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Unit 5,discussed about factors a teacher must consider when it comes to classroom management which simply refers to the skill of organizing and managing the class while giving student rapport and relaxed atmosphere and still hold the discipline inside a classroom.The use of eye contact is necessary as it makes students aware of what is happening inside the classroom and make them feel involved,to encourage and to indicate that something is correct or incorrect.The use of gesture to convey meaning of a language,to add visual interest and to help teacher reduce verbal explanation but a teacher have to make sure information is concise before using any gesture.The voice for me plays an important role so the clarity,range must be correct in making instructions be understandable to students.I also get an idea that is way better to put the name of students at the end of any question as it helps the student to stay alert while waiting who is going to be called.This unit also tackled about the 4 types of grouping the students namely the whole-class,Individuals,Pair work and the group work and each has its pros and cons toward the teacher to student and vice versa.When it comes to classroom arrangement there are factors that are needed to be considered like the space available,materials,age,Nationality and students personality.I also learnt the 3 types of sitting arrangement a teacher can use to have an effective lesson.these are the orderly rows which has been the traditional form of seating for years,it gives the teacher a clear view of all the students and the students can easily see the teacher.Circles and horseshoes,is use for smaller classes where the teacher position is less dominant and helps the student to easily do pairwork as it gives them easy access to everyone.lastly is the Separate tables,tho it makes a classroom even more informal,it give the teacher a chance to to work at one table while other the other groups continue their work but this is unlikely to maintain eye contact with all the students.A teacher position inside a classroom should also be considered as it will have an effect towards the students either the teacher is standing or sitting still a teacher must make sure that he/she is connected to their students.There are also issues need to be considered in classroom management like writing on board,there are things a teacher can consider to reduce the amount of time with your back to the class,for example is using on OHP if possible,write on the board while student are doing some tasks etc.Giving individual attention,In here, a teacher must make sure to know his/her students name and not just guessing,treat the student equally an any activities etc,.About the ttt and stt,there are factors to consider to avoid TTT like avoid using Jargon,don't over elaborate or just make everything simple.In Giving instructions effectively a teacher must use simple languages,be consistent,using visual clues and checking if the instruction are well understood by the students.Same on the previous Units Rapport is very important to know if the class is successful and enjoyable so some ways to establish is be aware of students personality towards each other for seating arrangement,make sure they know basic information and fellow students name,use ice-breaking activity at the beginning of the course and do plenty of pair-work.throughout the class let students correct each other,personalize activities to students surrounding and interest,etc,.Maintaining discipline inside a classroom is a challenge for a teacher so factors like age,motivation class size,respect and atmosphere of the school are factors that are needed to be considered.There reasons for problem behaviour like family problem ,low self-esteem,etc. but can be prevented if teacher shows punctuality,well prepared,enthusiastic in teaching etc.if some of these problems arises a teacher must act immediately,keep calm,keep the schools disciplinary code and asking advice to colleagues will also help,