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As a teacher of very young kids, I'm mostly focusing my lessons on listening, the reading part consisting mostly of phonics and short words given as examples, but both come with their comparable hurdl
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Much simpler than the present tense section. Although like it was stated in the unit, it would be due to the forms being familiar. I really enjoyed this unit a lot more than the present tense unit, a
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This unit shows a great number of grammar references and examples on most common cases. More than I have found hints and how I could teach them. Also, I have liked the visual form of the material. How
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There are 4 present tenses and in each present tense there are following areas as: forms, usages, student errors, teaching ideas. Just a short summary of what I’ve learned in this unit of the 4 pre
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The Video lesson was very useful to see what we have learnt previously demonstrated in an actual class. The points made in units 1-9 are very clear in these two comparisons. I definitely see the value
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This unit explains the differences between tests for evaluating students at different times of studying. Progress test and diagnostic test are vital to get to know how much students know and what they
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In this unit I learned about those teaching tips for beginners and what is the Methodology and techniques including those possible problems. And I got some information on Homework portion like what’
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The unit provided explanation regarding conditionals and reported speech, where conditionals are sentences containing "if", and usually relates to possibilities in the past, present and the future. Th
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I learned a lots of things in this unit The Presentation, Practice and Production I learned about teachers and his responsibilities. And I got some information about which is the best methodology for
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what an incredible unit. when i first went through all the units and saw " present tense " i thought to my self, how hard can this be? and here i am hours later feeling intrigued about the future and
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This unit looked in how the teacher manages and arranges their classroom as well as how the teacher can use things like eye contact and gestures to help aid understanding and class control. One aspect
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Reason why we do lesson plans: 1. Create a logical sequence for the lesson (structure) 2. Working document 3. Create record (to keep on track of what you are teaching) 4. Can be use for ‘covering
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This unit introduces techniques for teaching new vocabulary, grammar, and language functions. Grammar and vocabulary can be taught in a straight arrow ESA approach, whereas language functions can be t
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This lesson helped me reinforce my knowledge of tenses, a lot of the rules carried over from the unit of present tenses. I like the way these units are built on top of each other, there is a lot to le
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A language school can use different ways to evaluate their students. First, a placement test. This one helps the school to know in which English level group can place the student. Diagnostic test, whi
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Different types of classes we are going to face in our teaching English language career. For example teaching beginners. We have to bear in mind the following when teaching them. Keep it simple, be vi
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This unit has provided a variety of information regarding how to use Equipment and teaching aids in the classroom. Although most of the schools cannot afford to provide most of the equipment listed th
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An Overview of this unit goes an extra way to potray the efficiency of Speaking and writing as an important skill in the Classroom. I learnt that to be successful and efficient as a teacher, then it
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The usage of Future tenses and the differences between them have always been controversial among English learners. Therefore, there are multiple examples in this unit in order to distinguish the diffe
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This module has given me a much greater understanding of the future tense structure in the English language. Even though they appear to be similar at first glance it is insightful to be able to look
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In this unit I learned Vocabulary, grammar, and functions, How easy or difficult a vocabulary item is will largely depend on a number of factors, Selecting Vocabulary, Techniques for vocabulary teachi
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In this unit I learned more about teaching receptive skills, there is 2 type for reading and listening # 1 for a purpose, this type is all about reading and listening it can help us to achieve our goa
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In this unit I learned that the future tense is very complex. It can express so many different ideas and meanings and this makes it confusing. Following the forms laid out in this unit did make it eas
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In this unit we learned the importance of different methods and ways of teaching a class, following a different pattern every time. Also helped me realize the importance of encouragement around studen
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This unit introduced the concepts of learning a first language in comparison to learning a second language. Without giving a bias format, the lesson teaches the teacher that they must be able to inter
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The unit explained the importance of productive skills, which are speaking and writing. In many ways, writing is deemed to be more difficult than speaking, since it requires a greater degree of accura
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This unit looks at the importance of correct pronunciation and how to teach it. Trying to pronounce world correctly in a language that is new to you can be a bit intimidating, even in my own country w
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The unit covered the tense systems. The unit taught me about the simple present tense, present perfect tense, present continuous tense, along with their forms (negative, affirmative and question forms
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Unit 8 covered the basics of the future tenses and it presented usages and examples of each tense. It was helpful that it offered teaching ideas for students of all levels and ages. This unit was help
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This unit takes a close look at the various approaches, techniques and methodologies that can be utilized in the English language classroom. It explores the historical development of language teaching
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This unit shows how receptive skills are important in the learning process. I have learnt the ways to deal with languages difficulties by Pre-teaching vocabularies and careful selection of texts. I ha
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In this unit I learned that students need to do four things when they learn a new language: they must be exposed to it, they need to understand the meaning and how it is constructed so that they can o
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Unit 6 tackled about the rules and usages of past tense which is not too different from present tense,except to the fact that it talks about everything in past.All continuous form feature some of the
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I have learnt in Unit 1 that being a good teacher is a way to have successful students.A good teacher is someone that is fair,knowledgeable with the subject that he/she is teaching and is able to moti
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Interesting Unit. I don't think i really enjoyed it, although I can see the importance of it in the classroom when teaching English as a foreign language. I would prefer it if more information was giv
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Generally in this unit it was discussed about phonology and pronunciation with intonation.How ee can use intonation correctly by rising or lowering our voice sounds to say a sentence with a correct me
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In this unit, we learn how to teach productive skills (speaking and writing). I found this lesson useful as it explains the difference between accuracy and fluency and the fact that both are equally i
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This unit discusses various groups or kinds or learners an ESL teacher may teach. These groups range in kind from beginners to Business English learners. These two kinds are not mutually exclusive. Th
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The unit taught me about vocabulary, grammatical structure and language functions. It also contained various suggestions / ideas on how to teach vocabulary, grammar and language functions to students.
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In this unit I learned how we can Organize, Manage, Maintaining and discipline the class. how We can used Eye contact in the classroom, we have to make sure that student is involved in the lessons and
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This unit we learnt about speaking and writing. These two parts normally are most difficult to students. Many students afraid to talk in front of other people and also scared to write text. From this
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Pronunciation is a difficult subject. More than just assimilating new words and ideas, pronunciation asks the student to learn a different way to use his mouth. Intonation and stress can serve a diffe
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I learned how even the simple action of speaking a sentence can imply some sort of tone that beckons or deters an answer from the listener. As a native English speaker, this is all knowledge I interna
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This unit brings up the problem of how to choose and adapt content to the students. Vocabulary is the most important for young students, as it'll become the foundation to their whole learning experien
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The content of the course from which I learned the most was the differences between young and adult students. Working as a teacher for an institute, I mostly teach adults and, as result of that, I hav
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Modal auxiliary verbs are used before other verbs to add meaning to the main verb. They can express different ideas, such as: obligation, possibility/probability, permission/prohibition, ability, advi
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This unit explores various issues surrounding the teacher and the learner within a classroom environment. It looks at what characteristics are important in a good teacher, as well as the variety of ro
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The unit provided information regarding the various tools and teaching equipment which might help teachers in making lessons more interesting. Each equipment have their own strengths and weaknesses, a
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This lesson was interesting, the breakdown of phrasal verbs was a bit complicated but detailed and illuminated a lot about the nuances of English, these were things I have never been taught before but
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The unit provided understanding in teaching special groups, or special classes, such as children, individual tutoring, businessmen, and company employees. The unit gave information regarding the commo
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