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Past Tenses Past Simple • It is used for actions completed at a definite time in past • Regular/irregular verbs Past Continuous • Interrupted past actions • Gradual development in the past
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This unit reminded me how quirky the English language can be. Specifically the amount of irregular verbs with past tenses that follow no rhyme nor reason. This is something that I will have to continu
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Knowing how to gauge the classroom is an essential part of being a teacher. Each student as they are human beings come with its own different array of challenges and possible issues. Knowing how to
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Rocky Mount
The content of this unit covered pronunciation and phonology. it showed the importance of teaching these areas to English language learners and the benefits gained from it. There were many challengi
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Rolesville Town
This Unit did not explain much, but that only means their is a lot more to learn and study. I am more excited now about taking the CTBE and CTEYL Courses, because I defiantly see room for improvement
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This unit focuses more on the teaching of special groups. Evaluation goes hand-in-hand with teaching special groups and it is also used by colleges to determine which students can be admitted. While t
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It is good to know as the teacher what technological options or other teaching aids that you have at your disposal. Knowing for instance if you can utilize the capability of an overhead project then
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Rose Hill
As a current teacher I understand that planning a lesson before a class is important. But, the thought of coming up with the lesson plan depending on the students ability during class and changing cla
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Encouraging students to speak and listen is an integral part of creating a more intimate understanding of the language. Creating games and other fun activities create a more passionate connection to
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Generally, if you have the option to use your own coursebook you have to keep in mind a lot of different factors. Some of the main ones being has the book are going to pertain to the school you are w
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While going through this particular lesson it was becoming more and more clear that the methods of teaching are so strong, that we have been observing the methods around us in day to day life but were
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As a first unit, it summarizes the important aspects to be a teacher, which is knowing your students, engaging them in the process of learning and be creative in order to acquire their attention and t
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This unit is focused on teaching receptive skills. Receptive skills are the ways in which people extract meaning from the discourse they see or hear. It is probably most useful to see acts of reading
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Rural Hall
Good rapport between students and teachers is on of the most significant factor in learning process and the way to be successful in this field is to have good classroom management. There are number of
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While reading through Unit 3 I was able to to relate most of the content to the methods used when I was studying a second language in university. Before considering becoming a teacher, I had never tho
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Rutherford College
The aspect of classroom management is of great importance to any serious teacher. For learners to benefit from the course or lesson being taught by the teacher, classroom discipline should be esta
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Many people degrade the future. Saying “It won’t be a nice place“ but I say it will be great, because that’s where I intend to spent the rest of my life. Future tenses are natural to a nativ
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This unit presents us with the differences between two kinds of lessons. One is considered more effective than the other. It gives a practical evidence of all that i have learnt from the previous unit
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Though one of the most complicating parts of teaching English, phonetics nonetheless provides essential explaining of how sounds are made and how properly they need to be made. Understanding the rule
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This is a very comprehensive unit that seems to cover the challenges of speaking and writing in a country where English is not the first language. I have lived all over the world and seen the myriad d
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Sandy Creek
This unit focused on the appropriate teaching method that TEFL uses and its origins. I have learned that ESA is an effective teaching method as if aims to thoroughly engage and guide students in and t
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In this unit, future tense was reviewed and the specifics were explained in laments terms. I found this unit useful because like the previous units concerning present and past tense, it is difficult t
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Creating a lesson plan is a very helpful part of teaching a class, and allows learning to occur in a structured way, however flexibility is essential. Lessons plans create a working document, are a re
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Unit 12 explores the productive skills (speaking and writing) in language teaching/learning including games. It also points out to the fact that more time should be allocated to the acquisition of thi
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UNIT 17 Equipment and Teaching Aids 1. The board • Start with clean board • Write legibly and neatly • Use the correct writing tool for the board • Try to section of the board: vocabulary, g
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Scotland Neck
I learned a lot about the types of teaching techniques you can use. I also learned a lot a lot about different students, where they come from, what their levels may be, and how to teach according to t
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This unit taught us the importance of reading and listening for students and how those things can affect the learning of students. I learned the importance of picking topics that the students are inte
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The nuance of the English language is really quite incredible, with so much of the actual complexity taken for granted simply because of years of experience with what sounds right and what clearly doe
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Unit 18 covers the use of Modal Auxiliary Verbs and Phrasal Verbs. Depending on how you use the modal verb, you can make the sentence sound formal, polite or even an obligation. Passive and active vo
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This teaching productive skills unit basically teaches the concept of creative speaking and writing skills with differences between accuracy and fluency. It also teaches creative writing by mastering
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Seven Devils
In this unit, I was able to identify the different purpose and functions of the tests.It was being cleared to me how important the test to teacher's assessment. However there are times that teacher te
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Seven Springs
In my 21 years of teaching , I came up to realize that in learning there are two -way process. First is the teacher's learning process which pertaining to how the the learning will be able to take pla
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Unit eight explores the future tense, its components, it's various forms and usages and teaching ideas. It also looks at the some teaching ideas on how to execute this lesson. Unit eight goes further
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When in the classroom, a teacher should be respectable by showing up on time, and being kind and patient with their students. In return, the teacher will become respected. A good teacher will explain
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Lesson plans should be designed to encourage as much student talking as possible. Each student should talk during the lesson. Students should be encouraged to self-correct if possible but don't bela
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This unit on theories, methodologies, and techniques helps to convey the various ways in which teachers engage students in the classroom. It is important to familiarize yourself with all methods, theo
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Siler City
Authentic vs Created material vs Textbook is can be a teacher's smorgasbord. I like to use the text books as a resource and guide. I think students would be more intereseted in authentic for the real
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If a student wants to make plans for the future they will want to understand their future tenses. An essential tense that is so often over looked by native English speakers. So many times all we think
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This unit introduces many of the basic grammar points that teachers will likely be expected to teach. These are: nouns, verbs, pronouns, possessives, articles, adverbs, prepositions, gerunds, adjectiv
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Unit 3 focuses on ESA as most effective tool in learning English language. ESA is Engage, Study and Activate by J. Harmer. Under engage means to get learners to thinking and speaking English. Learn
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Snow Hill
I found this Unit important for understanding Active and Passive Verbs. In my classroom, and whenever teacher, I prefer if the students did not give names. Example: "John put the pencils away.", usual
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Southern Pines
Unit 9 looked at lesson planning. What I learned from this unit was the importance of lesson planning and how to do so with the maximisation of the benefit to both students and the teacher. I also lea
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Southern Shores
This unit covered up more detail on the ESA structure discussed in Unit 3. It helped teaching different engages, studies, and activities one in use in the classroom. I also showed the best methods on
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Unit #5 discussed classroom management. It covered the pros and cons of different seating and grouping arrangements, and how a teacher can best utilize these, along with his/her own physical presence,
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This unit introduces the different forms of the past tense in English, their usages, ideas for Activate stage activities that can be used to teach them, how to create each form (with examples) and exa
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This unit gives an overview of modal verbs, the passive voice, and relative clauses. These can be very confusing to students, as many of these structures look very similar to each other and to other s
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Teaching receptive skills -reading and listening- this section highlights the processes a person undertakes in reading and listening. Processes such as predictive interpretation can be taught. I ofte
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Spencer Mountain
This unit provides the basic ideas behind teaching grammar, vocabulary, and language structures. It also as part of the review portion has you create three sample lessons to give you practice in creat
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In this unit I learned about parts of speech • NOUNS – naming words. Main types: common, proper, compound, abstract, collective. Single/Plural; Countable/Uncountable • ADJECTIVES – describe
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Spring Hope
This unit covers coursebooks and lesson materials (such as authentic and created materials, the use of realia, wipe boards, pictures, and other materials.). It provides sample handouts for word search
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