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In this unit I learned a lot about how to plan a lesson and why planning a lesson is important, as it helps the teacher to organize each lesson and adapt it to the student's needs, it's also a working
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Reasons for reading and listening: • For purpose – it will help to activate some aim • For entertainment – to get pleasure and enjoy Skills when reading and listening • Predictive skills: t
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Read and listening can be done in conjunction with learning certain vocabulary and grammar points, but they also need to be focused on separately. This will be much more effective for students if it i
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Whatever the level of the class and however the teacher arranges the study phase of the lesson, there are four things that students need to do with new language - be exposed to it, understand it’s m
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Unit 20 analyses and presents us with likely problems the teacher will encounter in the classroom. I have acquired some helpful tips on how to meet new groups and become more beneficial to them. I hav
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This unit gave me a good knowledge about the different types of materials you can use for teaching. First of all, you need to consider wether you want to use real materials or creates ones, and it wil
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The essence of conditional phrases is treated in unit sixteen and how to effectively teach learners. The direct and reported speeches are examine too. In sentences containing "if" or "when" expre
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Teacher planning and teaching plans are a very important part of good teaching. Without a set plan it is difficult to stay on course. The first step is to set the class objectives, what you want the s
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The Engage Study Activate (ESA) path is a well thought out method of teaching English. It also can be used in many different subjects. In areas such as math and sciences these techniques from this un
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Unit twenty deals with common problems encounter in classroom by teachers. The techniques of starting a new course effectively ,how to manage bigger number of learners in a class, encounter
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This unit focuses on lesson plan. Good lesson planning is essential to the process of teaching and learning. A teacher who is prepared is well on his/her way to a successful instructional experience.
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Archer Lodge
This unit focus on the teacher aspect of TEFL, as opposed to the knowledge part. It covers what the teacher should vary, do and not do (voice, gestures, eye contact). It covers student arrangements su
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Unit 5 covers the topic of classroom management. In order to run a successful class a teacher is to take into account such things as appropriate grouping of students, classroom space arrangement as we
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This unit explores the skill of organizing the class, individual students within that class and what takes place withing the class. It talks about the use of the eyes, the use of voice andvthe use of
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I study this TEFL course very hard. I am studying to be able to go to China. I have wanted to go for a long time. I have never been to China. I enjoy this course :) I am trying to finish it as quickly
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This unit helped me recognize that there is more than just the natural gift of "teacher presence" to manage a classroom. Especially in a classroom that's full of ELLs, there are so many factors to ack
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Unit two discussed the very basics of English grammar, including nouns, verbs, adjectives, gerunds, and more. It then broke each subject down into simpler points and expounded even more on them. I fou
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Atlantic Beach
As teacher, classroom management is one of the important disciplinary strategies. With this unit, I learned to realize the numerous way of managing a classroom and the student without the teacher bein
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This unit covers how to introduce different types of language to students (vocabulary, grammar and functions), the important factors to consider when selecting what and how to teach them, examples of
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Understanding the relationship between student and teacher is key. Both the student and teacher are responsible for a strong learning experience. The most effective learning environment would have an
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This unit was very good to study the different future tenses, including how to use some not future tenses for expressing future, such as "going-to", the present simple or the present continuous. It wa
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This unit was basically about the parts of speech giving into details what each part of speech entails, its position and uses in a sentence. At the end of this unit, i have been able to enhance my kno
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This unit covers the English language through the sounds of pronunciation. It examines bow we intonate and stress parts of words to emphasize speech and its meaning. The unit covers teaching techniq
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This section describes what is the best way to teach English to students depending if they are young learners, beginners or want to study for a specific purpose such as Business English where your stu
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In general, I think lesson planning would be the most fun for me as a teacher. I enjoy creating plans and lists. I like to be creative, so being able to sit down and create a lesson is rather enjoyabl
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Banner Elk
This unit is quite confusing in particular with the Straight Arrow ESA Lesson, however it is very informative in terms of receptive skills and its strategies. I learned about the authentic and non-aut
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In unit 8, the future tenses known as one of the English tense is treated. The future tenses in grammar deals with so many different tenses and ideas that can be used with future meanings. Some c
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I feel that this unit offered a concise introduction to the roles of a teacher and student. I have previously read “The ESL/ELL Teacher’s Survival Guide” by Larry Ferlazzo and Katie Hull Sypnies
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Bear Grass
Unit 1, Teachers and Learners firstly described the desirable attributes of being a teacher and highlighted the different responsibilities and roles the teacher will need to assume within the classroo
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The unit is focused on the importance of pronunciation in the teaching of a language. It is taught how intonation and stress of a sentence or a word play a fundamental role in the process of learning
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Beech Mountain
In this section, I reviewed some parts of English grammar that I as a native speaker, had often used "it sounds about right" to explain when writing my own essays. I feel as though grammar is often ov
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This unit was about how to manage classes, that is the behavior to put up as a teacher and how to also be able to manage the students and the lessons being taught. I learnt that good eye contact estab
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This unit was the first where I felt as though the tenses and the example sentences didn't "sound right." As a native speaker I admit I rely just as heavily on what I believe sounds right, in conjunct
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This unit was basically talk about the present tense and its other forms with examples. I learnt that we use just the simple form of the non-progressive verbs such as "like, love, hate..." The introdu
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This unit was surprisingly a lot more difficult than the first unit on tenses. I had thought that because I had a decent understanding of how tenses worked in the present, that studying past tense wou
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Unit #6 discussed the four different forms of the past tense: past simple, past continuous, past perfect, and past perfect continuous. The unit explored their individual grammatical structures and usa
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Bermuda Run
This unit covers reported speech and conditionals. There are four types of conditionals: zero, first, second, third, and mixed. These are also sometimes referred to as "if" sentences. Since they almos
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Bessemer City
This Unit was fun for me. As it went through the lesson it gave me a lot of class activities and ideas for class lesson. (It was funny because I did not realize the Task would also ask for that, so I
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Tests are important to gauge where a student may need to be or what needs to be done to improve the students learning. Tests are also important in making sure the student is in the right class doing
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This unit has covered the subject of pronounciation and phonolgy and how to teach them. It has explored the use of intonation and stress to emphasis our speech. It went on to enhance our underatanding
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This unit was quite interesting, there was some information which was completely new for me but majority is still familiar. Grammar explained in this unit is quite challenging in my opinion and need t
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Biltmore Forest
This unit explored how to manage classes effectively. This ranged from maintaining discipline (where it is better to opt for non-verbal cues first, before verbal reprimand, which should be done in pri
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This unit taught us about the importance of planning lessons and gave a format for a potential way to plan lessons. This unit also talked about the importance of being flexible with your lesson plan a
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Black Creek
Unit 12 covers the topic of teaching productive skills, which are speaking and writing. With these two skills we need to consider two factors, accuracy and fluency. Both are equally important and requ
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Black Mountain
This unit provided content on Course Books and Lesson Materials. It provided information about advantages and disadvantages to course books and lesson materials. It can be good for a new teacher to
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This unit was about the issue of using a course book by teachers and its relevance. In as much as it is needful, it also has its own challenges and that i have become fully aware of at the end of this
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Blowing Rock
Unit 14 looked at the use of coursebooks and different teaching materials in the classroom. I learned about the advantages and disadvantages of using coursebooks within the classroom. Furthering on fr
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This unit went over the different forms of the present tense which are; present simple, present perfect, present continuous, and present perfect continuous. These different forms have taught me that i
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English verbs use a tense system which, in part, give information concerning the timing of the action of the verb. The first system we study in this course is the present tense. There are four present
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Boiling Springs
This unit discussed how to teach students vocabulary--specifically with examples using the patchwork, boomerang, and straight arrow ESA structures. I learned that when selecting vocabulary for student
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