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TYPES OF CONDITIONALS: • Zero conditional If / when + present tense, present tense If can be substituted by when Actions and facts that are irrefutable Water turns to ice if you freeze it • First conditional If + present simple + would / should / might + base form A “real” situation in the future that is possible, probably or even certain once the condition has been satisfied If he studies hard, he will pass the exam • Second conditional If + past simple, would / should / might + base form Communicates present or future “unreal” hypothetical situation that is presently not true and is unlikely ever to be true If I had a time machine, I could go back to the dark ages. • Third conditional If + past perfect, would / should / might + have + past participle Refers to a hypothetical past action (or non-action), the condition could never have been satisfied, it is impossible. Also excuses and regrets She would have been angry if she had seen me. (But she didn’t see me!) • Mixed conditional Second + third conditional Hypothetical past action and hypothetical present consequence If I had listened to him, I would be in serious trouble. (I didn’t listen to him, so I’m not in trouble) Teaching ideas: • Split sentence • Complete the conditional • Chain conditional • What a question • Nuclear bunker role play • What would happened REPORTED AND DIRECT SPEECH Reported speech - Direct speech Present Simple - Past Simple Present Continuous - Past Continuous Present Perfect- Past Perfect Past Simple - Past Perfect Past Continuous - Past Perfect Continuous Past Perfect - Past Perfect Past Perfect Continuous - Past Perfect Continuous This - That Here - There Today - That day Now - Then Yesterday - The day before 5 days ago - 5 days before Last - The previous Tomorrow - The next day Exception: when the fact being reported is still true. (He said the sky is black today) Teaching ideas: • Intermediaries • Reporting words • Media interviews