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Here Below you can check out the feedback (for one of our units) of one of the 16.000 students that last year took an online course with ITTT!

Unit 10 Lesson videos This unit is based on two ESA demonstration videos. In the first lesson the teacher was not that encouraging to the students especially by the way he responded to their answers, I think he was not that polite in doing so, which be intimidating, making the students feel nervous about answering questions. The lesson was more teacher centered. The teacher went straight into the lesson which can be confusing for a non native English speaker, I thinking he also spoke a little to fast for that lesson, but the students seems to have a good knowledge about what was being though to be able to catch on. The students did not participate that much in the lesson and that is because of the teacher's attitude towards them. The teacher play the role more of a manager/controller of that class, He also lack knowledge of the names of the students names which shows lack of rapport in the classroom. I believe that if a teacher knows the names of his/her it makes the students feel like their teacher care about their learning and in their eyes he/she will be seen about a good teacher. The hardly made eye contact with the students. His material was not well organised which lead to he using more time to get them. He also a great among of time with is back turn writing of the board. In the second lesson the teacher show a great knowledge of the ESA method for teaching English. He was clear with the topic of the lesson for the beginning and also gave additional information. The teacher was much clearer in this lesson than the first Lesson. He manage the class really well and the class was also more student centered. In the study phase of the lesson, he provided gap fill exercises for the students. In the activate stage, he instructed the students to create an animal and say what it can and can’t do. This allows them to experiment with the language. The classroom arrangement is a horseshoes and this shows that the teacher’s position is less dominating. This results in a more focused lesson and the students can easily interact with and help each other. The ESA method is clear and there is a smooth transition from one stage of the lesson to another. In the engage stage, the teacher starts with a game about animals to spark the student’s interest in the lesson. This game was used to drive the students’ willingness to learn. The teacher then begins to show them pictures of the animals after the game. This is a very effective way to engage students. In the study stage, the teacher helped the students with pronunciation, provided gap fill exercises, asked the students questions and highlighted and drilled what they learnt throughout the activity. In the activate stage, the teacher was able to help students experiment with the language by asking them to create an animal and say what it can and can’t do.