of utmost importance in teaching English in the classroom. Teachers should master these two skills for the success of
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In this unit I learned about tips and also problems that can arise from teaching special groups for example. To teach beginners you have to be aware of your students' needs and have clear and realisti
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This Unit focuses on classroom management and how teachers can inspire confidence in the students by being flexible and by changing their role according to the activity and the situation at hand witho
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Unit 12 is all about the teaching of productive skills such as speaking and writing. The skill of writing is one of the strongest assets to a student but is typically an underdeveloped tool due to its
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In this unit I studied about the receptive skills named speaking and writing. I learned that accuracy activities are usually part of the study phase while fluency activities are part of the activate p
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In unit 3 I learnt various methodologies to use in the English classroom, there is no methodology that is best, because everyone learns in a different way. I also aquired the ESA technique that allow
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Teaching receptive skills is a task that many students never have to think about. However, having been a tutor for so many years, I have had to do this many times. Receptive skills are necessary to ex
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The way a teacher "manages" his/her class was examined in this 5th unit. Eye contact, gestures and the voice of the teacher, can be crucial in the students'learning if used correctly. Also the class a
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Pea Ridge
With his unit, I learn for the first about the class managing. I knew or guessed a bit about the techniques I could apply but never read about the theory of it. The presence of this unit right afte
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Peach Orchard
This unit starts with the different types of classes that can be taught. We look into teaching beginners and their different kinds. We also check tips, methodology and techniques and also problems we
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This final unit served as a last chance to address some common problems faced in ESL classrooms and the solutions around them. Most of these issues had been briefly addressed in earlier lessons to var
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This unit taught the different types of present forms used in the English language. I learned how to correctly identify the present simple, present continuous, present perfect and present perfect cont
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In this unit I learned that Modal auxiliary verbs can be used to express differing degrees of formality and that Modal verbs don't change in form according to person and also that they are followed by
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This unit was helpful in teaching those who have no experience in teaching, "how to teach." I hope that once placed into a program, each TEFL or TOEFL graduate will receive training. English language
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Pine Bluff
This unit talks about how neglected pronunciation is in the English classroom. This is probably due to lack of confidence in foreign teachers, so Applied Phonetics are hardly ever taught. A good reaso
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This unit spoke about the importance of creating a lesson plan, especially for a new teacher. I learned that although new teachers should follow a lesson plan template, more experience teachers can si
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