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This unit is an introduction to the different tenses in English language. indeed it's a very good review about present tense that includes the present simple, the present continuous, the present perfe
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This unit gives an overview of the basics of lesson planning. My major takeaway from this unit is that lessons should be clear in objective and procedure, but should have flexibility built in. What I
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This unit reviews the different present tense forms and how to apply them, as well as when to apply them to construct sentences. The unit refreshed my memory of when to use which form, and most import
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This unit was very informative but seems a bit out of place within the structure of the program. I feel like this information would have been better placed as the second or third unit right after the
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Unit seventeen gives an opportunity for teachers to get used to a variety of resources that can be used in the classroom. Different materials and technological appliances are available to improve
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This unit focused more on the coursebooks and lesson materials. This unit is important to note because the teacher and the learner will also be interested in the instructions explaining grammar, pronu
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Within this unit, the subject of evaluation and testing of students was introduced. We looked at different ways of evaluating students' levels and progress. It has highlighted the need to evaluate stu
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This unit is a quick review of the main grammar points of English language. Each part of the sentence is separated and analyzed. It is given a rule, and it is put into practical examples. Some of the
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Haw River
Tenses are a very challenging area for any student to grasp. I have learned that these can be broken in small units to help students not become overwhelmed. Whenever this is being taught each area s
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The past tense, in all its shades, is taught in this unit. As for the present tense, the past can be divided into four categories: simple, continuous, perfect, and perfect continuous. This unit shows
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Hemby Bridge
This unit went over the different stages of a lesson using the Engage, Study, Activate method. It also went over different methods of teaching your class and it emphasized that all methods should be u
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I learned a lot about the different ways of teaching and how languages have been taught historically. There was a very good and detailed information about the ESA method, with plenty of examples and i
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It was very usefull for me to studying this unit. I repeted some rules and of course, I lerned some new rules for myself. I think, we have to repet grammatic rules, because is is the part, which alway
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In Unit number 7 we learn how to teach a new language specifically using vocabulary and grammar. Specifically by using grammatical structures and language functions. It great depends if the student ca
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In this unit I had to practice more with combining explanations of things that I had previous learned. Such as the forms for the present tense while learning how to explain the present simple. I never
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High Point
This unit mostly provided information and instruction on how to present the basics of a new language. Particularly, it provided examples of what has proven to be the most relevant methods of teaching
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High Shoals
Unit 3 discusses many teaching methodologies, these include: Grammar-translation, Audio-lingualism, PPP (Presentation, Practice, and Production), Task-Based Learning, Communicative Language Teaching,
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This unit talked about the two productive skills, writing and speaking. I learned about accuracy and fluency activities and the difference between the two. This taught me the importance of knowing whe
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In this unit I could review some of the principles for teaching vocabulary, grammar and language functions. It was interesting to see that grammar structures do not require to be taught in terms of pr
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This unit emphasizes on the details of the language, sentences and their relation to the time, in the form of correct formation which would rightly suit the time and the period you are talking about..
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Unit 9 deals with the principles of lesson planning. The reasons for lesson planning ,what is required in lesson planning and how it should be presented at the classroom level. It may not be necess
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To be able to explain the difference between past and present tense is another essential tool in teaching the English language. It dramatically affects the thought and message of the what the sentenc
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Holden Beach
This unit was great! It provided answers to many questions of "what if..." in the classroom. I was under the assumption that students were taking the class for a reason. I did not consider those that
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Holly Ridge
The content of this unit dealt with the future tenses. As suggested in the material this can be a complicated topic. I find that it can be difficult to understand the usages of each particular tense
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Holly Springs
I've learnt what makes a good teacher and the various roles involved. And also to think about how to perform each role better. Also what makes a good learner. So hopefully I can instill these produc
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I honestly found the sample test to be somewhat confusing, but also a good assessment in acquiring a thoughy process in developing a lesson plan and being astute to the entire classroom and student en
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Hope Mills
The content of this lesson was two videos demonstrating ineffective and effective teaching in the class room. I was able to see clearly in the video that it is always best to start with the simplicit
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Hot Springs
This Unit looked at how to teach productive skills. Productive skills include speaking skills and writing skills. I learned that during the Study phase, the focus is on accuracy while in the Activate
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This unit gives an overall introduction to teaching special groups such as beginners or business English. certain methadology and techniques must be considered when handling these special groups. req
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This unit discusses the main things students need to know when introducing vocabulary, grammar structures, and language functions. A major thing I have learned from this unit is that the kinds of acti
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Indian Beach
In had learn grammar as a kid and English was my best subject, besides the fact of remembering names. Example: what is a preposition? Although my sentence structure, grammar, and word usage was close
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Indian Trail
In my assessment of the content of this unit, the teacher and learner relationship is very important. The teacher is to transmit knowledge to the learner. Taking into consideration that learners ar
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While in the classroom it is important to take into consideration that may teaching roles must be implemented to reach students, and ultimately create a successful learning environment. The role a tea
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Unit nine starts off by asking the question "whether or not lesson plans are imperative?". Lesson planning is imperative in my opinion because it helps to keep the teacher on track during a lesson, es
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The focus of this unit was on future tenses. I discovered from the introductory notes how the present simple and present continuous tense even though they belong to the present tense can be considered
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I have always been a firm believer in making a plan. Within my plan set I always have a "plan A," a "plan B,", and even a "plan C." I firmly believe that this provides structure and balance to have an
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This unit is focused on teaching receptive skills. Receptive skills are the ways in which people extract meaning from the discourse they see or hear. It is probably most useful to see acts of reading
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This unit dealt with the future tenses. This is a good comparison of the past, the present and the future. The Simple Future Tense, also known as Future Indefinite Tense, is used to describe an action
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This unit provides two different lessons based around the same topic (modal auxiliary verbs) but taught in very different ways, with the teacher adopting different attitudes, techniques, etc. in each
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With this unit I am beginning to fully appreciate the true divergence between what I know and am comfortable teaching in English Composition to native English speakers, and what I will need to become
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This particular unit focuses on the past tense. This unit is good because it helps us to know regular verbs add ed to make the past tense (work / worked) and irregular verbs change their form entirely
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In this unit I learned about following issues: • Roles of the teacher: model, assessor, facilitator, manager, organizer, prompter, participant, observer. The roles vary depending on task/aim • S
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This unit was very helpful in showing me the real life problems I may experience in the classroom and how to avoid them. I’ve currently been teaching English online, and have not given thought to th
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Unlike past and present, there are 7 different tenses which can be used to discuss or refer to future happenings or events. Two of these are actually present tenses, with future meanings, which is rat
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Kings Mountain
Overall, the unit was about good teachers and learners' attitude and profile features. The unit shows that there are different levels of learners in English language which was explained in European st
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Planning lesson Basic principles: • Keep it simple • Don’t try to script the lesson • Structure it and maintain the same structure • Write anticipated time for each activity in the margin
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Unit twenty explores trouble shooting (common problem and situations faced by teachers and students in the classroom). This unit gives examples of common problematic situations that teachers and stud
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In this unit, we went over the different future tenses and the uses of all the different tenses. I liked how this unit provided example sentences as well as example activities that can be used for bet
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Kitty Hawk
Unit 1 is an overview of what makes a good and successful English class. The unit explains that in order to be a successful English teacher you need to have qualities such as knowing the content and c
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I was actually excited to see that there is a variety of ways in which a lesson can be executed. I like knowing that there are different techniques to keep students engaged while holding them accounta
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