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The idea of this unit highlights one of the basic procedures a teacher should do to respond a high-quality preparation. Though it is said that some belive that lesson planning is not a good idea, I st
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The Present Tenses unit challenged me to understand how many complex speech patterns native english speakers use in our day to day life without even realising it. With the help of this course i am co
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Model, passive voice and phrasal verbs are explained with great examples to teach in this unit. Teaching ideas such as rules,roleplay and signs are practical ways of engaging students in the lesson. I
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In this unit it was discussed about importance of lesson planning and it should be used in the class. An importance of the lesson planning includes how it should be write down, how a lesson should be
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This unit deals with future tenses. The future tense of verbs expresses events or actions that have not yet happened and that will happen at some point in the future. The simple future tense expresses
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This unit was very helpful for me and I learned a lot about class manage management, Eye contact, Gesture and the voice, How can eye contact be used in the class?, Using students names, Grouping stude
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From this unit, I learnt the important of thinking for different groups, some situation is highly possible happen during work. I am teaching adults, most of them are business people, they are using th
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The teaching materials you choose to use in your lessons is very important, they must be effective and serve a clear purpose in your lesson. A teacher can use the course books provided by their school
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Even this unit is short, it covers brief and clear recommendations on giving the first lesson, including tips and activities. Also, I find information about working with different level students very
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East Haven
The thesis of this unit can be found in the answer to question seventeen of this test: "The attitude that the teacher comes into class with will have a profound effect on the success of the lesson."
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East Montpelier
As with some previous lessons, I was happy to see some specific, full lesson plan ideas about lessons that focus on reading/listening. I love the idea of doing a unit on a famous person, such as Elvis
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This unit helps us get a simple view of Modals, Phrasal Verbs and Passive Voice structures. Though it does not cover detailed grammar rules or explanations, it gives fundamental principles of using th
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Part of speech. such a big part of the english language. Its one of the hardest parts of the english language. For some it might be confusing and hard to learn, but studying it and staying consistent
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This unit shows the present tense in various forms. Like most Americans, I have a difficult time to identify word types. Since I am based in France, I have noticed that the French are particularly obs
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This unit looks at the past tense and covers the structures and usages that teachers need to be familiar with in order to teach their students effectively. It also explores different teaching ideas an
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Fair Haven
When I first started teaching EFL courses in Japan, selecting vocabulary was one of my biggest concerns. In particular, it was difficult to decide what to teach to grades 1-4, where there was no textb
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In this unit, there was a lot of surprising but sensible information here that I believe will be very useful in a classroom setting. One of them was a tip in the section about names, how when calling
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The videos provided by unit 10 gave examples of lecture sessions inside the classroom. In the first lesson, the teacher seemed uninterested in the class and started the class session without an Engage
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This was a nice unit. There was a lot of information to take in. But it is nice to see how one would approach the different types of groups when teaching English as a foreign language. I like how it i
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This unit shows about how to teach new language, which I think is really useful. It’s combine with the ESA method, can let teacher has a clearer thought about how to select the knowledge to teach an
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In Unit 1 I have learnt about what makes a great teacher and student. I have understood that the teacher plays a lot of roles in every class and most of all needs to be sensitive, patient and encourag
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This unit is a good guidebook to managing classes when a small issue arises. The classes I teach in the private school where I work usually have around 10 students aged from 3 to 9, so I'm confronted
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This unit explained some techniques to teaching vocab, grammar and functions. It focused on highlighting the important aspects that students should be exposed to when learning these different things e
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In this unit was discussed about different teaching aids and equipments which can be used in the class. All of the equipments have its own of way usage plus their advantages and disadvantages.Besides
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The two videos were helpful and showed what should or should not be done. In the first he uses unfamiliar terms. He uses no helpful gestures. The students are belittled. He talks too quickly and act
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This unit gives a thorough introduction to two important grammar subjects that are commonly taught in the English language classroom. It clearly explains the structures and usages of the five conditio
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In this unit I learned about Vocabulary, Grammar and functions. In Teaching Vocabulary sections, I learned that early stages is very good for the students it can be motivate to learn the basic words t
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Unit 5 covers Classroom Management From the teachers perspective it teaches the use of eye contact, gestures and voice to help establish a good rapport with the students . It also deals with the dynam
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This unit served as a good reminder of how conditional and reported speech work. Using them daily without thinking makes it hard to explain the basic rules governing them. As someone who learned to sp
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Unit 18 covers modal verbs, passive voice, active voice, phrasal verbs and relative clauses. Modals are used to express obligation, ability, permission / request, probability and advice. The unit also
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Grand Isle
As with the units on the past and present tenses, I'm glad I now have a complete list of the usages of the different future tenses. Just today, one of my Japanese coworkers said, "OK, I will go back t
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The four things a students need to do with a new language: exposed to the new language, understand its meaning, understand how it’s constructed and able to practice and produce it. Grammar is the tr
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In this unit I learned that which kind of materials and books we can use for teaching. Materials are divided into 2 groups. Number 1 Authentic materials, which is not designed for the EFL students. Nu
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This unit was long, but when into minute detail about the different kinds of group a teacher could encounter in their teaching English as a foreign language career. This unit went over the different t
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I have heard of the TOEFL and IELTS exam before, but never knew how varied and diverse all the different proficiency tests were for English. This unit also focused on the need to evaluate students, th
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The unit help to review about past tense. This section is not hard to teacher, the rules are quite clear, the most important part is how can we teach to students by using an easy and practical way. As
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Unit 2 is about parts of speech which is the classification of words according to what they are used in the sentences as well as according to the purpose that they serve in the sentence or according t
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Future is one of the most complex areas of the the English language. Many different tenses and ideas can be used with future meanings. The seven most common are as follows: future simple (indicates ac
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If you have not taught before it helps to plan your lessons before the class starts at least in this way you will know what you want to achieve from the class. However you also need to bare in mind t
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This unit helped me to review the present tenses, as a Chinese, since we learnt grammar for a long time, this part is not very difficult to me, but I am not very familiar with the name of the tenses i
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I have thoroughly enjoyed this course and I have recommended it to my friends. I want to talk to a tutor and make sure I have a firm grip on the different stages of a class. I do not feel confident
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In our teaching English job, we can use lesson materials in order to help our students. These can be authentic materials - programs, magazines, newspapers, etc. And created materials: Crosswords, role
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This unit dealt with the concepts of receptive and productive skills. Both concepts were introduced, but this lesson focused primarily on the receptive skills. The unit points out that receptive and p
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This unit teaches a lot about how we describe things that happened in the past. It's important for us to know each tense so that we can explain to the students when they ask why we make a sentence thi
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This unit contains really important information about phonology which has been neglected by most of the teachers e.g. rising and falling intonation in sentences. Furthermore, this is extremely vital t
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This unit explores a wide variety of issues that are related to managing an English language classroom. It looks at many ways in which the teacher can use their eyes, voice and simple gestures to impr
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Hyde Park
This unit covers three main types of EFL lesson environments: beginner/young learner classes, business English classes, and one-on-one lessons. For the past two years, I've been teaching in the first
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This unit presented various kinds of electronic teaching equipment and other kinds of traditional teaching equipment like a whiteboard. It offered ideas for how to utilize each kind of equipment in th
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i learned in this unit the types of classes.and the teaching beginners,the adult students and the children students and the teaching individual students,the suitable 1-1 activities,homework,checking.a
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Isle La Motte
Useful unit that helps the educator understand the physical space and content of the teaching space and how to use it to obtain certain results. Its also a good resource to consult when issues arise a
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