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I love the fact that an example lesson plan is given in the course material. With regards to the questions however, I find it to be quite frustrating that you place emphasis on the order in which you
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We should plan the lessons that we're going to teach to our students. Because it's an aid to planning, a working document and a record to know what we've covered in class. Probably, as new teachers, w
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This unit is not long, but really help me to have a better understand about reading and listening. As an English teacher in China, many students are using the way they were learning in school, they mu
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Regarding phonology, intonation is the variation in volume and pitch in a whole sentence, whereas stress is more concerned with individual words. Depending on the intonation and which word we stress i
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This unit shows two contrasting videos that have been filmed in an actual English language classroom, using real students of English. The same teacher presents the same lesson subject to the same Engl
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This unit introduced ways for teachers to handle common problem situations in the classroom. This unit was very helpful as a way to start brainstorming different lesson planning ideas. It was also one
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During the first lessons, we may encounter a new group (they don't know each other) or with an existing group (they all know each other and know about ESL methodology). We can do our best to get to kn
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The unit covers the importance of course books and lesson materials. It also helped me understand the difference between authentic and created materials, each having their own advantage and disadvanta
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In this unit it was discussed about different categories of teaching methods,techniques and all of them have their own advantages and disadvantages and require various approaches for each individual
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This Unit is connected to the Unit 3. A good lesson plan is an important factor of a successful class. The lesson plan should be flexible as well. If we want to make a good lesson plan, we need to be
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The content of this unit is focused on a wide range of issues related to the materials and teaching aids that a teacher can use to help them present an effective lesson in the English language classro
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I have learnt in unit 4 about thw four aspects of present tenses.The present simple,its affirmative,negative and question forms and is mainly use for habits,routines,present stories etc.Next,is the pr
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This unit stresses the importance of tense understanding and explains some forms of the present time. The simple present is typically used for actions that are factual, normal, or regular in occurrenc
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Teaching productive skills has always been challenging in order to make students produce correct English fluently and use their knowledge to write appropriately. Furthermore, There are a variety of gr
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The unit covers the different types of language teaching that are common around the world. It looks at the difference in style and approach that a teacher might adopt when teaching individual students
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In Unit two I learned basic sentence structure and the different parts of speech, along with their purposes. Each word in an English sentence can be classified according to its purpose and the meaning
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This unit gives an overview of the qualities of good teachers and good students and lists potential types of teachers and students with their pros and cons. I feel, based on the information given, a
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I enjoyed this unit very much. It was fun and very entertaining. I love writing stories, poems and songs so learning this was also helpful for my personal stuff. I think games are a very good way of t
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From my own experience learning a second language, this all rings true. In my latest Chinese classes, we have started to use authentic materials, written for native Chinese speakers and not second-lan
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The unit helped me in learning how to manage a class, which includes how to interact with students, what factors to consider when trying to build rapport with the class, identifying problems in studen
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This Unit really can help teacher to identify different type of classes, as a teacher, it’s not just about teaching knowledge, we must think about all kind of factors to make sure the class can be t
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This unit offers a good overview of the tools and resources available to the teachers to convey the content of the lessons in an engaging manner. As all tools, they are only as useful as people know h
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I have learnt in Unit 2 the 10 parts of speech and its basic uses to form a sentence.The Noun,which names a person,place,things and concept.Verb,the action in a sentence which can be an action verb or
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Middletown Springs
I really liked the example given in this text, about John cooking. I'd like to come up with one example sentence like that to use for all tenses in the past, present, and future. I know in my own lang
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From these two videos, we can see the attitude of the teacher can affect student performance. The first class teacher was rush and a little inpatient, students can’t understand the target language w
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This unit describes different kinds of materials that are often utilized in an ESL classroom. I have seen authentic materials used more in advanced classes rather than beginner classes. In think creat
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As a teacher of very young kids, this subject is one I'm faced with everyday. Though the classes I teach never exceed eleven students, it's still complicated to keep so many young kids focused on the
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This unit describes the general rules and guidelines for the way pronunciation works in the English Language. It defines important concepts like intonation, pronunciation, and stress, and offers teach
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The unit helped me in understanding past tenses. It helped me in understanding their structure / form, their usage, the common mistakes that people usually make when using them, and ideas on what I ca
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i learned in this unit the teaching equipment,many different teaching aids can be used to make lessons more interesting,effective and less dependent on the textbook.and i learned the white,black board
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Mount Holly
Currently, I teach elementary and junior high school students in Japan. Both levels use nationwide standard textbooks. As the 2020 Tokyo Olympics approach and Japan seeks to assert itself as a country
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Mount Tabor
Though previous units have touched on the importance of materials and visual aids in the classroom, this unit's entire focus is on the variety of resources available to EFL teachers and students. Reso
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New Haven
While (thankfully) none of the grammar in this unit was new to me, I really enjoyed reading about the most common student mistakes/errors and thinking about how to fix those errors. It was a particula
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This is the final unit, I really learnt a lot from the whole classes. This unit focuses on some trouble we may face, I think large classes can be very difficult to new teachers, I feel hard to manage
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This unit is definitely a bit more complex than the other units with past and present tense. Whilst I do like the course material provided for learning, I find the questions in this tense could be lai
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The unit covers the subject of modal auxiliary verbs, including their usages, ideas for presenting them in the classroom and some difficulties that they can cause for both students and teachers. It al
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Regarding Conditionals, they have four ways to use them. 'Zero Conditional', it is used for referring to actions and facts that are irrefutable. 'First Conditional', it is used to talk about a 'real'
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North Hero
As the last lesson, appropriately, this unit focuses on establishing a comfortable learning environment--one in which the teacher and students are on the same team, working together to accomplish task
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The unit explained the problems and difficulties a teacher might face in the classroom. The unit further provided explanation regarding what steps might be effective when teaching a new class for the
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This unit covered other aspects and fundamentals of English Grammar that ESL teachers may commonly run into and may need to know how to teach to ESL students. These grammar principles will likely only
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As with the receptive skills from the previous unit, speaking and writing struggle with the same hurdles, but on a different scale. As described in the unit, students of native languages with a differ
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This unit was a lesson on teaching new words, or, more specifically, new vocabulary, grammar and functions. The lesson reiterates previous lesson's examples of ESA sequences in relation to teaching vo
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This unit begins by examining the different types of tests a teacher may be expected to set students during their career as an English language teacher. It looks at how each individual test is structu
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As I am teaching in the Southeast Asian countries, teaching past tenses is extremely important. Sample activate teaching ideas given in this unit have given me several practical ideas to make my lesso
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Unit 8 explained about the Future tense.It consist of seven tenses.First is the Future simple,it indicates actions in the future.I have learnt from here that we can substitute might/may to will and sh
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Unit 5,discussed about factors a teacher must consider when it comes to classroom management which simply refers to the skill of organizing and managing the class while giving student rapport and rela
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The unit provided some basic principles of classroom management for an English learners class. Many of the principles are pretty broad, general classroom management strategies for all subjects, not ju
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The video lesson was a really good example of teaching abilities in order to get students attention and get them involved. The second lesson was a big success since the Students had understood what th
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This unit lays out the rules of past tense verbs. Past tense verbs refer to actions or events in the past. They can be regular verbs that simply end with a "d" or an "ed" or they can be irregular and
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This lesson was very practical and extremely helpful. This is one of the areas that I find intimidating in regards to classroom teaching. This lecture helped to prepare for teaching English, in that,
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