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Two decades removed from high school English class, everything in this chapter feels new... outside of present simple. The understanding was always there, but the particulars were lacking. This becom
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This unit dives into the many different ways to manage and structure the classroom. The topics that are covered includes : classroom management, establishing rapport with the students and how to use
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Grammar provides the building blocks for language. By learning correct grammar, we will be able to use language in a clear way that is easily understood by others following the same grammar rules. We
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This unit dealt with teaching new language with special focus on vocabulary, grammar and functions. I learnt through this unit of the learner's receptive and productive ability which makes it easier o
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Unit three talks about the theories, methods and techniques that a teacher can use in facilitating the learning and understanding of language(s). This entailed factors such as prompting and eliciting.
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This unit was useful for giving me a general outlook of the class dynamic. The relationship between the teacher and the students is very possibly the number the one factor in how successful the studen
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The lesson discussed the characteristics of a good teacher and a good learner, along with the different levels of language fluency from level A1 to level C2. A good teacher, above all else, must want
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This unit highlights the importance of lesson planning - particularly for less experienced teachers - and suggests a format for lesson planning which takes into account many factors which need to be c
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Connelly Springs
Unit 13 was about teaching pronunciation and phonology. My main take away from this unit was a much deeper understanding of the technicality of pronunciation and phonology such that it will equip me w
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Section 7, teaching new language, consists of teaching vocabulary, grammar, and functions. Teaching vocabulary is the introduction of new words .Selecting vocabulary words are based on the appropriacy
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The two videos in unit ten demonstrate two lessons delivered in two different ways. The technique the teacher uses in video one is not appropriate because he rushes through the lesson after which he l
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Teaching productive skills is writing and speaking. As this section describes, this is done by practice. Why practice? This is the important question that must be answered and understood. Practice mus
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In this unit I have learnt about importance of speaking and writing skills, how to encourage students to engage in conversation during the class, which techniques to use and what kind of speaking acti
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Cove City
Unit 17 covers the topic of equipment and teaching aids. The items covered are: white/black board, interactive whiteboard (IWB), overhead projector (OHP), visual aids, worksheets and work cards, casse
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Learning the technical aspects of the English language. Knowing the details of grammar that goes into English is essential when teaching to students. Many students depending on the level of proficie
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Very engaging content on parts of speech. I was almost lost on definite article and determiners. A very good reminder of the subject matter in this unit. Countable and uncountable nouns comes a little
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This Unit talks about the importance and complexity of the relationship between learners and teachers. A good teacher should be fair, have knowledge of the subject they are teaching, be able to motiva
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This unit explained the importance of assessing the progress of English students and evaluate the course. This unit went over the different kinds of tests that are used and the specific uses of each.
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Pretty much in order to have a successful lesson, you need to divide it into three parts which are to first start off by engaging the students to get them talking and to break the ice, then the study
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Unit #10 provided video examples of a poor English lesson and an effective one. These examples demonstrated serious failures in teaching to avoid and useful attitudes and methods to implement. Through
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In unit thirteen, the important but often overlooked subject of pronunciation is treated . The use of intonation and emphasizes on pitch are stressed. Most pronunciations tend to concentrate on ind
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This section presented some important roles that the teacher must have. The teacher must use these roles at different times during the same instructional period, perhaps beginning the class as a manag
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This unit briefly looks at a range of teaching methodologies, introduces the Engage-Study-Activate teaching method, explains what the teacher aims to achieve at each stage of this method, shows how th
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Dobbins Heights
Unit 11 covers the topic of teaching receptive skills, which are reading and listening. There are different reasons for reading and listening. We do so for purpose, like reading instructions or gettin
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I was not aware of the fact that there is something like ESA or EASA. I like that the ideas on how to conduct lesson were provided and I like that games ideas were also provided. I will bear in mind t
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This unit provided an interesting overview of different methodologies. I never realized the difference in semantics between a mistake and an error but this is a good explanation for those who are over
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This unit taught us about the different ways to teach vocabulary and how to select which vocabulary words to teach. It also taught us about the different language functions and how to teach those to s
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This unit focuses more on the teaching of special groups. Evaluation goes hand-in-hand with teaching special groups and it is also used by colleges to determine which students can be admitted. While t
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Receptive skills are something that I had never considered dealing with in my own language. I thought these were skills that naturally form as we teach/learn, not that they were an area we could speci
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Understanding how to structure and organize the classroom is one of the biggest responsibilities a teacher can have. Understanding the students and their needs is also equally important. Addressing
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This unit had a common sense simplicity to it that contributed to being able to understand and grasp. There is a lot of value in the unit's approach to selecting vocabulary by simply remembering my o
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The two videos show the dramatic difference in the attitude of a teacher can really make a difference. In the first video the teacher is rather short, not a great attitude, and straight to the point
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this unit has covered things to put into consideration when planning a lesson, what should be included in a lesson plan, how to stick to the lesson with flexibilty and reasons why we plan lessons such
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East Arcadia
Unit Two was indeed a challenge and a refresher of the English language for any native speaker who may take for granted that you "know how" to use the language properly yet may not have been able to e
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East Bend
This unit has taught me about the wide range of different levels of learners, from beginners to advanced, that I may encounter in my class while abroad. As well as what qualities I need to have in ord
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East Laurinburg
I went to schools that always had a lot of equipment, sometimes I think even too much. I believe having more than just a whiteboard can make a huge difference in lesson planning and activities. Althou
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East Spencer
Unit 14 coves the topic of course books and lesson materials, including authentic and created materials. Authentic materials are made for the general public and are not tailored to EFL students. The u
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This Unit is an introduction to the 8 parts of speech. As a language teacher, it is vital that we help students have a better and deeper understanding of grammar, as this is one of the most strikingly
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In this unit we looked at conditionals and reported speech. it has broadly explained how conditionals and reported speech works in grammar. it has highlighted the structures and usage of these speech,
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This unit is essential when learning how to teach English effectively. It enables teachers to expand how students can express themselves in English. Similar to the present tenses unit it offers explan
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Elizabeth City
This Unit provided an overview of the many future tenses of the English language. As a native speaker, I learned English simply by being immersed in it without having been specifically taught the tens
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There is a lot to remember when. It comes to the present tense. While speaking in an every day manner, these tenses are a walk in the park. However, when asked specifically about which form is which,
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Elk Park
This unit introduces use to four essential components of learning/teaching a language. This unit focuses on receptive skills: reading and listening. It introduces us to the skill set needed of a reade
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The difficulty with learning English is in the mish mash of words. There are so many ways to say the same thing and there are so many ways to say something different. “What I feel I have learnt fr
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Throught this unit I realized that when I write or speak, I do it naturally, and I automatically hear when a sentence makes sense without consciously applying grammar rules.It was interesting to revis
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In this unit I have learned a great deal about categories in the English language. Even when I study other languages, I have struggled with remembering the differences between the various tenses. The
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Elm City
This unit covers the productive skills of a learner: speaking and writing. There are many different variables to consider when teaching these two productive skills. Pronunciation is important to a spe
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This unit discusses teaching the productive skills, speaking and writing. With speaking, teachers should strike a balance between accuracy activities and fluency activities. Accuracy activities, which
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Emerald Isle
Unit 2 discusses the parts of speech. A noun is a person, place, thing, or concept. There are countable and uncountable nouns. Additionally, nouns can be common, proper, compound, or collective. Verb
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This unit on managing a classroom would likely be more helpful to a person who has never had to manage a class as a facilitator or instructor before. For someone who has routinely had those experience
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