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Listening and reading are receptive skills. We use them for a purpose or for entertainment. We can read and listen in different ways: predictive skills, scanning, skimming, detailed information and de
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This unit gives an overview of the planning process. The unit talks about some of the pros and cons of a thorough plan. Teachers, especially inexperienced ones, are encouraged to have a written lesson
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This unit is more useful, I learned more about English pronunciation, Phonology, Stress, the lack of stress, Techniques for indicating and teaching stress, in sound joining, I learned that there are f
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Yet another unit providing valuable insight into the inner workings of the English language, inner workings that I have never looked into, since, as I stated before, I learned English through interact
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In this unit it was discussed about productive skills such as writing and listening and importance of the skills for teaching students in ESA methods. It was also discussed about accuracy and fluency
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In my view, the theme and material, covered in this unit, play a fundamental role in supporting an English teaching environment. But for the following classroom management rules, any lesson would go
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The unit provided explanation regarding lesson planning. Lesson planning is a good way to provide guidance to the teacher inside the classroom. However, teachers also need to understand that they need
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An Overview of the content of this unit.. Is... Understanding the different types of tenses and their usage. And I learnt that the understanding and adequate usage of each language tenses is what mak
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I have learnt about lesson planning in Unit 9.As for me lesson planning is indeed very important for inexperience teacher because it can be their guide to create a productive lesson.A teacher plan a l
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An Overview Content Of The Unit, Can Be Noted to be the importance of understanding the relationship between students and teachers.. Every aspiring teacher must have to understand that their is a tin
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As I have been teaching all ages recently, I noticed most of the problems and the solutions mentioned in this unit earlier. Furthermore, I have learnt how to deal with young learners' problems such as
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This section went over the different teaching aids that some teachers will find themselves with. What I found interesting about this section was that overhead projections and cassette tapes were still
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This unit really put into perspective just how the attitude and demeanor of a teacher can really influence the dynamic and atmosphere of the class. The differences between the way the teacher conducts
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This unit shows how, regardless of teaching plan and content, the behavior of the teacher can, and will, impact the class, how the students will participate, and what they'll learn. It is important t
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In this unit I learned about the Simple past tense, past counties tense, past perfect tense, past perfect counties tense, all the usages for all the mentioned tense. In past simple I learned regular v
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i studied in this unit the common problem situation and we are looking at some of the most common problem situations that teachers can encounter in the classroom and also suggest ways of dealing with
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As a teacher of kids 3 to 9 years old, coming up with lesson plans is not an easy matter, especially since classes also range from 4 to 12 students. I used to try and plan everything in the lesson, wh
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Lesson planning is very important our daily work. The functions and principles of lesson plan can help me to have a clearer idea about my lesson plan. Lesson plan must be based on the style of differe
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Before I began this unit, I believed lesson plans to be a hugely important part of the teaching process, something that was essential. Afterwards, although the unit did emphasize how useful lesson pla
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In Unit 3 I have learnt about the Theories,methods and techniques in teaching EFL.There are a lot of methodologies a teacher of EFL should consider to help their students progress.Some of these are th
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In this unit I learned about speaking and writing. And understood that when two people are communicating with each other we must know about those reasons. What is the difference between accuracy and
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This unit was more a reminder for me. I remember in my years of learning English as a youngster that we studied a lot past tenses. I think is one of the most dificult parts for a non-English person to
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What I've learned in this lesson is how valuable is the teacher's attitude towards the class and the lesson. It is important that the student first needs to feel comfortable with the teacher's attitud
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Unit 1 is about teachers and learners. I have learnt that both the teacher and students need to have certain qualities or characteristics in order to learn ENGLISH successfully.Whilst the teacher has
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This unit was a little difficult, especially when it came to conditions, but it shed a lot of light on how reported speech differs from direct speech, and how to clear up confusion when it comes to us
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Future simple structure: subject + will + verb in its base form. Usages: future facts and certainties, promises, predictions, speculations, spontaneous decisions and threats. Future continuous structu
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This unit is really useful for daily teaching, although the school always prepare teaching materials, but we still need to add activities or study materials according to the target language. A good te
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This unit makes me understand who a teacher and who a learner is. It as well makes me know the characteristics of a good teacher and a good learner.A good taecher should be able to motivate learners,
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In this unit it was discussed about different types of conditionals sentences and how they can be used in real examples plus ideas that can be used for practicing conditional sentences in the class.
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For this unit, it looks short, only about future tense, but it is very important for the teacher. This part students are easily making mistakes during study, and really confuse about how can they use
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South Hero
I currently work in five different elementary and junior high schools in a suburb of Osaka, Japan. All of my schools are in low-income neighborhoods, with many students coming from single-parent or ev
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Looking at the Unit Content I can actually say , it is a study of the thin connecting line between Vocabulary teaching and Grammatical building... At the course of the study of this unit ... It came
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St. Albans
tenses are undeniable part of English teaching which most of the teachers find it difficult to activate in the learning process. In activate stage teaching ideas, I have gained a lot of good ideas to
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St. George
Today, just before reading the Unit 9 material, I started making a plan to teach the present perfect tense to my adult conversation class next week. Imagine my surprise, then, when I stumbled upon a l
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St. Johnsbury
While conditionals are very straightforward, reported speech is very much not! On that front, this unit covers much more complex grammar than previous units. One example from the text, in particular,
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There have been several good examples of ESA techniques in order to teach Grammar structure and Vocabulary. I have learnt to teach both a typical ESA vocabulary lesson and presenting language structur
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The unit's content highlights two of the most complex grammar issues in an obvious form, completed with good examples and diagrams, which certainly can be used during a lesson. As for me, I have fille
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This Unit is about Theories, Methods and Techniques that can be used in the teaching and learning of English. Basically the level of language learning, students' background as well as cultural backgro
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The use of coursebooks can be very useful for a new teacher like myself to provide a good learning environment to the students. The content is already laid out and it ensures a steady progression in a
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In this unit I have learnt ways for a teacher to have a good rapport towards the students.The ESA method is very effective to have a productive lesson flow.The first video I have watched it shows that
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In the two video lessons you can clearly see the big differences of the teacher's way of teaching and his behavior which is a very crucial part in order to get a good rapport with students. One of the
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Using your eye contact in the right manner and when. Using the names of students in the correct form. Learn a lot about grouping student and what will work best for the teacher in the classroom and wi
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The unit went through the forms, usages and activate activities for the 4 different past tenses: past simple, past continuous, past perfect and past perfect continuous. It taught me the different uses
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In many language schools have the following teaching equipment available: White/black boad, interactive whiteboard, overhead projector, visual aids, worksheets and work cards, cassette recorder (quite
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All teachers will create lesson plan in their own way and that is perfectly fine. It is important though to have certain aspects in your lesson plan to help when planning your lesson. Having a lesson
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In this unite I learned vocabulary, Grammar and function, Teaching vocabulary, Selecting vocabulary, How easy and difficult vocabulary item is well largely depend on a number of factors. What student
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In this unit it was discussed about receptive skills such as reading and listening and how they are important in learning a language. It was discussed about main reasons for reading and listening(on p
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I've learned that the three main times (present, past, future) has four different forms. In this Unit, I've learned the present which I think it's a good start for beginners. Once they have the grip o
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Regarding teaching the speaking part, we should focus on accuracy and fluency. They're both of equal importance. We can use controlled activities, guided activities and creative communication activiti
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Past tense is used to talk about something that started and finished at a definite time in the past. the main rule is that for every verb there is only one form of it in the past tense, past tense of
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