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Here Below you can check out the feedback (for one of our units) of one of the 16.000 students that last year took an online course with ITTT!

The teachers and learners unit is about considering what qualities a good teacher and a good learner have. To be a good teacher, it is necessary to have a combination of certain qualities and to play a variety of roles. A good teacher possesses kindness and patience to put the learner at ease and this can make learning more fun. Knowing how to motivate the learner through different activities, especially as the subject matter becomes more difficult, is also a quality of a good teacher. Knowledge of the subject is very important in order to relay correct and accurate information to the learner and avoid confusion. A good teacher will do their best to involve all students equally and to be fair in observing weaknesses and strengths and provide assistance where needed. This also aids the teacher to better evaluate and grade the learners equally. Managing, organizing and being a model to the student are roles that give a learner direction, and help the learner to focus on certain topics through different activities and observe the teacher. A good learner is one that has the desire to learn. Without desire all else is very difficult. Asking questions shows the learner is thinking about the subject matter. Accepting corrections of errors by the teacher shows trust in the teacher. An ability to think about their own learning process and methods of learning is usually developed when time and effort have been given to a variety of ways to learn and makes a good learner. Another aspect for the teacher to consider is the age of the learner. A young learner and an adult have different ways of learning. Pre-schoolers can learn through songs and drawings in order to keep their attention. Children in primary school often learn new sounds and words of a foreign language quickly. Teenagers are often self conscious. Adults are usually motivated to learn as they have decided on their own to learn a foreign language. However, adults can be frustrated as they often want to speak and write in a foreign language at the level of their native tongue. A good teacher and a good learner can make learning a foreign language exciting!