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Parts of speech are noun, verb, adjective, adverbs, prepositions, gerund, articles and conjunctions. 1) noun: we have common, proper, compound, abstract and collective. Also, we can organize nouns by countable and uncountable. 2) verbs: verbs are actions. all verbs are either transitive or intransitive. and we can use the verbs in the infinitive form. and we have an auxiliary verb (do) 3)adjectives: we use comparatives example: he is bigger than her. and superlative she is the most beautiful girl at the school. 4) Articles: Indefinite article such as an, an example an hour and a car. And definite article the, an example: the. 5) adverbs: in general add meaning to the action. we have adverbs of time, place, frequency, manner and degree. 6) gerunds is an ing form used as a noun. 7) pronouns: personal, processive, reflexive and relative. 8)prepositions of a) time/date: at, on, by. b)movement: from, to. and c) place: between, next to. 9) Conjunctions join words in a sentence. example: but, and .