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About course book, different teacher has different thought. I worked with two very well teacher, one teacher prefers to have class with students according to the book, while another likes to create hi
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This unit delved into productive skills and the different methods one can use in teaching these skills. What I found interesting is the categorization of these methods and the skills they are focusing
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Unit 7 explained about teaching a new language.In any language,Grammar is known to be the tree trunk and branches of a language and the vocabulary and functions as its leaves.As a teacher of EFL it is
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Ok . took a few days on this Unit?.i am not 100% familiar on this unit at this moment in time. Unit 3 had the previous information about esa lessons & i done some revision on that unit. Lesson plann
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The unit helped me in understanding the purpose and definition of test and assessment. The unit further explained several different form of assessments that teachers can conduct in the classroom, such
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This was a great introductory unit! I really appreciated the way that it lays out some of the fundamental values perspectives needed in the modern language class. A good teacher cares about teaching
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This unit was mostly stating the obvious for assessing students levels, before going into a lengthy listing of some "External Examinations". While some of those can be useful in helping students choos
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Thanks to this unit I have learnt a lot of useful techniques in order to deal with reluctant students e.g. use of plenty of pair work and role play. There are also activities mentioned for warmers whi
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This unit taught me what it means to be both a good teacher and a good learner. To be a good teacher you must be caring, kind and patient. You must seek to motivate your students and correct them with
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It is understandable to note that , an overview of the above unit lesson , has a driving force to bring to light What Lesson is and what it is not. Some misconceptions about lesson plan have been dea
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This unit focus on two receptive skills: reading and listening. It examines the importance of these skills and then covers various techniques and activities associated with them. It also builds on pre
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This section covers the functions of words in sentences beginning with the simplest of concepts. Nouns are explained to be subjects or objects. This unit gives examples of transitive verbs, intransiti
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The unit taught explained about pronunciation, which is arguably the most neglected aspect in English language teaching. Teachers usually lack the confidence or training to teach pronunciation. Howeve
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The unit covers the topic of receptive skills. The unit explained that there are four receptive skills in any language. Those four receptive skills are reading, listening, speaking and writing, which
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The unit covered the subject of future tenses, their forms, how to use them, their structures, and the typical mistakes that people make when using them. The unit also provided several examples of ide
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The focus of this unit is the important subject of lesson planning. It explores the reasons why teachers need to plan their lessons, how to produce an effective lesson plan and what exactly should be
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This unit is really challenge for both teacher and students. Pronunciation can be very difficult to low level student, who has very weak foundation about English study. Especially for adults’ learne
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did my best under the circumstances. I'm using a mobile phone to learn this course. I've been a bit hasty at times in my answers .I recently back tracked previous answers from previous units on the re
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West Fairlee
Recently, I've started one-on-one tutoring to a variety of Japanese adult language learners. Those learners often have very different language-learning goals. One student will soon start a job for whi
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West Haven
In this last grammar unit, we focused more on nuance--on the ways in which modals can determine probability or formality, on how passive voice allows us to emphasize the object rather than the subject
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West Rutland
Teaching Pronunciation & Phonology is something I've been able to focus much more on in my second year of EFL teaching than in my first, and I've certainly noticed a difference in my students' abiliti
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West Windsor
Many language-learners are more comfortable with the receptive skills of reading and listening than they are with the productive skills of writing and speaking. As such, it's very important for EFL te
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This unit contains plenty of really important tips and rules for managing classes. Therefore, I have definitely learnt how to discipline students better and establish rapport by using these methods in
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Managing classes can help to keep the classes in a positive environment or negative. Well applied, students feel comfortable and more prone to learn. Also, the teacher feels that the goal of teaching
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The unit talks about an area of English language teaching that is highly important to most students, but often overlooked by many teachers, i.e. pronunciation. It examines the International Phonetic A
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The main benefit I get from this unit is a reminder of how important it is to encourage and guide students to practice the language and communicate. Even when correcting, teacher talk time must be kep
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The Overview of the above unit is said to give an in-depth knowledge of The teaching of Pronunciation and Phonology, their uses and over-all Concept. Which delves deep into the meaning and understan
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Books and materials are essential parts of teaching English. The use of authentic and created materials has been shown clearly and I am going to use them in my lesson plan as we need to replace some o
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In this unit I learned that which equipment can make our lessons more interesting, effective and less dependent on the textbook. And I learned about those 15 things which can make our teaching portion
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In this unit, the lesson teaches us that writing and speaking are equally important when people are trying to learn new language. Sometimes students are afraid to talk in front of others because they
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An Overview Of the content of this unit is the The Importance Of Tenses Formation and their role in language teaching and Communication formation.. I learnt that Understanding the types and usage o
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The offered first unit of the course has presented a well organised material on the qualities that a good teacher and a good learner should have in order to make the learning process effective and fru
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In this unit I learned about the different types of the present tense. I found this very challenging. One thing that I found interesting was that native English speakers can easily use these rules whe
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This unit covered the tests we know related with English learner. Some of the tests as a teacher we also took before. Because I teach adult learners, we also need to know the reason that students choo
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In this Unit we learn how to manage and hold a class. We are taught what is conducive to learning and what isn't. Eye-contact and gesture is a factor I hadn't really considered - very useful tips on w
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This unit broke down some of the difficulties and problems a teacher will potentially face when taking up an English teacher position. One thing I hadn't expected, that this unit mentioned, was how th
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This unit introduced a basic understanding of how to teach receptive skills - reading and listening - to English Language Learners. I learned the differences between speaking, writing, reading and lis
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In this video lesson, The Overview can be said to be a practical example of an effective student and teacher learning environment and how important the beginning of a class and how the teacher handle
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Planning lessons is vital, especially when it comes to inexperienced teachers. It helps a great deal when teachers anticipate problems before the lesson begins. I have found the lesson plan as an exam
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This unit discusses different ways of evaluating and measuring students' learning progress and language level. If specific terminology is not used and the definitions of terms are not clearly and expl
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In this unit I learned that how we can Evaluate the students. There are 3 different ways for evaluating the student. (1) Tutorials (2) Evaluation by the students (3) Test. Progress tests I learned tha
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This unit went into detail the advantages and disadvantages of using a textbook. For me, in every language class I've taken except for the advanced level, I've had a textbook accompanying me. Prior to
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