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In this Unit I learned about the difference between authentic material and created material, I also received some examples of these created materials like role-play cards, crossword puzzles etc. to gi
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I found the lessons in this unit to be helpful, especially the exercises suggested to be used as activation elements. However, some of the explanations were vague and the answers uncommon for American
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This unit gave examples of two different teaching styles when teaching the concept of CAN and CAN'T. I learned that a teacher has to smile, have a lot of energy and gestures in order to be more effect
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In this unit I learned about lesson plans, what they can be used for and how to construct them correctly. I also learned about functions of a lesson plan and that it can be used as an aid to planning,
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The classroom example was good, but it seemed too obvious that the first video was an example of a bad teacher. One thing that was not addressed was the fact that the teacher was barefooted...improper
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This unit talked about the usage of materials in the classroom. It went over some previously introduced topics, such as the contrast between authentic and created materials, but it also discussed the
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