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Grammar skills is important specially to English teaching and Before you can explain to others what the parts of speech are, it is good to have a better understanding of this subject. This unit refresh my memory and help me clarify grammar lessons. Below is my brief summary of my understanding of 8 parts of speech according to this unit. Starting with; NOUN - a word that refers to a person, place, things or idea. Ex; Mary is very pretty (refer to a name of person) Let’s go to the bar (refer to place) The following are the types of noun. Proper noun- always start with capital letters and it refer to specific person, places or things ex; Pizza hut, Ferrari while common noun is the opposite, it is just the generic name of person, places or things ex; Pizza parlor, car or tv series. Compound are 2 nouns joined together to make a new noun ex; suitcase, post office, classroom. Abstract is a noun which can perceive through five senses ex; happiness, grudge, bravery. Collective noun refers to a group of person, animals or things ex; faculty (group of teacher) class (group of students) countable noun can be counted ex kitten, puppies, and ball. Unaccountable noun opposite of countable noun, it cannot be counted. PRONOUN – this is a part of speech which function is replacement of noun. Ex; it, he, she, mine, hers, theirs, and ours The large slice is mine. Adjectives- use to describe a noun or pronoun. With 2 types, the comparative ex; happier, sadder, better while the superlative is comparison with more than 2 people ex; smartest, prettiest Verb – is the word that shows action physical or emotional. Ex run, jump, swing, drink Adverb- just like adjectives, adverb also used to describe words, but the difference is that adverbs describe adjectives, verb or another adverb. There are types of adverbs such as: Adverb of manner which refer to how something happens, Time when something happens, place is where it happens, degree state the intensity and frequency. Gerund - is the ing of verb ex; running, jumping Preposition – basically refers to words that specify location ex; outside, above, below Conjunction - part of speech which join words or phrases together. Ex; and, yet, for, nor, or