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I found this unit to be extremely beneficial for many different reasons. Many of the tests I had heard before but had no clear idea their purpose and what they tested for due to the overwhelming and s
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This unit provides a good description of the relationships between instructor and students in the classroom. I learned that teachers have many hats that they must use to help the ESL learners. There a
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Prairie Grove
Unit 16 teaches us the use of conditional sentences as well as the use of reported speech. Conditional sentences refer to "if" expressions in the past, present and future. You have two clauses; the "i
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In addition to giving us a basic introduction to the topic of teaching writing, this unit restated an aspect that I need to keep in mind. There is a difference between accuracy and fluency and there
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This unit taught me about common problems and situations that I can encounter in the classroom and also the unit suggests ways of dealing with them. There are two kinds of classes. The new group, whic
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This unit covered the common types of ESL learning groups one may encounter in a career and their various needs. While- based on the routes I'm taking- I will most likely be working with young beginne
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In this Unit I studied about the different kinds of past tenses. It is not too different from the present tenses except that past tenses relate to past time periods. I learned how to identify the diff
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this unit helps us as teachers to understand productive skills by providing a lot of information,ation about it. it gives us typical examples of why two people would be communicating with each other.
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this unit has helped me identify the several future tenses that are there. it has helped me understand them very well individually and how they are structurally formed. this unit also helps us as futu
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This unit covered teaching special groups. It gave techniques and possible problems for teaching beginners along with techniques for teaching children and business English. This unit also talked about
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The unit was a deep dive into the intricacies of pronouncing words and sentences. It's an intimidating subject. For example, I've always felt that one of the hardest things for an ESL learner must be
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In this section I reviewed a lot of grammar I have not visited in a long time. I will have to go back to this whenever I am preparing to teach it. Tenses in English are very intricate and may be confu
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The unit covered material about the common problem situations which teachers will be faced with including first lessons, warmers for lesson commencement, different language levels of students, large c
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This unit presents the different types of evaluating and testing. There are tests that take place in language schools such as placement test, practice test, diagnostic test, and progress test. Those
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This unit revolves around teaching special groups. It provides the teacher with the best techniques and methodologies for teaching young learners, beginners, individual student, and business students
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I learned what it entails to be an adept educator and the characteristics of an effective learner. I ascertained that a teacher needs to adapt to different roles throughout the lesson, depending on th
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I liked this unit as it explained the different methods and intentions when reading a text. I believe you can do a lot of fun exercises with students, similar to the examples that were provided. Espec
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I have learned that there are three different tenses in English and each of these tenses has four aspects named simple, continuous, perfect and perfect continuous.We looked at the four present tenses
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I think this unit could have included a lot more content, it felt a bit weak to be the last chapter of this certification course. The advice that was included was helpful, but, as I said, there could
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This unit presents the different types of conditional: zero conditional, first conditional, second conditional, third conditional, and mixed conditional. This unit also brings into play reported speec
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The lesson involved comparing two different classroom environments, one confusing and intimidating, the other engaging and effective, to see what works and what doesn't. There were the obvious do's an
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The third unit provided an overview of various types of methodologies that are implemented in teaching ESL; it also focused on three main phases of teaching. I learned that the engage phase should be
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Siloam Springs
This unit talks about the system and structure of past tenses. It shows us how they do not differ very much from the present tenses, apart from the fact that they express past time periods. Here we ca
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In this Unit I have learned about Future tenses and also how they compare to past and present tense. I have learned that the present continuous tense can also be used as a future tense with usages suc
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South Lead Hill
Lesson planning is at the heart of being an effective teacher. It is a creative process that allows us to synthesize our understanding of second language acquisition and language teaching pedagogy wit
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In unit 19, I’ve learned how to teach beginners?individuals?younger learners? business English ?and monolingual and multilingual. The most impressive part for me is teaching beginners . When teachin
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St. Joe
This unit shows us how to evaluate students. Some internal tests will provide information on what level your students have by taking a placement test. A diagnostic test will tell you what your student
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I think this unit provided a lot of good ideas of creating good content for lessons. It was a bit difficult to keep up with all the different games that were suggested - while it is great input it did
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Star City
We had studied the four sentences in the past 1- Past simple Usage when we talk about completed action in the past with a definite time. Verb+ed and we are using time expression, such as ago,yester
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This course gave an overview of some of the obstacles a teacher may face in the classroom. I learned the difference between a new group and an existing group and how important it is for a teacher to e
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This unit was more difficult that I imagined. I understand completely, more than most, how to use proper English grammar, however, when it comes to the labels of "present participle" "present continuo
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Sulphur Springs
The whole content of this unit about teaching receptive skills is new to me. I understand that it is primary to make the activity interesting, to make the students want to listen or read, to motivate
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The different ways, methods and aids that we have to teach English to special groups of learners (i.e. Business people) were examined in this 19th unit. Not all learners have the same needs to learn E
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For example, throughout the years I’ve learned that while standing in front of the class and speaking allows for excellent classroom control and focus, but I have never thought about it as dominatin
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This chapter is another lesson on verbs, this time regarding past tenses. This chapter is a bit easier to follow than the previous one on verbs, as by this point I am now familiar with perfect, contin
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Valley Springs
The unit very clearly explained the three main tasks a good English class must achieve: 1/ to teach vocabulary; 2/ to teach grammatical structures and 3/ to teach language functions. Giving an example
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Van Buren
This was a frustrating unit but I understand why is it important to understand. I have learned that teaching ESL students can be challenging. It will take good skills to help students understand the
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In unit 7 the main focus is with regards to vocabulary, and grammar functions. First off are the strategies and techniques of teaching new vocabulary. The understanding of vocabulary early on is very
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This unit covered teaching receptive skills, specifically reading and listening. It gave a brief explanation on how individuals learn to listen and read and how we as humans have to use many different
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In unit 13 the we are introduced to the teaching of pronunciation and phonology which are rarely highlighted but hold significant importance on execution and recognition of speech. Phonology is the st
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This unit revolves around the present tense. It introduces the simple present, the present continuous, the present perfect , and the present perfect progressive. I learned from this unit how and when
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Walker Creek
Modals such as can, could, may, might, shall, etc. are used before other verbs to add meaning to the main verb. A way to teach this would be through role playing. A phrasal verb is a verb that is made
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Walnut Ridge
This unit reviews all the present tenses and its uses, form, typical student mistakes and teaching ideas for the activate stage. Form shows us affirmative, negative and question examples of the gramma
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This unit has provided much information concerning specific technologies, in which I had very little knowledge before. This unit provides a mix of the older technologies as well as newer ones. Some of
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This unit has a discussion about the various teaching methodologies used in different classroom settings and their unique benefits and drawbacks. It also described the three essential parts of a good
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West Fork
This unit perfectly highlighted the importance of having each lesson planned. This is useful for inexperienced teachers who need to train their flexibility during each lesson. It makes it easier for s
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West Helena
This unit speaks about teaching productive skills, which are speaking and writing. even though both are different from each other, their main objective is the same; to communicate. The unit talks abou
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West Memphis
I am currently studying Japanese language and one of the first things they told us was that basically in Japanese there are only 2 tenses - past and present. I was really surprised to read at the begi
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Western Grove
This unit talks about classroom management and what style is suited better depending on your group of students. It is very important for the teacher to inspire confidence, or in other words, when to b
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White Hall
In this unit we tackle common problems and situations found in the classroom. We begin by getting tips for first lessons, what to do and what not to do. We get some ideas for warmers in class, or how
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