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This unit discussed different aspects of managing a classroom, including the physical space, the teacher's physical presence, the teacher's voice, the arrangement of the seats and how students work (t
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Aside from the specifics of each present tense aspect, one of the major things I have learned from this section is that the tense system in English is very complicated, and much of the distinctions be
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Unit 4 deals with Present Tenses and the peculiarities of their usage. I've learnt that Present Perfect Continuous being used to put the emphasis on the action/activity (I've been cleaning the car tod
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The unit began with an overview of ways a teacher can communicate with behavior -- voice, eye contact, and gesture. Then, we moved to class arrangements. First, the unit addressed ways that students c
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TYPES OF CONDITIONALS: • Zero conditional If / when + present tense, present tense If can be substituted by when Actions and facts that are irrefutable Water turns to ice if you freeze it • Fi
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This unit outlines the aspects of being a good teacher or a good learner; the roles of the teacher in the classroom; levels of language knowledge; the reasons for learning a foreign language. Unit 1 m
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After initial emphasis on the teacher's appearance and the basic requirements of the teacher's attitude, this Unit focuses on the actual subject handling and the basic delivery of the subject knowledg
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TEACHING PRODUCTIVE SKILLS They are speaking and writing • Accuracy activities (study phase) are concentrated on producing correct language Fluency activities (activate phase) are concentrated on
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The variety of different approaches towards learning a new language was initially surprising. Many of the options, such as suggestopaedia and The Silent Way, were approaches that I had never heard an
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The unit analyses four units of grammar, the modal auxiliary verbs, phrasal verbs, passive voice and relative clauses. Some of the modal auxiliary verbs were new to me, for example "be able to" and "o
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Mills River
This unit provides a fundamental understanding of teacher. Teacher's role is not just teaching as the name 'teacher' indicates, but it is also managing, organizing, prompting, assessing, facilitatin
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UNIT 5 Managing class Resources: Eye contact, gesture, the voice Grouping students: • Whole class • Students working by their own • Pair work • Group work Classroom arrangements depend on:
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Mineral Springs
This unit provided information about the productive skills of speaking and writing. It pointed out common difficulties that can occur for students and gave tips about how to prepare. This unit also
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Minnesott Beach
This unit content was basically outlining reading and listening skills. It outlined some important strategies to use when teaching and various examples on how to structure our lesson plan to get maxi
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Mint Hill
The unit, Parts of Speech is the first unit that is about grammar. Throughout my teaching career I will definitely need all the information which I have learned in this unit to be a confident teacher.
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This part best explains how to keep a good relationship between student and teacher,how to maintain discipline and more importantly how to help students by making the class more dynamic and interestin
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Having read this unit, now it is more understandable why most of the teachers avoid this topic on their lessons. It is quite hard for non-native English teachers to explain all aspects of phonology, a
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Unit 7 covers introducing new language to the students. This would include vocabulary, grammatical structures, and language functions. In the lesson, the content is primarily about the thought behind
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Unit 13 explores Teaching pronunciation and Phonology. Here, it is pointed out that teachers of the English language often neglect the concept of Pronunciation when teaching whereas it is a very vital
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This unit focuses on videos as a teaching practice which is very important especially to new teachers who are still preparing to enter the classroom. Teaching practice is an integral component of teac
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The primary thing I have learned from this unit is that the Engage, Study, and Activate (ESA) structure for planning classes and activities is quite useful because it is comprehensive and flexible. It
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Understanding this unit was difficult, but it was explained very well negative and positive tense were easy, as was questions , but contracted , was a difficult part for me and where and when to use t
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Morehead City
This unit covers the Past Tense and all of its subcategories, it also sheds a light on irregular verbs and their past simple forms. In the worksheet it also challenges the reader to find and different
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This unit goes over concerns teachers must consider when selecting materials for the course. I agree with the unit that the best course of action will most likely be to strike a balance between a cour
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The unit basically talked about two types of speech; reported and direct as well as their differences. It also gave details of conditional sentences. I learnt about the types of conditional sentences
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This unit talks about how to teach special groups of people from children to adults and individuals. The ideas and notes on how to teach special groups have really added to my teaching skills knowledg
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Mount Airy
Having grown up speaking English, many parts of speech and the rules for them, I had forgotten. The English language in a nutshell is complicated, even with carefully placed rules and regulations ther
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Mount Gilead
This course Unit was particularly short, but I did get me thinking about using course books. As a teacher who teachers the martial arts, I typically come up with my own material and class work every w
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Mount Holly
They way he walked in and presented himself, as well as, usage of body language, lesson plan, and attitude in 1st Lesson were all things you want to avoid in teaching a class. The 2nd Lesson, had the
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Mount Olive
I like the ESA approach to teaching ESL, but would work with any subject and with students in Special Education. One of the reason I like this approach is the flexibility knowing that Engage and Activ
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Mount Pleasant
A good teacher should always put the learner first, and in order to establish a positive relationship between the two, there should be mutual understanding, patience, and respect. The unit also covers
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this unit teaches one to realize the many differences between a teacher and a learner. As teachers there are many aspects to look into when teaching young learners. The unit also goes on to explain ho
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Within this unit, I have learned the effective ways to manage a class in order to provide a good learning environment for students. The classroom should be set up in a way to enable students to feel c
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Nags Head
The course content in unit 2 explains the grammar of the English Language. It brings out the structure of a basic sentence. In every sentence there are two main parts; the subject and predica
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When I was a study abroad student, I first became aware how important exams where for students learning English. As a native English speaker, I have many opportunities to go abroad, even if I have no
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The content of the unit introduced the meaning of "tenses" for the English language. It broke down the tenses to three: past, present, future. Then, it introduced the four forms of the present tense i
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New Bern
I gained a wealth of knowledge on teaching reading and writing skills. These two areas of productive skills are critical to a students learning and should be given much attention. If the correct act
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New London
Unit 10 was completely different to all previous lessons. It provided two different videos of a TEFL instructor lesson with Thai students. The first of the two videos showed an instructor who was gr
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While reading this unit I found the most similarity in the ways in which I was taught a second language in the classroom. I think without the standard ESA layout, learning a language is extremely diff
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This unit talked about assessing students performance and the progress they are making with the knowledge they have. It also tackled ways to prepare students for common exams. I learnt the three ways
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UNIT 13 Teaching Pronunciation & Phonology INTONATION • Rise / fall – the normal pattern of intonation in a statement • Fall – when speaker finish what he/she wanted to say. Is used in positi
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Newton Grove
Parts of speech is an important area when teaching English language learners. This course was very informative because it outlined the nine parts of speech and taught as well as gave examples of each
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Unit five outlines the class room management which is another very important aspect of teaching. In order for lessons to be well delivered in a classroom, it has to be well organised in the first plac
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Since I have never taught a class before I found this unit extremely helpful. Some of it was common sense when others were very specific. I never thought about how important classroom structure is, bu
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North Wilkesboro
I found this Unit particularly hard. Although I learned phonetics at a young age, it was kept simple, this just complicated things. In the end I was able to understand why it is important, and I have
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This unit talks about how to effectively, choose or select a course material for effective teaching. This can be the use of books and materials which are broadly categorized as Authentic and created m
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This unit focuses on the different parts of speech in English. Understanding the different parts of speech is important in understanding how words can and should be joined together to make sentences t
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Oak City
In this unit, I refreshed my memory on present-tense grammar. I had forgotten how many times I use what I consider to be "simple/basic" present-tense language without being able to actually explain or
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Oak Island
The content of this unit dealt with the forms and usages of the past tense. I learned how to think about why I use the sentence structure that I do. In my opinion it seems like it may be difficult t
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Oak Ridge
The content of this first unit dealt with the qualities and functions of teachers and learners. It provided an overview of the most basic things to prepare for when engaging with students of differen
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